October 2010 Blogs

Hey Beautiful Peeps! Do you know what the Rewrite Beautiful Mission Statement is? Check it... 

"A revolution to change how girls see beauty in themselves with art for the prevention of eating disorders. Equipping girls to use their creative skills to impact their communities."

Are you thinkin', "What the heck does equipping girls to use their creative skills to impact their communities even mean?" We know...impact...sounds like something written in a memo by the LA County Police department. What we mean though, is pretty simple: Use the skills you have and help out the people in your community. Big, small, no one's measuring, but just the ACT itself is earth shatteringly, devastatingly, jaw droppingly BEAUTIFUL! I mean really, who does anything for free? There has to be a catch right? Volunteering, charity, helping out is BEAUTIFUL because it's what is truly eye catching, it's different, it's unique and it's rare to see it in young girls and young women. But, check out my friend Tirzah she totally gets it! Tirzah made us our new Rewrite Beautiful logo and ain't it amazing! Tirzah is the quintessential Rewrite Beautiful girl because she is a full circle beauty in that she is CREATIVE, KIND and STRONG!

First of all Tirzah is CREATIVE because she used her uber duberly awesome Graphic Design skills to help make this logo for us for no-cha-ching...FREE! Creativity is Beautiful.

Tirzah is KIND because she patiently worked with our Executive Director who kept juggling random and elaborate ideas in front of her 4 different times. But, Tirzah stook by her word to help out our "Beautiful Queen of Creative Tangents" and came up with a winning logo! Kind is Beautiful.

Tirzah is STRONG in that she made an effort and found time to volunteer with Rewrite Beautiful even when she had her own obligations being a Graphic Designer, wife and friend. She cares about changing how girls define beauty and is willing to stand strong and work for it! Strong is Beautiful.

Thanks for being an amazing example of a Rewrite BEAUTIFUL girl Tirzah! We love you!

Tirzah is BEAUTIFUL!
Posted: Oct 24, 2010


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