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I about choked on my scalding hot latte from Kean when my friend said to me, “Why should I care about those girls with Eating Disorders? That’s not my problem. That’s their parents problem. I adore you Irvina and I will always support everything you do, but I could care less. Don't get me wrong, I think what you're doing is cool, but it’s just not relevant to me.”

I rebutted, (and sort of shrieked) “But, how can you say that?!?!  You have a wife and a mom and a sister?”

He said, “Yeah, but their healthy. This doesn’t effect them or me.”

I sighed and out of the corner of my eye I saw my friends beautiful wife in the distance a confident, beautiful woman that knows she has value in all the many facets that make her “beautiful”. And then I sat up in my barstool and said,

“And THAT is exactly why you should care.”

With a smirk he said, “You have the floor my friend.”

I explained, “Imagine if your beautiful wife didn’t think she was so beautiful? What if she was constantly talking about how much she needs to lose weight, asking you to confirm her beauty and was so insecure about her physical appearance that she feared food? What if she wouldn’t eat out at restaurant with all of our friends? What if instead of spending her day rehabilitating people to health she instead obsessed about her waist line and bra size? How would that affect YOUR marriage? How would that affect YOUR life? What if your mom avoided you by constantly making excuses that she had to go to the gym and never shared some chocolate chip cookies with you? How would that affect YOU? And what if growing up one of your sisters refused to eat her breakfast, lunch and dinner?  How would that have affected YOUR childhood?”

 I have had a handful of people ask if REWRITE BEAUTIFUL is a  religious organization I say, “Well, yes and no.” We did not file as a church or religious organization because we want to first and foremost be inclusive not exclusive. We know that Eating Disorders are universal and we want the ability to REWRITE BEAUTIFUL  to be pen to everyone and anyone. But, the yes comes in where we believe that every human being is a unique creation. Every woman on this earth is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s mommy, someone’s aunt and someone’s friend and REWRITE BEAUTIFUL knows that a girl with an Eating Disorder can’t be the unique girl she was created to be while she has a gnarly diseases taking her down.

 So if you wonder, “Why should I care about THOSE GIRLS?” I ask that you think about a girl you absolutely adore...A girl who makes you smile....whose laugh is contagious... and imagine that girl present in body, but dead in spirit and I think you’ll have  your answer. This is the girl I think about...


Her name is Ever. Ever played a huge part in establishing REWRITE BEAUTIFUL in that she helped the vision for it to actually take place...I used to rock her to bed when she was a newborn baby. I would look at her, this tiny person who was happy, serene and playing with my hair (when she was supposed to be falling asleep) and I just knew that I didn't want her to ever believe that she was anything less than beautiful. It's because of Ever, that I care about THOSE GIRLS?  How about you? Who do you want to REWRITE BEAUTIFUL for? I look forward to hearing...

Kiss, Paint, Create!


Posted: May 28, 2010


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We can't wait to do REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Street Art! Woo hoo!

Yes, the rumors are true! My favorite attorney in the whole wide State of  California World Mr.Andreas Meyer of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher has confirmed that REWRITE BEAUTIFUL is "By the power vested in the State of California" an official 501(c)3 Non-Profit! Heck yes! We are official! Our Non Profit Tax ID # is:  27-2688578. We are jumping for joy here at the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL headquarters! We can now bring in donations, grants and sponsors that are tax-deductible and most importantly CHANGE how girls see beauty in themselves. Check out some of our supporters jumping for joy up top! We can't wait to do Street Art with you girls and see  how you choose to change the world yourselves!

xoxo, Rewrite Beautiful Woman


Posted: May 27, 2010


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 Hey ya'll! I've been spending alot of time networking with people and trying to get the word out there about REWRITE BEAUTIFUL. I have found that when I explain that REWRITE BEAUTIFUL is changing how women see beauty in themselves using Street Art I hear an overwhelming amount of men say, "I wish you did this for boys too. We really need it. You would be surprised how many men struggle with body image issues."  

