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Most people get through college and achieve their bachelor’s degree in 4 years. Serotonin challenged individuals like myself take 6. During those 6 years I accumulated more academic units than the average keg-standing college kid. Being a creative and Academic Advisor ignoring girl that I was, I choose to take tons of classes on Cinema, Music; ‘From Bach to Rock”, Photography and Art History Classes. Something I found oddly common was that there was always a great emphasis in all of these classes on the masters and founders of each art form. I have a great respect for history makers, but I found it surprising that in an environment that was supposed to encourage creativity, there was a lot of  "This is how you do it." Nevertheless,  I enjoyed learning about the renowned names like William Randolph Hurst, Charlie Chaplin, Beethoven, Ansel Adams and Van Gogh were the center of our study and discussions.

Being the yuppie, upper middle-class college kid I was I got the opportunity to go to Europe during college. I was privileged to be able to see and breathe in presence of the work created by the masters I studied. Something not everyone is fortunate enough to do. Ironically, upon returning home from my voyages, I have discovered one funny thing about the work of DaVinci, Goya, Gaudi and Picasso; though they are prodigies in their field none of their work floors me like the art of creating a baby.

Now, I can assure you I DO NOT HAVE BABY FEVER. I have held enough runny nosed toddlers and stained my favorite skirt with organic-low-sodium-high-fiber-mashed-chicken-soup to keep my hormones well stocked with birth control into my late 30’s. But, still, babies absolutely blow me away! Whether it be my friends baby or the girl checking out at Trader Joe’s, jaw dropped I always manage to say, “Seriously?! You friggin’ made that thing!” I mean for a second lets take into perspective, someone made a nice big painting on a ceiling, well done, but these people made A PERSON. Like with a heart and a brain and good lord an intestinal track that spans 6 feet! How did they do that?! (That’s another blog; I like to call….Dirty Dancing. We’ll get there.)

Though men do offer quite a bit of ‘help’ in the baby creating process, women are the prime producers in getting their art form ‘out’ into the world. I think that for a woman, creating a child is both an honor and privilege. What bums me out is how many women don’t give much thought to being ‘creative.’ Time and time again I hear so many women say with a sigh of defeat, “I’m not very creative.” Thank you Charlie Brown, but not true! Historically women are the one’s who created rituals, holidays, food and oh yes, little people.  Whether you believe it or not simply owning a vagina makes you creative. I think some of us just don’t know how to recognize it (the creativity that is.)

Take my friend Marie for instance. She’s an accountant and a very linear thinker. One who I roll my eyes at for saying, “I just wasn’t given the creative gene.” What I would like to point out to her and you is that being creative doesn’t simply consist of stretching canvas, rhyming words or knowing a color wheel by heart. Creativity consists of giving the world a little something that wasn’t there before you came along. So, back to Marie; in my eyes Marie is actually a VERY creative person. I have never known someone who not only emotionally cares for people, but also physically cares for them. She creates personal, intimate relationships with people. She instigates my close group of friends to open our eyes and remember to care for people in our community who might feel neglected or left out. She is always willing to volunteer and lend a hand wherever needed whether it is at work, within her family, at church or in our community. Marie is one of the most creative people I know.

One of the core values of the key components to being beautiful is BELIEVING that you are creative. Knowing that wherever you go you have something beautiful and creative to offer of yourself makes you feel like rock star status! The awesome thing is that the world is diverse and though 2 people may be painters, whatever they create will always be a new unique creation because someone different made it. No matter what you create, whether it is relationships, art or people your creative contribution is shaping our world.  

This past Christmas I was talking to my family about some of the current tragedy’s in the world. Just to keep it real I turned to my mom who has had 5 children and with a straight face I asked, “What’s the point in having children? Like what’s the purpose.” She gave me my favorite look that my family gives me the, “For God sakes, why do you have to be so weird!” look. Being the cool cat she is she said, “Well, that’s a pretty deep question. If I had to simply answer it I would say, ‘Hope’. Each new birth reminds us that there is hope for a new world.” I don’t agree with my mother very often, but on this one she definitely has me puttin’ a Franklin down on her bet. Cause if you asked me, hope is definitely why I create.

I create Street Art because I believe that women are a valuable part of society. My hope is that the people in the Street Art and those that see it will learn to see the valuable influence women have on our culture and how important it is that we use that influence to make our communities a better place. I may not be considered one of the master’s of the Street Art community, but, I have guts to create and share hope with others and I think that alone makes me happier than being noted in a history book or college lecture hall. So "How do you create creativity?" You have to start with: Hope.

So! Here's the fun part I have some questions for ya....

What do you have hope for? What do you care about?

(For examples: Africa, animals, eating disorders, the environment, fashion, human trafficking….)

In what ways would you like to CREATE so people hear about what you care about?

