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I get paid to talk, read, write and twitter. I know, I can hardly believe it myself. I consider myself a glorified Jr.High Schooler who gets paid to pass notes during class. On top of that the only rules I have are:

1.) Stick to the topic

2.) Make it sassy

3.) Keep it classy

I actually made up those rules myself. Why? Because after roaming planet earth for awhile I have learned that if given enough freedom I tend to be a rebellious brat. If I don’t have guidelines in place my own agenda takes precedent over my work. I’ll start writing about politics, religion and sharing my personal theories about men who wear skinny jeans. Making guidelines for yourself is something that you learn to do after you  have hopped, skipped, tripped, fallen flat on your face and had your boss call you into his office and ask you to “Shut the door, dear.”  I imagine that Kenneth Tong is sitting in the ‘Bosses office’ right now. If you’re not aware, Tong is the dude who started the Twitter controversy last week. He said he had come up with a weight-loss program that appeared to revolve around a mysterious Size Zero pill of his own devising. To publicize his pill he started posting tweets promoting managed anorexia. Some of his comments were

"Get thin or die trying." "You have eaten enough for a lifetime. Stop. You are disgusting." "No food tastes as good as thin feels." "Go look in the mirror and hate yourself

As you can imagine, his shallow sonnets made him quite the celebrity on Twitter. He even got some anti-fan mail from the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry. Considering I’m ‘The’ Rewrite Beautiful blogger you’d think I would have joined the ranks of haters and celebrities throwing tomatoes and insults at Tong’s lower body parts. Quite the contrary, I didn’t. Cause on this side of the laptop, all of that energy toward this one little man just looked pointless. I saw a lot of people screaming about the problem (Tong), but no one really doing anything to HELP the problem (Tong.) Tong ended up admitting that the Size Zero Pill and all of his tweets are nothing less than a publicity stunt (sounds like somebody is beggin’ for some love and attention.) He bet a friend he could make himself world renown in less than a weeks time. Well, he did it.  

In my humble opinion I think hating someone just brews more hate. I think Tong is just like you and I. He just wants to be loved and recognized. The kid only knows how to get what he wants by being malicious. I think he is beautiful guy; he just doesn’t know it. So I have taken the liberty to tell him and you too through some Street Art. Let’s examine how Kenneth Tong fits the Rewrite Beautiful criteria of Beauty.


He’s CREATIVE – Some of his phrases promoting managed Anorexia were pretty catchy and bold. Sounds like someone could channel that creativity into some awesome PR campaigns for I don’t know, bringing help to abandoned babies in Africa?


He’s KIND- Even though his commments triggered a lot of people with eating disorders he also brought eating disorders into the media. He also gave a huge donation to B.E.A.T. as an apology. Why not give one to Rewrite Beautiful ? Suddle, is overrated.


He’s STRONG -  The boy has gumption. He obviously has enough courage and tenacity to get his name out there. Why not use some of those guts and bring glory to some non-profits that need help like International Princess Project?  

 I put the Street Art by the bike racks near Ensign Jr. High School. I hope when the teens see it and remember Kenneth Tong they won’t start a facebook page called Kenneth Tong Should be Shot. Instead, I hope they think of someone they know that has made a lot of mistakes. Someone they know that has tripped and fallen many times. I hope that they too Rewrite Beautiful for them. I hope that between locking up their bike and silencing their cell phone they just might for a second remember that we are all Creative, Kind and Strong. We just don't all know how to see it. (I personally find spray paint and wood to be quite helpful.)  

Posted: Jan 20, 2011


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I have a love/hate your guts relationship with you female musicians. On the left coast I love your insanely beautiful creativity. Your ability to make me laugh, cry and look deeper at life all in one album is worth sitting in L.A. traffic for 2 hours and paying for a $80 parking ticket. Zoning…ugh…[I have a blog commin’ for you too Antonio Villaraigosa. It’s called: “Save LA! Build a Subway dammit!”] Sorry for the profanity squeakers…anyway, what I don’t fancy about you female musicians is how you forfeit your creativity when it comes to music videos. I have plans to get all Inspector Gadget and sneak into Jive Records and see the ACTUAL rule book that states, “All female musicians under age 35 must make soft porn music video using 2 gallons of baby oil.” Okay, I’ll give them some slack, they’re beautifully filmed. Stellar videography. Cute kids, hot boys, sexy girls and impressive sexual inuendos that result in actually doing 'it.' P.S. It's not inuendo if you do 'it.' But peeps, I hate to break it to ya, but it’s gettin’ old along with the STD epidemic. Is it too much to ask that everyone hit pause, grab non-fat latte, get some creative and crazy minds together and ‘think-tank’ us somethin’ a little more original with a little less baby oil and bronzer? (By the way I get off of my day job at 1pm Pacific Standard time, just in case you need me.)

 In case you’re still not convinced this will actually make the 7 figures that soft porn makes, you might want to check out exhibit a -  Caitlin Crosby. Homegirl is a phenomenal musician AND human being. Caitlin is using her celebrity to ask people to love their flaws. She is also the founder of www.loveyourflawz.com Check out her music video below. It looks like the kiddo’s like her too. Who knew kids would dig kindness and creativity? Shocker! My favorite is the dude with the sign that says, “I wasn’t aware I had any flaws.” Hottie! Yes, I just said ‘Hottie’. We as in ‘I’ have declared today national “Party like it’s 1999 Day.” Dope, I know.

Posted: Jan 15, 2011


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