 Believe me, I know the stats state that there is 8 million people in the United States suffering from an Eating Disorder, and of that number 10% are men. (It's estimated that the percentage suffering that are men is far higher, but because of the old fashioned idea that this disease strikes only women, few men come forward to find the help they deserve.) Though at this time REWRITE BEAUTIFUL has our hands full just helping women change the way they see beauty in themselves we want to do something for the "Beautiful Boys" out there. We also hope to implement some programs for the lads once we get the programs rolling for all the the old saying goes, "Ladies first." ;)

In the meantime I'd like to give some props to some very awesome and "Beautiful" men who have helped REWRITE BEAUTIFUL over the past couple months. Without their donation of time and talents we might still be sitting on the idea and not in action. Just like women, beauty in men doesn't have to do with their bulging biceps, rock hard abs or chiseled face, BEAUTIFUL is found in the way they give of their time to charity, speak respectfully to their wives, run their business with honesty and live out their faith with humility. Yes these guys are all hansom but it’s who they are that makes them Beautiful People that we are proud to work with.

Ari Glick

Ari Glick of StudioAG

Ari is an artistic, sweet, coveted Graphic Designer from the Bay Area and does some gnarly work for the Golden State Warriors (and he's single ladies ;) Ari was kind enough to help us hash out a temporary Rewrite Beautiful Logo while we get the Rewrite Beautiful website created. To see more of his work visit his website at

Gary Winston

Gary Winston of ever/after

Gary and his wife Christy are rad clothing designers in the "Purchase with a Cause" industry in Newport Beach, California. They have started a new wave of California Sufer Cool baby clothes that give 25% of their proceeds to charities around the world. Gary is currently helping us figure out the logistics of making the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL T-Shirt line. A very down to earth guy for his level of accomplishment and expertise. Check out out

Jeff Gideon

Jeff Gideon  of  ROCKHarbor

I don't know anyone who meets Jeff and doesn't want to instanly be his BFF. Jeff is one of "Chief Operating Dudes" on the Communications Team at ROCKHarbor Church in Costa Mesa, CA. Jeff has helped sculpt the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL vision into something tangible that will actually change womens lives and he has put up with me and my huge Vision Boards and Run on sentences (It takes a saint!) Check out his work all over this website

John Clanton

John Clanton of The Art of Manlilness

John is an Engineer/Future Pastor/Networker/Rockstar in training! This man has pulled together photographers and web designers to make REWRITE BEAUTIFUL change the way women see beauty in themselves. A deep thinker and avid coffee drinker, John reminds us to enjoy all the work that goes with this campaign. Find John on:

Milan Rousset

Milan Rousset of Furniture From Home

Milan is an Entrepreneur and mentor extrodinnaire from Newport Beach, CA! He has helped immensely with making REWRITE BEAUTIFUL a professional and polished organization to our donors. No wonder his own business is such a success! Check out: 

Travis Uhl








Travis Uhl of Furniture From Home Travis is that Christian surfer dude who just ripped a wave in your face in Newport Beach, CA...he makes up for his antics by being our paintbrush counting Accountant. Travis has helped form the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL budget for the next 3 years and hashed out legal jibber jabber with our buddies over at Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher. Check out some of Travis other "bean counting" ventures at :

Posted: May 24, 2010


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It's an exciting and eye opening thing telling people about the REWRITE BEAUIFUL Street Art Project. When people ask, I usually press the play button on the Mission Statement and say, "Just because Street Art isn't in a gallery doesn't mean it isn't valuable and equally just because a woman doesn't look like  a magazine cover doesn't mean she isn't beautiful"  The usual response is "Wow! That's so controversial!" , "How cutting edge!" or "God bless you!" I mean, the vision for REWRITE BEAUTIFUL came from knowning a CHANGE needed to be made in the definition of women's beauty and Eating Disorders have to be stopped, but I guess the sensitive artist in me is sad to hear how bad it really is. How far out this simple idea of restoring beauty in women really is and that this mission is going to be a challenging one. I question, "At the end of the day will women really believe that they are worthy outside of their appearance?" "

Then I go and teach an Art Class and I'm given a good dose of HOPE. While I'm passing out oil pastels my four year old student Ayden, put his hand over mine and said:

"I love you REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Woman!"

I said, "Oh is that so? Tell me, why do you love me? "

He said, "Because you help me with my work!"

Curious I said, "Who else do you love?"

Ayden: "My mommy!"

Me: "Why?"

Ayden: "Because she plays with me!"

Me: "Who else do you love?"

Ayden: "My daddy!"

Me: "Why?"
Ayden: "Because he gives me hugs!"

Me: "I love you too Ayden :) "

Today I was reminded by a four year old that deep down, in the core of ALL OF OUR SOULS we love eachother not because we're pretty, but because of the way we treat eachother. We love our teachers because they're kind, not because they're pretty. We love our mommy's because we know they care about us and play with us, not because they're pretty. And we love our daddy's because they make time for us and show affection, not because he has nice pecks.... On that note, as one of my favorite mentors from Furniture From Home would say, "Back to work!"


