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Beautiful Girl of the Week is a series of Beautiful Girls who are stand outs for what they contribute to the world through their beautiful actions!  We feature the Beautiful Girl of the Week on the Rewrite Beautiful blog as an attempt to inspire other girls and women to use their own gifts and talents to impact their communities. Our hope is that bringing positive attention to women’s actions will inspire them to embrace their own creative calling!

The beautiful ladies behind Stephene May jewelry are Deirdre, Stephene and Anka. These world traveling, jewelry loving, entrepreneurs have partnered with Rewrite Beautiful, giving 20% of their proceeds May 1st - May 8th to Rewrite Beautiful! Learn more about what makes these hard working, generous women so beautiful... 

Irvina: What inspired you to start Stephene May?

Stephene May: Our passion for traveling. We wanted to find unique pieces of jewelry that reminded us of our adventures. When we returned home, people always asked us where we got the jewelry and wanted us to pick them up something the next time we traveled. This gave us the idea to share our travels with others, so they too could have a treasure with a unique story.

Irvina: What makes Stephene May jewelry unique?

Stephene May: We feature jewelry that has been hand crafted by local artisans. Our criterion is simple: To find individual pieces with character, charm and exclusivity, which tells a story of the region. We take great lengths to choose products that only have one or two pieces of its kind and are exclusive. We take careful consideration to select pieces that are original and not sold in mass quantities. 

Irvina: How is Stephene May “Fashion for Good?”

Stephene May: We have partnered up with Rewrite Beautiful for a special Mother’s Day weeklong event, May 1st through May 8th. 20% of every purchase will go to Rewrite Beautiful.  We love that Rewrite Beautiful promotes focusing on gifts and talents and not on body appearances.  As a predominantly woman owned business, this cause is close to our hearts.

Irvina: What advice do you have to a young woman interested in starting a business?          

Stephene May: Find your passion and your strategy. Thoroughly study and analyze what it will take to make your passion a lucrative business, set goals for yourself. Don’t know where to get started? Learn from the masters in your field.

Irvina: What is your favorite city in the world and why?

Deirdre:  Rome, it captures ancient culture, modern beauty and delicious food. I really got a chance to see history, high fashion, small boutiques and street vendors all while enjoying a thin crust slice of pizza in one hand and gelato in the other!

Anka: Istanbul. The city is adorned with amazing palaces on both sides.  Colorful food choices, sweets and shopping streets, infinite jewelry choices and impressive landmarks!

Stephene: Capetown. The natural beauty is like no other.  Enormous mountains, lush greenery, golden beaches, exotic animals, friendly locals, these are just a speck of what the city has to offer.  

SHOP :: www.StepheneMay.com :: TODAY!

Posted: Apr 29, 2013


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Join us at Taim Boutique tonight!

10% of all proceeds go to Rewrite Beautiful to prevent eating disorders! 

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Posted: Apr 29, 2013


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Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th and this year there is no better way to tell yo’ mama she’s beautiful than with www.StepheneMay.com! Stephene May is a collection of unique jewelry collected from all around the world! Starting today, Wednesday, May 1st through Wednesday, May 8th, 20% of all Stephene May proceeds will go to Rewrite Beautiful. So hurry up and go SHOP HERE: www.StepheneMay.com and change how girls see beauty in themselves through Rewrite Beautiful!  


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Posted: Apr 29, 2013


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I had so much fun bringing Rewrite Beautiful to Cal State Long Beach last week! Rewrite Beautiful was asked to attend the Live Your Life event put on by Project Ocean. Project Ocean seeks to reduce the stigma of mental health issues and encourages college students to seek help when needed.

The Live Your Life event was awesome! It included dozens of organizations that offer resources in the mental health field. Students went around talking to reps at each booth. The Rewrite Beautiful booth had a lot of questions asking, “How do I talk to a friend with an eating disorder.” We were happy to help! We then gave the students slap-bracelets; we asked them to write on the bracelet with sharpie stating what makes them truly beautiful. The event was more like a part-ay providing free lunch, DJ, yoga class, juggling lessons, photo-booth and more!

Big thanks to our Cal State Long Beach, Beautiful Actionista Natalie for helping organize this event and Element Eden for sending us rad sweaters to keep the wind away! #ThankYou

Are you interested in having Rewrite Beautiful visit your campus?

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Posted: Apr 23, 2013


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Beautiful Girl of the Week is a series of Beautiful Girls who are stand outs for what they contribute to the world through their beautiful actions!  We feature the Beautiful Girl of the Week on the Rewrite Beautiful blog as an attempt to inspire other girls and women to use their own gifts and talents to impact their communities. Our hope is that bringing positive attention to women’s actions will inspire them to embrace their own creative calling!

Every time I see Morgan’s name pop-up in my calendar I know I’m going to laugh and learn something new today. Morgan is quirky, interesting and one of the smartest women I know. Rewrite Beautiful calls her a Beautiful Actionista and I am blessed to call her a friend who randomly brings me fresh baked cookies #score! I am constantly inspired by Morgan and know you will be too…

Irvina: What is a rad woman like you studying at University of California, Irvine?

