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When you're starting a non-profit it's very much like starting a company. There are many round table discussions and darts thrown at the question, "Who are we?" "What's our brand?" "What's our product?" Who is our niche supporter?" Growing up in the non-profit world I understood that you could go two routes a.) The "look at the starving babies! Help them!" route or the b.) "Lets a build a house and hug it out!" I prefer to hug it out. I have spent a lot of time listening to non-profits talk about the dark side of man and I wanted REWRITE BEAUTIFUL to focus on the positive: Changing how girls see beauty in themselves, using Art as the vehicle to do so and building communities of girls who believe they have more to contribute to the world than what they look like.

The truth is there is a very real and dark side to the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL mission. We are established today because we saw a need in the 7  million girls in the USA alone who are currently in a great deal of pain, depression and suffering from an Eating Disorder. I was so blantantly reminded of that  while I was doing some research on Google this evening. I was trying to google "How to be better non-profit" When all of the sudden I saw the defaults  (What is Googled most often) with that phrase "How to be b.." You can see the phrases below.

I dont' know what this does to you, but my eyes watered and my heart sunk when I saw this. The fact that there are enough people out there Googling "How to be beautiful" and "How to be bulimic" that it defaults to this phrase just gives me a great deal of sadness and a heck of a lot of ammo for the week. I mean REWRITE BEAUTIFUL says that being "beautiful" consists of how you treat other people. Yet there are hurting people out there looking for "beautiful"  in places they will never find it.

When it comes down to it, I'm not a branding guru. I don't know what's going to make any of you guys care about the 7 Million girls in the US with an Eating Disorder. I am just one person who can see a problem and do my best to make it better. I think we can all do that. I encourage you guys to notice when your eyes water and heart breaks this week and to do one little thing to make it better.

Posted: Jun 28, 2010


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Street Artist: Jeannette of Montgomery, Alabama

One of our favorite REWRITE BEAUTIFUL supporters is living in the last call-namesake of all brewery's and pub's "Sweet Home Alabama". Our beautiful friend Jeannette made this REWRITE BEAUTIFUL  Street Art piece for her beautiful mama, Anne who lives here in Newport Beach, California.  I absolutely love everything about this piece...it's placement on a tree, (Yeah tree's!)  the kiss between Anne and her hunka-hunka- burnin' love son Matt (that I have a MILD crush on) and simply just what Jeannette wrote about her BEAUTIFUL mama. It take's a beautiful woman to make a beautiful woman and I can not only see, but I can read the proof that Anne is just that: BEAUTIFUL. What about you? Have you Rewritten Beautiful today?

Lovin' where this RWB Street Art was posted!


Posted: Jun 20, 2010


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The masses have spoken and they want some Rewrite Beautiful this summer! So we’re packin’ up our spray paint, pastels, cameras, wood and all other creative materials we can fit into a Toyota Carolla and heading out to Change how girls see beauty in themselves. This is who is taking our booty’s off of our hammocks this summer… and sending us on the Rockin’ Road Trip to: Rewrite Beautiful!

Destination A: July 6th 2010

Whittier Christian School

Whittier, California

We will be working with girls k-8th grade!

Destination B: August 11th 2010

Faith Worship Community

Costa Mesa, California

We will be working with Jr. High, High School and College aged girls!

Destination C: Saturday, August 21st 2010

Street Art Party

Costa Mesa, California

We will be inviting everyone from tiny tikes to wise old artists with dreads to come and do Rewrite Beautiful Street Art together. To get the VIP invite you'll have to  join us on facebook.

 So I know what you’re thinking…you wanna come on our Rockin’ Road Trip to: Rewrite Beautiful….and you feel all left out….awww…don’t be sad! Here at Rewrite Beautiful we believe everyone can play a part of this cause. You can either:


Our whole goal in doing this Rockin' Road Trip to: Rewrite Beautiful is to get the word out about Rewrite Beautiful. You can do that yourself by making your own Street Art, putting it out on in public and submitting it to us to post here on our blog. To find out how check out our link Create Rewrite Beautiful Street Art


You can volunteer to come help us facilitate Rewrite Beautiful in schools. Whether you’re a teacher on Summer “Vaca” looking for a cause to make a difference with or a just a boy who has a fetish for saws and likes to cut wood into weird shapes, then you should Show BEAUTIFUL!  Email us at RewriteBeautiful@gmail.com for more 411


We love a girl who puts her heart out with a Shout Out! Thank you Krista!

Are you thinking of a place that you would love to see Rewrite Beautiful Street Art done? Give us a Shout Out to whichever school, organization, soccer team, Indian tribe or Eskimo’s that you think could use some Rewrite Beautiful. The only reason we have this road trip is because of the Beautiful Jenna and the Beautiful Krista who gave Rewrite Beautiful a shout out at WhittierChristian School and Faith Worship Community.

Jenna ain't shy about giving a shout out!

Thank you Jenna!



Are you wondering, “How the heck are they going to afford to buy all of those art supplies for all of those girls who want to Rewrite Beautiful?” We are wondering the same thing too! We need a lot of help to “Supply” BEAUTIFUL art supplies to meet the “Demand” to Rewrite Beautiful. If you would like to donate to the Rewrite Beautiful cause,  please send all checks to:

Rewrite Beautiful

177 Riverside Avenue, Suite F #1110

Newport Beach, CA 92663

 A little girl who will grow up knowing how beautiful she truly is , thanks you! 

