Book Update!

I’m on the 3rd drafts of my book How To: Rewrite Beautiful. It’s a series of essays on how to be Creative, Kind and Strong on a daily basis. It’s a preventative and restorative book for young women.

The book is preventative in that it will be used as the curriculum in our Beautiful Action Clubs in High School’s and Colleges. It’s restorative in that it’s also an inspiring read for any woman in her 20’s and 30’s. We’re talking about issues like self talk, following your dreams, success in life, sex and relationships....the youngin's will love it because we're talking about topics that parents and teachers feel a tad awkward talking about. It's the inside real deal, in Irvina-fashion all political correctness has been thown out! For us 20 somethings it's stuff that seems to never get old chatting about and I'm a pretty funny writer wink

This project has been a ton of work and so fun! I am stoked to be working with the amazing writing coach and editor Jeannette Encinias. Not only is Jeannette push me to do my best and kick my butt into gear on my grammar, but she’s an uber fabulous inspirational person to be coaching me through this book! Jeannette is a big follower of her dreams and has definitely done her work rewriting beauty for herself in our world. Check out her site and have a BEautiufl day!

You’re Beautiful,


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