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The Rewrite Beautiful Board of Directors is currently seeking a volunteer Public Relations / Special Events Manager! If you or anyone you know is savvy with P.R., marketing, and special events, please let them know about this opportunity! Thanks beautiful! 


The Public Relations (PR) / Special Events manager provides strategic press opportunities and community involvement in order to spread the Rewrite Beautiful message to a wider audience across the USA and beyond. The Public Relations / Special Events Manager will have a leaderships role in spreading the message and services of Rewrite Beautiful. This person will manage fundraising committee’s, PR Representatives and the Sponsorship Chair. The PR/ Special Events Manager will serve as a consultant to all departments of the organization. The PR/ Special Events Manager will join the Board of Directors as a key part of the leadership team and report directly to the Executive Director. 


  • LEAD the production of marketing programs and special events; including planning, logistics, and execution.
  • LEAD the production of direct marketing campaigns, client communications, advertising, sales tools, presentations, signage and development.
  • CREATE and/or update product marketing materials.
  • MANAGE marketing and client databases and mailing lists.
  • ATTEND networking events on behalf of Rewrite Beautiful. 
  • CREATE, MANAGE AND GROW professional presence across social media platforms, including, but not limited to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.
  • CREATE COPY for social media platforms. 
  • PREPARE marketing reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing sales data.
  • MANAGE promotional materials by coordinating with graphics department; inventorying stock; placing orders; verifying receipt.
  • BUILD partnerships with other brands and organizations. 
  • MEASURE brand awareness and recognition.                     
  • MANAGE Sponsorship Chair and PR Representative. 
  • ABIDE by the Rewrite Beautiful Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • RESPONDING to Rewrite Beautiful correspondences including email, phone and texts promptly within 7 days of the sent date.


  • COMMITMENT of two years of service. 
  • ATTEND bi-monthly board meetings.
  • ATTEND Rewrite Beautiful school program and art show.
  • HAVE AN INTEREST in for-purpose organizations, women empowerment and or mental health. 
  • BUDGET one to eight hours per week for Rewrite Beautiful related projects. 


  • EDUCATION of a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field. 
  • EXCELLENT analytical, quantitative, and problem-solving skills.
  • CLEARLY COMMUNICATE information; including, but not limited to oral and written communications and presentation skills.
  • STRONG project management skills.
  • SELF MOTIVATED to work well independently. 
  • GOOD ATTITUDE of a flexible, team-player.
  • EXCELLENT computer skills.
  • COMMITMENT to being a creative, kind and strong representative of Rewrite Beautiful. ** IF THERE IS HISTORY OF AN EATING DISORDER- two years of consistent eating disorder recovery ** COMMITMENT to maintain recovery / abstinence from eating disorder.


  • INVESTING directly into your campus by preventing eating disorders 
  • LEARNING about team collaboration, leadership and fundraising 
  • LEADERSHIP ROLE for resume 
  • VOLUNTEER position *unpaid*

To apply: Email Robyn at beautifulaction@RewriteBeautiful.org for an application. 

Posted: Jan 8, 2014


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