Posted: May 20, 2010


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REWRITE BEAUTIFUL LOVES this! Little girls aren't born believing their awesome and "Can do anything" they are taught it. Obviously someone has taken the time to show Jessica what matters and what doesn't.  What if Jessica continues to love herself through her teenage and adult years? How different will her choices be? How different will her life be? How different will her impact on society be? What if she lived her whole life believing in herself and never questioned if she should look like someone else? This gets us so amped to teach REWRITE BEAUTIFUL in schools to girls who haven't had the opportunity to hear "You're Awesome! Just the way you are!" Thank you sweet Rebecca one of our favorite REWRITE BEAUTIFUL supporters from Sleepy Dreamer Designs who emailed me this video!

Posted: May 18, 2010


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It would be so clique for me to say that out of all the Twilight characters,I resonate with the angelic, Bella Swan. A humble, svelte beauty pursued by the sexiest powder- white-donut looking man alive. When in actuality I relate more to Victoria and James, yes the “Trackers” AKA the “Bad Vampires” who kill innocent people for their blood. Like the Trackers with red eyes thirsty for blood, I can be just as ruthless when I’m thirsty for… love.


Kind of like the Trackers my thirst for love resulted in me hurting innocent people and developing some odd eating habits AKA an Eating Disorder. Like the Trackers a diet based solely on blood isn’t balanced and for me a diet based solely on water and carrots isn’t balanced either, unless you’re a bunny (and I ain't packin' a fury tail) my quest for love got me very, very, very sick…

They say “Love makes you do crazy things” and I would have to agree. I don’t think I’m the first girl to ever say this, but I somehow got the idea stuck in my head that if I was just “Beautiful” enough I would get the love that I longed for. I thought that if/when I was “Beautiful” my friends would finally be nice and chill, my parents would get off my back, I would get the boyfriend I wanted, the job I deserved and the straight A’s I needed and I would also stop getting $45 tickets for not moving my car when it was street sweeping day. Seven years on the pursuit for beauty and I ended up with 3 (count em’ 3) Eating Disorders. Anorexia, Bulimia and Compulsive Overeating as well as some bonus prizes called, unemployed, health complications, debt and losing patches of my hair...not so pretty eh?

It may sound silly to you, but at the end of these seven years looking at what a mess my life was I couldn’t help but feel deceived. I felt like a fool who had paid to be led through the desert with the promise of a finding a magical waterfall only to be left abandoned, broke and dying and really, really hungry. To put it lightly, I was PISSED! And a very hot mess at that.

And then a miracle happened...  at the same time I was in the most excruciating pain of my life, I met a group of women who befriended me solely for the reason of telling me I was BEAUTIFUL.

Even when I felt like a loser and didn’t have a job they told me I was BEAUTIFUL, when my hair was falling out from malnutrition they told me I was BEAUTIFUL, even when I couldn’t stop my Eating Disorder behaviors they told me I was BEAUTIFUL. When I would cry before eating dinner they would tell me I was BEAUTIFUL. When I gained weight they told me I was still BEAUTIFUL.  The good, the bad and the ugly, they told me I was BEAUTIFUL no matter what I did. Slowly, but surely I started to believe that I truly am BEAUTIFUL exactly the way I was created. I also learned that being BEAUTIFUL really has absolutely nothing to do with the way you look and everything to do with the way you treat people and most importantly how you treat yourself. 

Today I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am one smokin’ hot and BEAUTIFUL lady. But, not because of the size of my jeans. I am BEAUTIFUL because I am honest, I am kind, I am an amazing friend, a talented writer, faithful, patient (70% of the time) and a survivor. And I only believe that because someone took the time to REWRITE BEAUTIFUL for me.

My life is walking, brunette miracle! And today I'm proud to say, "I'm a Tracker" because of how I see the world differently after this experience...

 I have some pretty awesome jobs, I am a writer, I work with girls in rehab for Eating Disorders, I teach Art and I nanny. I have a unique perspective on all types of women. From the toddler who knows she's beautiful because her mommy says so, to the art student who is feeling a little self concious about her body not looking like what she thinks it "should" look like. To the women who have husbands who have left them because they refuse to eat. I pray every day that the toddler I spend time with never feels that she is anything less than beautiful, but the reality is I know that there are still 1 Million women in the USA alone who have Eating Disorders and can not see themselves as BEAUTIFUL and need my help (and maybe your help too :) ).