Morgan:  I’m studying Psychology and Social Behaviors. It’s a degree in social psychology which is all about looking at a person’s behavior and trying to figure out what environmental and situational factors are affecting that person and making them act in a particular way. So much of what we do isn’t determined by our personalities, but by our surroundings. 

Irvina: That’s freaking fascinating! What kind of career will you be pursuing after you graduate?

Morgan: I want to go into image consulting for a Public Relations firm. I’d be looking at the decisions of the firm and assessing how the public would react to each one.

Irvina: I think you’d be rad at that and add such a positive influence to the world's media. Speaking of positive, brag a little bit about the awesomeness you have done as a Beautiful Actionista at University of California, Irvine!

Morgan: I put on a Rewrite Beautiful Street Art Workshop for my UCI sorority sisters of Delta, Delta, Delta teaching that being beautiful has nothing to do with looks, but everything to do with actions. Rewrite Beautiful’s message really hits home with women in the college Greek system because of the demand to look your best surrounds us every day. I love that I get to help my sorority sisters realize that they are beautiful because of who they are, not because of their size or looks

Irvina: You helped coordinate one of our best workshops yet! What good did you see come from the program?

Morgan: I found that my sorority sisters were happier after they attended the workshop. They told me they felt less self-conscious about themselves. Lots of girls compare themselves to each other, and it creates this vicious cycle that feeds on negative self-image. Rewrite Beautiful is working to put an end to this constant negativity, and I think we’re doing a pretty great job!

Irvina: Yeah we are! So being a college student and a Beautiful Actionista can be a lot of work! What are three things you do to relax?


1. Running - I’m a very physical, visual person so my ultimate de-stressor is running outside. Slamming your feet into the earth and physically pushing yourself forward relieves stress like no other.

2. Talking to my sorority sisters – They are always there for me no matter what I need. I can mess around with them or vent about my problems, and they always have my back!

3. DIY - My boyfriend and I like doing DIY projects. It’s nice to know you’ve created something really interesting with your own hands.

Irvina: My niece Delaney is going to be a college freshman next year. What advice would you give to freshman?

Morgan: Say yes to everything! I’m not kidding. If the people in your dorm are going to go to the library, go with them. If your roommate wants to go sit in the park at 1am, go with her! I also, definitely recommend going through sorority recruitment. Even if you don’t end up joining one, it never hurts to spend a few days meeting hundreds of new people! You want to look back at college and have some fun memories, but first you have to have friends to make those memories with.

Irvina: I wish there was a Morgan on every college campus! Word on the street is you try to give two random strangers a day a compliment – so rad! How did you come up this?

Morgan: In today’s society, you rarely find a stranger going out of their way to be nice to you. I love surprising people with kindness. Every day, I give at least two random people a compliment. Think of how many times you walk past someone and think, “oh her hair looked really cool!” or, “that guy has awesome shoes.” So why not tell them? It’s a win-win situation because you made someone feel totally awesome by giving them an honest compliment, and you went out of your comfort zone to talk to a completely random person! It’s a great way to improve someone’s day and also get you to come out of your shell a little bit!



If you’re interested in becoming a Beautiful Actionista for Rewrite Beautiful like Morgan please email BeautifulAction@RewriteBeautiful.org for more information


Posted: Apr 22, 2013


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The Dove Real Beauty Sketches video on YouTube has received some serious traction and debate this week. As I type it has over 7 million views, over 49,000 “Likes” and a little over 800 “Dislikes” AKA from the west coast I can hear the bottles of east coast Dom Perignon being popped in the Dove Marketing Department. The premise of the Dove Beauty Sketches video is a forensic artist who asks women to describe themselves aesthetically – from their descriptions he draws a sketch of their face. Then someone meets this woman – the person describes the woman to the forensic artists. What do you know; people describe the woman as more “attractive” than the way the woman originally described herself.  

I will tell you what I like about this video. I like the amount of times people have emailed, facebooked and texted this video to me. I am truly flattered that I am thought of when it comes to discussions of societal beauty, philosophy and the media. I am honored to be thought of in such a positive light. Thank you! I dig you and will hug you for 20 seconds longer than appropriate the next time I see you! Watch out!

I also like that Dove who is a major manufacturer of beauty products has taken a stance to discuss the perception of beauty in their advertising. This video shows that “Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.” What one person calls a “bony chin” is someone else’s “gorgeous bone structure.” The verdict on beauty is definitely still out. Thank you Dove for reminding us all of that. 

What I dislike AKA the reason you clicked on this post, is that this video is communicating, “Women have a hard time seeing themselves accurately. If women saw how attractive they are they would be much happier. Therefore you should try to see yourself as PHYSICALLY ATRRACTIVE.” Here is where I plant my face into the palm of my hand and say, “So close Dove, so close.”

