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*Note - This is a 2 part series! Double the awesomeness right? Rewrite Beautiful worked with Faith Worship Community Church in Costa Mesa (BTW: they are an amazing bunch of peeps) and did this Street Art project with their youth group. Rewrite Strong is what we did with the boys. Tomorrow we will show you the Rewrite Beautiful piece with did with the ladies.  So stay tuned and enjoy!

How do you communicate to a boy that he is strong outside of his abs, height and muscles? Funny you ask, cause I have the answer!...You bring Rewrite Strong to him and ask him, "What makes you strong?"


 Rewrite Beautiful got the opportunity to work with Faith Worship Community Church earlier this month. We originally planned to just do Rewrite Beautiful and have the boys help the girls out with the construction of their own Rewrite Beautiful Street Art pieces but God had a better plan! The awesome Roger Balko of Dedo Frame was totally on board to help cut and construct the girl and boy Street Art pieces I envisioned (and that you see here) and voila... a few cuts, splinters and throwing down the backseat of my Corolla and we have Rewrite Strong up in action!

Rewrite Strong couldn't have happened without Roger, the help of the BEAUTIFUL Krista Palmer who is the Youth Leader with Faith Worship Community Church and Wes who is another awesome leader there. Wes led the boys through the Rewrite Strong lesson.... only a tad different from Rewrite Beautiful... instead of affirming eachother of what they see in the other (the way Rewrite Beautiful does) the boys instead wrote down what they have heard others tell them is STRONG about them. Then they buddied up with another boy and told them their list and asked which statement suited them best.

The outcome... AMAZING! The boys were hyper to Rewrite Strong and actually took longer than the girls because they were so detailed! Check out their amazing Street Art pieces below...

*If you would like to take a closer look at this piece of  Rewrite Strong Street Art you are in luck! It is currently being exhibited at:

14321 Yale Avenue

Irvine, CA 92604

(949) 724-6880

"The STRONGEST man I ever saw was kind and gentle with his Lion's paw" ... I just made that up... Shakespeare who?

Thank you Roger from Dedo Frame for all of your help with these pieces!

Posted: Aug 31, 2010


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The Gypsy Snipers + a few fans ;)

Hello Beautiful! So after the vision for Rewrite Beautiful came to me I emailed a few successful people I knew in the non-profit world and asked if I could get some coffee with them. I wanted their wisdom, their advice and their experience on how to make Rewrite Beautiful into what God intended it to be. The very beautiful, faithful and talented Laura Roebuck of International Princess Project told me something that stuck with me, “Pray for a team to do this with Irvina. You can’t do this alone. You need a strong foundation of people who support you and are just as passionate about the end goal: Stopping Eating Disorders so girls can be the women they were created to be.” 

 All that to say, we’re still building our foundation here at Rewrite Beautiful. Right now we’re like a newborn baby just learning to distinguish between all the beautiful colors in the world, but you guys want us to be a teenager with the strength to go skateboard across country and go do some gnarly street art in every state on the way to New York! I love your visions!  I truly wish we could do that (even though I always fall flat on my booty when I skateboard and take a few scars home) but these situations are why we have VALUES. I have to follow the Rewrite Beautiful values… one of them being… HONESTY…. And in all HONESTY… at this point Rewrite Beautiful isn’t financially or physically capable to carry the load of all the beautiful visions everyone emails, texts and facebooks me to do….. Infants don’t even know how to text! They’re so lucky ;)  We are still growing, but we will get there. I have faith that we will.

 In the meantime, there are people (or Gypsies I might say) who have taken it upon themselves to get Rewrite Beautiful out in the world. The Gypsy Snipers is a book club I belong to. The leader of our group, the beautiful Jamie took me to tea one day and said, “I want our book club to help Rewrite Beautiful…. I have an idea.” Her idea was that each girl in our book club of about 14 + girls would draw numbers from a hat. The girls with matching numbers would go to coffee, lunch or on a walk together and get to know the things that make the other BEAUTIFUL… then the girls would go home and do a piece of Rewrite Beautiful Street Art for the other and put it in public. This was also a great way for all the girls to get to know eachother.... having been together for over a year there were still pockets of girls who hadn't gotten the chance to connect with others on a deeper level.

