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Happy Thursday beautiful peeps!

We're having a Rewrite Beautiful Volunteer Meeting + Creative Workshop this Sunday! Details in the image above! The Creative Workshop will be led by our Street Art Workshop leader, Sunny Siu. Sunny is an Art Professor at the Art Institute and will be sure to blow your mind at his creativity! So come ready to rock, learn something new and prevent some eating disorders! Oh, we'll have snack for ya too! Yeah!

Keepin' it Beautiful,



Posted: Sep 29, 2011


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Go Titans!

Hey Beautiful people!

In case you're out of the loop, Rewrite Beautiful just visited Cal State Fullerton and did an awesome Street Art Workshop with the WoMen's Center on campus. Rewrite Beautiful was stoked to be there since 95% of the women who have eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25.5 (See source here.) The college newspaper, The Daily Titan featured a story on us! Check it out here...

Students use chalk to draw awareness to eating disorders

Daily Titan Assistant News Editor 
Published: September 21, 2011

Cal State Fullerton students expressed themselves in chalk Tuesday in front of the Humanities Building to let the world know what beautiful really means.Irvina Kanarek, a CSUF alumna, founded the nonprofit organization Rewrite Beautiful to spread awareness and prevent eating disorders among females. Rewrite Beautiful uses “street art” to get its message out.

The street art project was based on a mind mapping diagram. She started with two central words on the floor of the Quad, “beauty” and “pain,” and participants branched off the writing with what those words mean to them. The words that came off the central theme also had words or phrases branching off them.

The central words were surrounded by a set of footprints that were in the shape of a heart.

One passerby, Brandon George, 23, saw the project and decided to take part. He wrote “nonexistent,” branching off the word “flaws.”

*To see the rest of this article please visit the following link:


Posted: Sep 28, 2011


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I have the honor and privilege of writing for Lifestyle  + Charity Magazine. The mission of the magazine is to make giving apart of your lifestyle. How BEAUTIFUL is that?! They provide everything your favorite magazines provides: dining, fashion, entertainment, politics, news, trends…EXCEPT everything has a charity twist! Every article you read and product you see either is giving money directly to a charity or raising awareness for them!

I write the TRUE BEAUTY column for the magazine and this month I wrote on Discovering your TRUE BEAUTY. Check out the article below:

Discover Your True Beauty

By: Irvina Kanarek of Lifstyle + Charity

I was just thinking, it’s pretty bizarre that I write a TRUE BEAUTY column.  The name of the column itself indicates that the world is so saturated with FALSE BEAUTY that we need to designate a place where the truth can be found – weird, right? I think so.

This week I read an article that said, “Girls with eating disorders and low self-esteem spend more time watching television than girls who are secure and have a healthy confidence.” I imagine there are two ways of looking at this statistic. On one hand, you could argue that it’s the amount of media a girl consumes leads to her poor self-esteem and fuels her eating disorder. On the other hand, you could argue that her eating disorder encourages her to isolate which leads to TV watching. I can’t see which side has more points on the score board, they both seem to be losing teams. What I do know is whether or not you struggle with an eating disorder, the world is lacking TRUE BEAUTY and  desperately needs your TRUE BEAUTY in it! But, here’s the catch: your TRUE BEAUTY can’t  be shared if you can’t recognize it. So, what is your TRUE BEAUTY? Not sure? No sweat – I didn’t know for awhile either. TRUE BEAUTY is what you’re passionate about, it’s what gets you excited, smiling and your heart pumping. Some call it: “the desires of your heart.”

*To read the rest of this article please visit the following link:

Posted: Sep 27, 2011


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A few Saturday’s ago Rewrite Beautiful had the opportunity to go work with The Victorian – Eating Disorder Treatment and Sober Living by the Sea and work with the clients there. We brought a unique Street Art Project that the women would find relevant to their own lives and recovery. The ages of the women ranged from 18 to 40 so we took this opportunity to bust out some spray paint!

Lots of supplies!

We were joined by the lovely Janna Price, who shared her journey to eating disorder recovery earlier this year with the Orange County Register. In the workshop Janna shared her experience with an eating disorder and what the process of using art to ‘rewrite’ beautiful for herself means to her.

Workshop participant on floor and Janna Price on the right participating in our workshop

 We then transitioned into the workshop led by our Street Art Workshop Leader, Sunny Siu. (We love men who love to Rewrite Beautiful! Yeah!)

Sunny Siu, Street Art Workshop Leader

Sunny led the women in a creative exploration called, ‘Mind Mapping’. In the process the women had the opportunity to see how one thought can stem into another very quickly.  

Afterward we moved into the Street Art. The Street Art was an extension of the mind mapping the women started with, but shaped around this symbol:

These heart-feet icon symbolizes the journey to recovery or rewriting of beauty – it is a partnership that will be shared among trusted friends/family members and loved ones. Together, steps will be made, fear will be conquered, heart will be mended and love will amplify.

We provided 3, 6 foot by 3 foot wood panels for the women to explore their beliefs around BEAUTY, RECOVERY and VICTORY.




All of the women in the workshop suffered from some kind of addiction. Whether it was alcoholism, drugs or an eating disorder, but not everyone suffered from all of them. Being able to watch the women read each others writings and gain insight into another persons struggle was moving.