Posted: Jun 15, 2010


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Street Artist: Ever of Newport Beach, CA

Check this chick out, she's only 2 years old and she's already a Street Artist! For none other than the artsyest-radicalest-cause around REWRITE BEAUTIFUL! At 2 years old she's already a revolutionary...I mean what girl wears a WHITE v-neck to do messy art? I'll tell you which one's... The REWRITE BEAUTIFUL ones...We love a girl that can get down and dirty! And run around barefoot while doing it! She's like the next Katie Sokoler! I hope sweet little Ever from ever/after encourages all you beautiful mama's out there to do some REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Street Art with the little gal's in your life this weekend and tell them what makes them beautiful! (and of course don't forget to send us your pics ;) )

Posted: Jun 12, 2010


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Kjerstin is a Girl that can Go! (All the way to India!)

Imagine that you have flown the 30 hour flight to India. You have taken the 9 hour bus ride from Hyderbad to the small town of Tenali in Andrha Pradesh, India. You are now in front of a crowd of starving, sick and desperate Indian people. You are passing out bananas and bread to small children and the thought in your head isn’t “smile and hug the children” it’s “I feel fat. I wish I didn’t eat breakfast. I want to purge.” This exact predicament is what an eating disorder does to a girl. No matter where she is or the circumstance she is paralyzed in her thoughts. She is a girl that can’t go beyond her thoughts and definitely can not help others.

 This is why Rewrite Beautiful is Changing how girls see beauty in themselves. If a girl does not see the beauty in herself she can not help others to see the beauty in themselves. There are millions of girls today that are not only paralyzed from helping people in other nations, they are paralyzed from just being present for their families. There are girls who stay locked in their rooms because they don’t like the way their jeans look on them. We believe no one deserves to hidden from the world, no matter what they look like in their jeans. The world misses out when these girls are not present. This is why we are trying to create Girls that can Go and use their talents, passions and education to help others in need.

 When girls are healthy and outside of their bedrooms and not obsessing about the size of their jeans they do amazing things and start amazing organizations like these:

 31 Bits  www.31Bits.com

Founded by: Brooke, Alli, Anna, Kallie

The Go: A mission trip to Uganda

Vision: 31 Bits works with women inNorthern Uganda. The Ugandan women make awesome jewelry that is sold here in the US. The money is sent back to the women so they can sustain their lives. 31 Bits "strives to build a loving community that cares for individuals’ spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs."

 International Princess Project  www.intlprincess.org

Founded by: Shannon Keith

The Go: A mission trip to India

Vision: IPP helps Indian women get out of prostitution by giving them the opportunity to learn a new trade, Punjammie making! These women make gorgeous Punjammies (Pajama pants made out of beautiful Indian fabric). The women once enslaved in the sex trade not only have the opportunity to support themselves with a skill and dignity, but they also are provided a place to live and to heal in body and spirit and to live lives of freedom.

 Isanctuary  www.isanctuary.org

Founded by: Stephanie Pallaro

The Go: A mission trip to India

Vision:  iSanctuary exists to provide opportunities for girls who were formerly in the sex trade to grow, gain restoration, and eventually sustain themselves by earning an income as they reintegrate into society.  Another awesome jewelry making venture...iSanctuary gives the girls the opportunity to create jewelry that is sold in the US and the profits are sent back to support them. "Education and vocational training combat one of the most significant factors that make women and girls vulnerable to trafficking and poverty." Just a little FYI: Many women in 3rd world countries go into the sex trade because they have no education thus they have no skills and selling their bodies is the only job available for them.

 Iam Hope and Healing  www.iamhopeandhealing.org

Founded by: Hallie Kotrla

The Go: San Diego, California

 Vision: I AM is a safe and secure place for women and men who struggle with anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, binge eating disorders and body image issues, as well as any associated problems related to these areas. IAM helps newly recovering ED survivors find Sober Living, Sponsors, Meetings and a community of support.

This is just a glimpse of what Girls that can Go do. It takes a ton of work to start and run organizations like these. I hope these girls inspire you to either get healthy enough to Go or support girls that Go.

On an Inspirational note: Harvest India is a non-profit organization based in Southern India that helps every person under the Indian sun in need in the name of Jesus Christ. The pastor, Suresh Kumar is visiting the US right now. I ran into him the other day. He asked me about Rewrite Beautiful, I told him about us going into schools and changing the way girls see beauty in themselves, he was excited. Then I told him that the vision is that these girls would eventually turn into women who are equipped to Go to India and serve other women. I got a classic, thumbs up from Suresh, a head nod and a “Good job man! God job!” If I do say so myself, “Right on!” I hope all of you girls know that you have something in you that you need to GO and give to others, small or big you have it to share. And I hope all you boys keep encouraging all us gals to GO and be the women we were created to be.

Posted: Jun 8, 2010


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Happy Tuesday Beautiful People!

I gotta tell you about another Beautiful cause out there that is about Changing the Story....For those of you who are still buying you're V-necks at American Apparel...you need to stop ;) Cause theres a new kid in town with a cause!!! ever/after is a beautiful, California casual clothing brand right here in Newport Beach, CA. Besides having simply awesome baby v-necks for the kiddo's and 'rents the foundation of ever/after is "Change The Story". They donate 25% of every item you purchase to the cause of your choice. With the purchase of some basic kids clothes you can "Change the Story" in a childs life in Santa Ana, Africa or Mexico. Cool deal eh? They have kicked off a campaign asking "How do YOU change the story" and they featured REWRITE BEAUTIFUL! It's so rad that so many people are stepping up to redefine "Beautiful" and what "ever/after" looks like... Check out our story on their blog here (and send in your own BEAUTIFUL story!)


Posted: Jun 1, 2010


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