 The Gypsies honored their word and there is now Rewrite Beautiful Street Art in the Newport Beach Back Bay, Maui and the Bay Area. My hope in this post is that all of you that care about Rewrite Beautiful would gather a group together and see how you too can CHANGE HOW GIRLS SEE BEAUTY IN THEMSELVES on a local level. I would also ask that if you are a believer in God or a power greater than yourself that you pray for a team to come along side me and help build Rewrite Beautiful up.

 My own life experiences have sculpted me into a “Solo Act” if you will. A lot of the time I feel I can do life on my own and I’m better off that way. Life and Rewrite Beautiful have taught me huge lessons that though taking initiative and being strong are BEAUTIFUL aspects of me I need people who are equally passionate about the same things I am passionate about to do this deal with me.

 I’d like to thank the Gypsy Snipers for “doing the deal” for getting out there, laying the foundation and being a part of my "team." But, mostly for sharing their abundance of love with me. The Gypsy Snipers aren’t simply a book club full of deep conversation, wine, cheese and the occasional Alta gossip… (Though those things are fabulous in small doses ;) )...To me the Gypsy Snipers are a group of women who see me for the good, the bad and the complicated….they rub my back, they dry my tears and they look me in the eye and say, “I love you…. How can I help?” These women inspire me to be the BEAUTIFUL woman I was created to be… I hope they do the same for you.

These are a few of the Gypsy Snipers Rewrite Beautiful Street Art pieces so far…. 

The Gypsies love their sunrises! Street Artist: Jamie, Newport Beach Back Bay

Lauren is BEAUTIFUL! Street Artist: Jamie of the Newport Beach Back Bay

Aloha BEAUTIFUL! Rewrite Beautiful hits Maui!

Irvina is BEAUTIFUL! Street Artist: Kelsey of Maui, Hawaii

Rewrite Beautiful hits up the Santa Ana Artist District!

Kesley is BEAUTIFUL! Street Artist: Irvina of the Santa Ana Artists Village

Posted: Aug 30, 2010


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Thought for the day: When I was in recovery a mentor of mine told me to say an affirmation to myself... "I'm not everything, I'm enough." I didn't understand it at first and thought it was a little too New Age and hippie for me, but I took her time went on I realized... "I'm not always the most physically attractive girl in the room, but I am the most attractive ME that was ever created..... I don't always know the wittiest thing to say... but I have a voice and I use it..... I may not be liked by every girl/guy I meet.... but I think I'm pretty freakin' strong and at the end of the day I really like the courage I have to be ME.... I hope we all remember today that our value doesn't lie in being other peoples EVERYTHING...that we're ENOUGH as we are... the same way a baby is ENOUGH as she sleeps in her crib. I love you Dudettes and Dudes! Happy Friday! xoxo

Posted: Aug 20, 2010


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We all know that we are created EQUAL; i.e. head, arms, legs, blood, heart, brain.

But, are we all created BEAUTIFUL?

I have always found it interesting the people I choose to sip roasted coffee beans with… they are always interesting, creative and know how to push my latte buttons. Which usually turns into some great blogs; so for that sake I think I’ll keep them around ;)

 So the other day a friend says to me, “Ya know Irvina, some people just aren’t beautiful. They aren’t physically beautiful or even internally beautiful. There are people who are simply cruel and ugly. What are you going to do when you go into a school and ask the kids to Rewrite Beautiful for the girl who bullies everyone and constantly causes chaos and pain?”

 I think this is a great question. I think the answer comes down to where we teach kids BEAUTY comes from… as in WHO created beauty?

Our very first value here at Rewrite Beautiful is: ARTISTRY: We believe every girl is a priceless piece of artwork created for a purpose. (not just the pretty ones who volunteer, not the cute ones who are sassy and funny, but also the ones who are angry, vulgar and have gnarly eating disorders that they are active in.)

Now, that may sound good on paper, but I won’t lie sometimes people are rude, hurtful, inconsiderate and I personally would rather not deal with them. When I get frustrated and emotional I have to go back to what I believe is true: That EVERY girl is priceless piece of art and created for a purpose. (Thank God for the frontal lobe!) 