Workshop participant

Later we transitioned outside to allow the women to creatively express themselves with paint on the back of the panels.

Rewriting Beautiful on the back of the panels

To see the entire workshop please view the slideshow below:


This workshop was a huge success. We were able to Rewrite Beautiful with some very brave and courageous women in recovery. We thank them for letting us be apart of their journey. I would  like to give a very special thanks to our beautiful volunteers:

*April Burkhart * Janna Price * Robyn Baker * Sunny Siu *

BEAUTIFUL Volunteers: Robyn Baker, Janna Price, April Burkhart and Sunny Siu

We couldn’t have pulled off this workshop without you! Thank you for donating your BEAUTIFUL selves to this cause and helping to prevent and stop eating disorders!

Keepin’ it Beautiful,


Posted: Sep 25, 2011


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This past Tuesday afternoon, September 20th, Rewrite Beautiful was asked to visit Cal State Fullerton's Women's Center and hold a Street Art Workshop...

Irvina started off the workshop telling the students what Rewrite Beautiful is all about and our Mission...

Then the Cal State Fullerton Advisement Center, Finish in Four, Leader and Rewrite Beautiful volunteer, shared his own experiences having relationships with women and friendships with men who have eating disorders...

Then we moved into the Street Art workshop with an exercise in Mind-Mapping on 'Beauty'...

Some men attended the Street Art Workshop too! How rad is that?!

Everyone left with a Rewrite Beautiful bracelet too! Aren't they snazy?!

Then after we decided that we were going to create statements with chalk, we moved out in front of the Humanities Building to do some Street Art on campus writing out what we think is beautiful...

We're super impressed with the Street Art done by the students from Cal State Fullerton! A very special thanks to the beautiful people who helped make this workshop happen:

Finish In Four

Kevin Rogers

Madi Sears

Sunny Siu

Susan Leavy

Keepin' it Beautiful,


P.S. If you really like these photos please check out: 


Posted: Sep 23, 2011


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This weekend we are prepping for our Street Art Workshop at Cal State Fullerton next Tuesday, September 20th. Like all of our Rewrite Beautiful projects none of them would get done without the help of our BEAUTIFUL Volunteers. This week we’d like to highlight the work of Madi Sears! Madi is a student at Cal State Fullerton and a Rewrite Beautiful supporter. She has invited, recruited and promoted our workshop like no one else. We couldn’t pull it off without her.

In addition, Madi is a pretty remarkable young woman and screams Rewrite Beautiful in her actions. She’s CREATIVE – She plays some fierce drums! Makin’ the Little Drummer Boy so nervous he marches out of step! She is KIND- She spends her winter breaks from college traveling to India with her church, ROCKHARBOR and caring for orphans, lepers and ministering to women working in prostitution. She is also incredibly STRONG – If you ever got the opportunity to sit down and talk to Madi you would get the sense that though Madi is young, yet she has an inner strength and is grounded like someone who has lived a long full life. Madi knows who she is, much more than the average person and she uses this knowledge to help others; sometimes it’s  out  of human trafficking  and sometimes it’s to Rewrite Beautiful. Thanks for all of your help Madi, you’re Beautiful!

Posted: Sep 17, 2011


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Hey Beautiful friends!

Lots of workshops in the month of September! We’re stoked to also announce that Rewrite Beautiful is partnering with the California State University, Fullerton's  WoMen's Center! Yeah! Rewrite Beautiful will be leading a Street Art Workshop on Tuesday, September 20th from 12pm to 1:30pm. We will be discussing our message that," Beautiful actually has nothing to do with the way you LOOK; it has to do with the way you ACT. Beauty is found in your actions of Creativity, Kindness and Strength displayed in your community. You can either go along with what everyone else thinks is beautiful, or you can be revolutionary and Rewrite Beautiful." The Street Art will be made with this theme in mind.

Everyone (man/boy/woman/girl/child and seeing eye dog) is welcomed to come and learn about Rewrite Beautiful, Street Art and eating disorders. *The Street Art will be displayed in the CSUF Quad at 1:15pm. To RSVP to the Street Art Workshop please see the Facebook invite HERE.

And If you’d like to help us promote the Street Art Workshop at CSUF and want one of our AWESOME T-Shirts for FREE be sure to email: for details on how to get one!

Keepin’ it Beautiful!


Posted: Sep 2, 2011


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We’re proud to announce that Rewrite Beautiful is planning a Street Art Workshop on Saturday, September 10th with two prestigious local rehabilitation clinics, Sober Living by the Sea and The Victorian –Eating Disorder Treatment. Fifteen women in treatment for drug, alcohol and eating disorder addictions will participate in a revolutionary workshop that will change how they see beauty in themselves.

We’re stoked the rehabs are having us! This is the first time rehabs have asked us to come to their facilities! As well, The Victorian has been very supportive and was one of our sponsors for Rewrite Beautiful’s 1st Annual  Art Show – TELEIOS.

Right now we’re gessoing wood, finalizing volunteers and lesson plans. We’ll be sure to show some pictures as soon as were done! Check back soon!

Keepin’ it Beautiful,




Posted: Sep 1, 2011


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