Ya see, Dove and I are on the same team. We want people to know they are beautiful, to be confident and have sound mental health. We know how rough life can be when a person doesn’t know they are beautiful (i.e. eating disorders, low self-esteem, anxiety, yada, yada, brown banana) but our game plans on this team are completely different and this is where we start blogging about each other.

Here’s why, Dove's message communicates the importance of feeling beautiful in your physcial aesthetic. On the flip I spend my time and energy communicating that attention needs to be taken AWAY from the physical aesthetic and instead our value needs to be placed on our actions; what we can DO with our body parts not what they LOOK like. If I sat down and described myself to the forensic artist I would say, “I’m a babe! I have big green eyes that allow me to see so much into people’s pain and struggle that it makes me cry.  I have dark brown hair that is sometimes straight, but naturally curly – the way I wear it depends on my variety of mood’s that benefit and hinder me relationally, physically and emotionally. Sometimes there are bags under my eyes from so much work and sometimes I am rested from spending time with strong and courageous people who inspire me and make me laugh until my cheeks hurt. Some days my skin is breaking out from stress and sometimes I am glowing from the realization that I am living an incredible life that once upon a time I did not want to live. Mostly I look like a survivor, a risk taker, a woman of faith, compassion with so much to say that it’s hard to think straight so I end up cussing and pissing off my mom – please draw that - that’s what I look like.”

I bet the forensic artist would pull back the sheet between and say, “Who are you and who let you in here?” And then I would say, “I represent Rewrite Beautiful, an organization and a revolution. We creatively change how girls see beauty in themselves for eating disorder prevention through education. We say that BEAUTY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WAY THAT YOU LOOK. BEAUTY HAS TO DO WITH THE WAY THAT YOU ACT. Think about it, sure you see a girl or a guy that you’re attracted to. You have a conversation, you go on a couple dates, whether or not that person becomes your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend has very little to do with what they look like. Ya know what has 95% to with it? The way that person ACTS. I know for myself that when I start talking to a new person I start gathering information,

  • Is this person creative? Can they teach me something new?  
  • Is this person kind? Can they think outside of themselves with empathy for others?
  • Is this person strong? Do they mean what they say and say what they mean?

I want creative, kind and strong people around me. What they look has very little to do with whether or not that person gets to be a part of my life.”

I would also say, “BTW: Sometimes people can’t control the way they see beauty. Sometimes people have mental disorder like an eating disorder which prevents them from seeing themselves accurately. Yes, 1 in 4 girls have a mental illness called an eating disorder that gets in the way of them seeing reality. That person will need a team of medical doctors, counseling and community support in order to restore their health. Us telling them that they are ‘actually really pretty’ will not fix the problem.”

I applaud Dove for their efforts to talk about society’s perception of beauty. This is a mental and social issue which we all need to talk about. Thank you Dove for making this video and for igniting these conversations. Next time you go to make a video hit me up, I have a vision for a video that communicates all of the creative, kind and strong things women can do with their able and well moisturized body parts. I can be reached at Irvina@rewritebeautiful.org and take meetings on Thursdays.

What was your reaction to the Dove Beauty Sketches?

 Was it a hit or a miss?

Chit chat, thats where its at!

Posted: Apr 18, 2013


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I spoke about feminism, eating disorders and sexualization with the Orange County Register last Friday! Bummed, they edited out the stuff I said about mental health. I guess the OC can only handle so much Irvina in one day ;) The article that appeared in the OC Register is below: 

Women's History Month : 'Why aren't women farther along?' 

By: Irvina Kanarek 

The feminist movement today reminds me of the computer game from the fifth grade, "The Oregon Trail."

To me there seemed to be a glitch in the program because it appeared as if everyone became plagued with yellow fever before ever reaching Oregon.

Today's women have the road to the top paved for them with the advancements in women's rights and gender equality in the workplace. So, the biggest question during Women's History Month is, "Why aren't women farther along?"

The glitch is that though at no other time in history have American women been more equipped, there also has not been a time when so many have been sick:

  • 1 in 4 women struggles with eating disorders
  • 1 in 8 women struggles with depression
  • 4 million women are alcoholics

Consider how our society and economy suffers with that many women out of work, on unemployment or in rehabs. In my role as a counselor in an eating disorder rehab, I have seen women who were chief executives. What are we as a society doing wrong that a woman can climb to the top just to throw herself out of the corner office?

Some blame the media, for its sexualization of women. Studies by The American Psychological Association show that young women who see themselves as sex objects are more likely to be depressed and have eating disorders. They also have lower ambition.

In the fields of film, marketing and writing, we need to advocate for portraying strong female characters who come in a variety of body types. As viewers we need to advocate for change.

I am blessed to be fully equipped with an education and entrepreneurial spirit. I am lucky to have survived the trail, but I passed many women with the same map as I had who didn't make it.

There is a glitch in this system, and it will take the collective voice of all of us to fix it.


Want to feature Rewrite Beautiful in your newspaper, magazine or blog? Email Press@RewriteBeautiful.org for more info! 

Posted: Apr 3, 2013


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