 This concept works for me because I too am a creator. I’m an artist, writer and founder. From the time I was a little girl I have loved to create things. I had some great parents who encouraged the unique things I made even if it meant taste testing a cake that had the consistency of a cookie, allowing me to freehand paint on the furniture or nearly having a heart attack when I created an “elevator” with a sheet and some rope and tried to lower my little sister from the second floor of our house to the ground floor. I was definitely scolded a lot as a kid, but not for my creativity. To this day there is a delight and a sense of pride that I can sense from my family over the things I create. (Even when I write articles about the matters of sex, love and God that make them sweat.) I would imagine as parents they might think, “She’s precious…a little crazy, but precious…. and I think she’s onto something here… lets see where it goes.”

 I try to look at ALL people (even the mean ones) with the idea that “Someone (who I think is God) created this person for a purpose… in fact… a BEAUTIFUL purpose… knowing that I try to think, “Maybe God’s on to something here…let’s see where it goes.”  I’ll tell you as an artist, I create things out of love. I want to share them. They may not always be pretty or even good, but it’s out of my love for my friends and family that I make them and choose to share them. I think if I apply this thought of creativity to people than yes, they can ALL be created BEAUTIFUL. Yes, they may be cruel at times, but are they being truly cruel or are they just being STRONG and protecting themselves from getting hurt? They may be dishonest and steal things; does that make them a “bad person” or are they maybe a person with DREAMS and aspirations that are perhaps stifled by their current situation. They may be cold, distant and angry, does that make them an “ugly person” or maybe just a SENSITIVE person who has been wounded deeply.

I think that if we went into a school and met a kid who maybe didn’t “act” beautiful or “appear” beautiful that we could find their beauty. We could point it out to them and I think it perhaps could help them see themselves as they were created: BEAUTFIUL.

 What a far out concept huh? Even ugly, angry and evil people are beautiful! You think maybe I lost some brain cells with the accumulation of spray can fumes over the years? Nah!  You want to know something even more far out? Tonight (or today) I was watching the meteor shower in my backyard. I’m a sucker for a shooting star! I was sitting in the dark, on the concrete in my robe waiting for something to happen…. Nothing….  Nothing… Nothing… Nothing…. I started to think about my friends and my foes. People I love and people who frustrate me (No, Obama didn’t make the list… sorry conservative peeps)  I have been taught by a very wonderful and BEAUTIFUL woman I know named CT that when I am frustrated with someone I should pray for them. Pray for blessings on them of love, prosperity and peace. As I started to pray I saw a meteor shoot straight through the dark sky. It made me jump. I felt that feeling you get when you are told a really exciting secret. Kind of like when a guy tells you that he’s going to propose to your friend and he needs your help. In that very moment you accumulate all the struggle and pain your friend has been through their entire life and then see the amazing guy who is going to surprise her and make it all make sense.

 I hope that as I work on Rewrite Beautiful and as you guys join in the ranks of the revolution that we see the darkness, but have the patience to see the miracles…aka the BEAUTY…. I have found in many confusing and cold circumstances that we truly are all BEAUTIFUL and created for a purpose…a purpose that is sometimes surprising!



Posted: Aug 13, 2010


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Rewrite Beautiful in the Santa Ana Artists Village


Lindsey is BEAUTIFUL!





Hey BEAUTIFUL! So this past Saturday we posted some Rewrite Beautiful Street Art in the Santa Ana Artists Village. The first Saturday of every month there is an Artist Walk there so we thought it would be a great opportunity for some exposure. The funny thing is is not only did we get some exposure, but we got some Rewrite Beautiful PARTICIPANTS! (AKA Freelance Artists ;) )  Check this out.... some Rewrite Beautiful fans (the BEAUTIFUL Anita and the BEAUTIFUL Elana) were at the Artist Walk and messaged me this picture:




This dude Jorge saw our Rewrite Beautiful Street Art and took it upon himself to Rewrite Beautiful for none other but "himself" and then added it to the rest of our Street Art on the tree. I must admit, it made my Saturday night when I saw this... it just reminded me that we have our own ideas of how Street Art, beauty, relationships and careers are going to go down. We plan, we prep, we produce and then the whole game plan changes... to something even better than the original plan. Beautiful is changing guys and I'm so honored to be apart of it. I hope Jorge inspired you to make some Rewrite Beautiful Street Art and share it with the world and us!

P.S. A very special thanks to the BEAUTIFUL Erin who came out volunteered her time in the wee hours of Saturday morning to shoot these pictures! We love you Erin!


Erin is a BEAUTIFUL photographer and woman!