Imagine the women out there still searching, tracking and literally dying in pursuit of the love that they think superficial beauty can bring, but never delivers. You can CHANGE the way women see beauty in themselves.

1.)    Submit Street Art

2.)    Tell your friends about REWRITE BEAUTIFUL

3.)    Tell your girlfriend/ daughter/ wife/ mom/ sister/ co-worker what you think makes her truly BEAUTIFUL today!

 I hope you do.


Posted: May 17, 2010


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Street Artist: Sandrizzle Bizzle

I gotta say there is nothing  like coming home from a long day of brainstorming ways to prevent girls from developing Eating Disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia and then to log-in to facebook and see REWRITE BEAUTIFUL street art posted on the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL facebook page. It's like a cute guy asking for your number, just 100 times better and with a 1000 more endorphins running through your body! Dudes and dudettes we are totally gonna change the world and the word beautiful! Rock on and Create on!



Posted: May 16, 2010


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Street Artist: Sandrizzle Bizzle

Mindy is beautiful because she still passes notes in class, a simple comment from her can change the entire way you see something, you can always confide in her... she won't judge, her first question is always, How are YOU? And she's one of the smartest funniest women I know.


Who are you going to REWRITE BEAUTIFUL for? We need 5000 pieces of Street Art before we can start a Support Group for girls with Eating Disorders. Save a girls life, make some art!



Posted: May 16, 2010


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Yesterday, I was preventing Eating Disorders by having a meeting with a some very cool peeps when one of them said, “What is street art? It’s like chalk on the sidewalk right?” I thought maybe some other dudes and dudettes might be a tad confused too so I thought I’d give ya’ll the lowdown...

 Street Art: Is the art formerly known as: Any kind of art someone creates and leaves in a public place for people to see and enjoy.

 Street Art can be chalk on a sidewalk....

 Street Art can be Paper on an Apartment Building (that turns out to be a game that looks like Pac Man)...

Street Artist: Katie Sokoler

 Street Art can be paint on the sidewalk (that turns into a cartoon)...

Street Art from Japan

 Street Art can be painting on buildings...

Street Artist: Banksy

Street Artist: Banksy

 Street Art can be graffiti....

Street Artist: Dutch Masters

 The controversial thing about Street Art is that it goes against the grain of what we are taught to think "art" is.  In the art world you are considered to be successful if everyone knows your name, your art hangs in a gallery and is appraised for thousands if not millions of dollars. Street Artist stand for the opposite. They believe they don’t have to wait to be accepted into a museum to be considered a real artist. They don’t have to have a curator appraise their works value. They create art for the purpose of sharing it with the public. Plus, they charge no admission price and you can eat ice cream when you look at the art. Heck yeah!

 The reason Street Art goes with REWRITE BEAUTIFUL is that when it comes to “Rewriting Beauty” we are also going against the grain. We believe that to be beautiful you don’t have to wait to look like a model in a magazine ad. To be beautiful you don’t have to be a certain size. To be beautiful you just have to look at yourself and see the beauty that’s already there. That’s why we are encouraging people to take a picture of a woman they believe is beautiful for who she is. Write down all the traits about her that make her beautiful and then post it in a public area. It’s an empowering way for all individuals to say, “We’re not waiting for you to say we’re beautiful, we’re saying it and putting it out there in physical form.”

Street Artist: "Sandrizzle Bizzle"

REWRITE BEAUTIFUL is preventing and stopping Eating Disorders. It is our hope that when people see REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Street Art they are inspired to also believe that a woman is beautiful because of who she is, who she loves and who she helps. Anorexia, Bulimia and Compulsive Overeating are horrific diseases that are showing up all over the world at alarming rates in girls as young as 5 years old. Be apart of CHANGING how women see beauty in themselves and REWRITE BEAUTIFUL. Click here to find out how.

 I hope this clears up any confusion anyone has on what street art is and for the record this is the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Mission Statement:

 REWRITE BEAUTIFUL doesn't care how you define art or beauty. Just because art isn't in a gallery doesn't mean it isn't valuable and just because a woman isn't in a magazine doesn't mean she isn't beautiful. We stop Eating Disorders with Street Art!

Posted: May 15, 2010


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Irvina is BEAUTIFUL - San Francisco, CA

REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Street Art is emerging all up the coast of California. All for the cause of CHANGING how women see beauty in themselves and Preventing Eating Disorder. Paint on people!

Street Artist: "Frekel"

Posted: May 13, 2010


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