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Happy Friday Beautiful Friends!

We're having a Rewrite Beautiful Volunteer Meeting tomorrow,

 Saturday May 21st @ 11am

We'll be planning our next

  • Street Art Workshop

  • Photo Documentary

  • Art Show - TELEIOS

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See ya tomorrow!

Posted: May 20, 2011


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Jennifer is BEAUTIFUL!

 Partnering with the 2011 Newport Beach Film Festival has been pretty friggin’ awesome. Not only have I had the opportunity to see some amazing films based around women’s issues, but I have also had the opportunity to learn more about the film makers behind the films. All are passionate, bold and courageous women, one particular that I find extraordinarily beautiful is Jennifer Sieble Newsom; the writer and director of Miss Representation.

 Miss Representation is a documentary about why there are so few women in political and business leadership positions and the role our media plays in contributing to this. The role is dramatic, the impact is huge with the domino effect of eating disorders, rapes, violence and the absence of women in leadership roles. The film is put together with statistics, first hand accounts from women and a solution is presented. Amen for a solution!

The thing I love about Jennifer and Miss Representation is how Jennifer opens the film up by authentically speaking as one woman who is afraid to introduce her daughter to this place we call our world. I love that Jennifer is a former actress who was appalled at the demeaning roles she was offered to play. Instead of just sucking it up and taking the roles, she checked in with herself and realized, “There is something wrong with the way women are being portrayed here. What can I do to change this? ” I love that Jennifer is using the love for her child, her passion for cinema and the connections of being married to Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom to help bring the topic of how women are portrayed in the media to main stream theatres. Jennifer exudes exactly what we believe makes a woman beautiful; a woman who uses the gifts and talents she was given and tries to make the world a healthier, safer place for others.  Jennifer thank you for being BEAUTIFUL!

Keepin’ it Beautiful,


P.S. Follow Miss Representation on Facebook here and find the next film festival it will be showing at near you!

Posted: May 6, 2011


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