Posted: Aug 12, 2010


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Good morning BEAUTIFUL! It's a good thing I'm a "Sunrise" kinda girl! Cause there's no better time to put up Rewrite Beautiful Street Art up for the public to see. In between tying art in the tree in front of the Gypsy Den and clarifying with the waiters there that "technically" (proud lawyer friends?) the tree is not on Gypsy Den property therefore they don't have to regulate on my revolutionary self.... I met Jerry.

Jerry's opener was, “Hey I like your art”

I said, “Oh... thank you! What do you think when you see it?”

He said, “I think of strong women.”

I then asked, “Do you think strong equals beautiful?”

And he said, “No, I think sometimes women use their strength to hurt men and that's not beautiful. But, I have this friend she may not be beautiful on the outside, but she is the most beautiful person I have ever met.”

After hearing Jerry's opinions I asked him if it was okay if I videoed him for our blog. He agreed and here it is. I think Jerry has some very insightful and truthful perspectives on the beauty of women. It's always interesting to hear others perspectives of beauty. *Just a little FYI: There is some stuff that Jerry says like“she wasn't physically beautiful” For the record Rewrite Beautiful doesn't believe beauty is in the physical. These are Jerry's opinions and we think he's on to something!

Enjoy the conversation....and be sure to leave your comments and your opinions in the comment section “What makes a woman BEAUTIFUL?” Without further ado Jerry, from the Santa Ana Artist’s Village.

Posted: Aug 8, 2010


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In all un-humbleness....(oh! That's a great title to a sermon/blog) In all un-humbleness I like to think of myself as a pretty well rounded gal. I think I can take on any situation and work my way to success. However, this past week I have been realizing just how much I am NOT Wonder Woman (in more ways than 12.) I think it hit home when the Rewrite Beautiful volunteers shot this picture of me cat napping on the job Saturday; as we were prepping our project for next weeks Street Art lesson. I was sent straight in to nap on an actual mattress there after.

Thank the LORD that there are people here in suburbia who care about Rewrite Beautiful and are willing to help their sisters out! We couldn't Rewrite Beautiful without all hands on deck. Thank you to the following people who have helped tremendously this past week....

Mitch Gonzalez: Mitch is an amazing artist and teacher who makes me step up my game. I was quite literally bragging to Mitch about my awesome Street Art idea using a full sized wooden girl and boy and having the kids Rewrite Beautiful on the inside of them. He so kindly put the breaks on my swivel chair said, “Easy Picasso..... lets look at this one more time.” We now have something that works a thousand times better. Gracias hermano! To see more of Mitch's artwork visit his website here:

Thank you Mitch!

Dave Z: I walked into the wood aisle at Home Depot and I swear all the men in the aisle looked at me like, “Uh oh... Chick on deck!” (I think it was my floral bandana that threw them off.) I told one fellow about trying to cut out a 6 foot girl from a sheet of ply-wood and he took two steps back from me and ran and got Dave Z. Dave Z is a sweetheart! He totally helped me not only find the right wood and hardware, lugged all of my stuff around the store but he also helped design the structure of the art work so that it could be a moveable piece on wheels! He taught me a little wood shop and crafting skills too. I told him “You remind me of Jesus the carpenter!” and he said, “Jesus was Jewish.” And I said, “And I like Matzoh ball soup!” He looked at me as if I was strange...(I'm used to it.)

Thank you Dave Z.

 Roger Balko: I met Roger at an Art Show a couple of months ago. Roger is a talented artist and the designer of Dedo Frames. When I asked Roger if he would be willing to cut and assemble our wooden pieces of Street Art he was amped and excited to help the kiddo's. Thank you Roger! Check out Dedo Frames here:

Thank you Roger!

Keane-O! This is my neighbor Keane- O! As I run around between meetings, sitting in coffee shops brain storming, dropping off wood and praying for strength I get the pitter patter of little hands on my sliding glass door that say " Bubbles!” Keane-O reminds me exactly why we are all doing the things that we do. That it isn't about success, popularity, accolades or even's about CHANGING our world and the LIVES within it so that everyone (yes, even you) know that you too are BEAUTIFUL and will use your BEAUTIFUL talents to make this world the place it was intended to be.

Thank you Keane-O!

 You're BEAUTIFUL! - Irvina

Posted: Aug 4, 2010


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