(For example: Conversation, fundraisers, volunteering, painting, music, writing, relationships, lobbying, purchasing with a purpose….. )

What do you hope people get from seeing what you create?

(For example:  They will purchase free trade coffee, they will donate money to protecting animals, they won’t use plastic bag, they will learn how to help someone who is suicidal)

Chit chat, talk and be Beautiful!

Posted: Feb 28, 2011


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Happy Friday Beautiful’s! The weekend should be fun. I’m gonna be ‘workin’ aka as scouting for a “Hey Mr.DJ!” for the Rewrite Beautiful Art Show in July! Groovin’ to the beats on the clock isn’t such a bad gig is it? Heck yeah! AND I’ll be editing the Rewrite Beautiful Action Club blogs we’re going to be launching on Monday! Weeeeeeeee! So excited!

The Beautiful Action Club’s are going to be lead by (insert the sound of a sick xylophone…)

Love these chicks!

 These CREATIVE, KIND, STRONG and BEATIFUL girls are launching our Rewrite Beautiful Action Club’s in their Jr.High and High School’s in Temecula, California! They’ll be taking our blogs and talkin’ to their ‘girly friends’ and ‘manly friends’ about Rewrite Beautiful, learning how to be CREATIVE, KIND and STRONG on a daily basis and causin’ some ruckus with some street art! These girls will be playing a GiNoRmoUS part in Rewriting Beautiful! Thank you again Delaney + Kelsey your FREE Rewrite Beautiful T-shirts are waiting for you! Have a great weekend beautifuls!

Posted: Feb 25, 2011


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Time to party harty rock n’ roll! Our new website is FINALLY finished! You know how people say, “All good things come to those who wait” and you roll your eyes and think, “Ugh, that’s so cliché! Give it to me now!” Well, there is a lot you, me, “we” have learned in the past few months. When you take things slow you’re able to test things out. Let the not so good things pass on by and realize the value and rarity in uber good things (and hold on tight to them!)  We did a whole lotta testing and ended up with awesomeness aka our awesome new site made by our new friends from Aryosys! We’re so glad we waited, you can check out why at:


 Party on Beautiful!

Posted: Feb 19, 2011


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“The pleasure of love is in loving. We are happier in the passion we feel than in that we arouse.”

– Duc de la Rochefoucauld

 Happy Valentines Day Beautifuls! This one is for all of you CREATIVE girls out there who are being BEAUTIFUL today with your creativity. My friend Carolyn made love for everyone in our office today (not like that pervert) she made a little Valentine goodie bag full of cheesecake, macaroons, chocolate and love quotes. The place was filled with ooohs, ahhs, sugar highs and good juju. My favorite part was the back of the bags that said, “Handcrafted with love by Carolyn.” Even though everyone in our office loved the goodies Carolyn made I think she loved giving them out just as much. There is something profound that happens when we genuinely give to others. Not out of of obligation, but simply out of , "Hey I think you're cool! I had some time and wanted to be creative so here you go! Happy Valentine's Day! I love ya!" Knowing that you made people feel love just by being yourself, always makes me feel pretty smokin' beautiful! Whether it be with a hug, a smile, a phone call cookies or chocolate I hope you participate in creating and being BEAUTIFUL today!  xoxo

Posted: Feb 14, 2011


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Snap, crackle and pop! Who doesn't want to hang  in downtown LA with a bunch of beautiful ladies? Aviva was the place to be Thursday night! The Junior League of Los Angeles put together a killer line up of awesomeness for the young ladies who are Aviva residence. Aviva is a residential home, high school and treatment facility for at-risk, emotionally distressed, abused, and neglected youth in Los Angeles, CA. The event themed, “Love Yourself” gathered some fine chicks to teach the girls how to live healthy lifestyles. The line up included a:

  • Counselor

  • Dietician

  • Life Coach

  • Make-up artist

  • Personal Trainer

  • Yoga Instructor

Rewrite Beautiful had the privilege of acting as a honorary ‘Life Coach’ making some 2011 Goals with the young ladies. We discussed how to be beautiful in 2011 by coming up with ways to be creative, kind and strong.

 Q: What’s better than a room full of girls who believe they are beautiful and awesome and share that by volunteering their time and talents? 

 Oh! Oh! I know! Pick me!

 A: A WORLD full of girls who know their beautiful and awesome and share that by volunteering their time and talents!

Beatiful Leaders of the 'Love Yourself' event at Aviva

*A special thanks to Lindsey Teichman who drove us to Aviva. Endured over 2 hours of painful rush hour traffic, parked her car in questionable territory and sprinted a 1/2 k to retrieve it. Nobody said Rewriting Beautiful was easy. Thanks for being the most beautiful gingered soldier we know Linds ;) ! xoxo

Posted: Feb 4, 2011


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