Beautiful Action Clubs

‘Get in on the action yo!’ We know that our message is powerful, but ultimately the ‘rewriting’ is in your hands. That's why we support Beautiful Action Campus Clubs started by students at high school and college campuses! Rewrite Beautiful knows that a girl with an eating disorder cannot use her gifts and talents to improve the world if she is obsessed with her body. Rewrite Beautiful seeks to bring a new message to girls and women that beautiful has nothing to do with the way you look, it has to do with the way you ACT. 

A Beautiful Action Club is a program which equips students to be the role models we teach them to be and to take the initiative to prevent eating disorders on their campus. This is a follow-up program to the Rewrite Beautiful School Program.The Beautiful Actionistas apply for membership here on our website. After being approved, they are assigned a Beautiful Action Mentor and sent a Beautiful Action Kit which includes a handbook, club curriculum, t-shirt and wristbands to get started. The clubs meet weekly on campus and hold small groups that read from the Rewrite Beautiful literature, How To: Rewrite Beautiful and then have follow-up group discussions about the reading. Monthly, the groups organize a campus eating disorder awareness event or fundraiser to get other students involved and spread our message that beauty is an action of creativity, kindness and strength. All club events are held on high school and college campuses and supervised by a campus faculty member. 

To become a Beautiful Actionista and create a club on your campus start by filling out the application below. This application shows us: 

  • Your age *Applicants must be at least 14 years old to start a club
  • That you are ready to ask friends to be your co-leader and /or to join the club
  • Your passion to Rewirite Beautiful in our world 
  • That you are healthy  

After you apply you will need to purchase your Beautiful Action Kit in order to start running your club. Get started on your application below! 


Beautiful Actionista Application

*Must be at least 14 years old to start a club
Friend #1
Friend #2
Disclaimer: Rewrite Beautiful requires that all club leaders who have experienced an eating disorder must have at least two years of eating disorder recovery. If you do not have two years of recovery we ask that you wait to start your club.
*the date you stopped all eating disorder behaviors.
Enter the characters shown in the image.