Jamie is Beautiful! A yoga loving, book devouring, creator of love!

Beautiful Girl of the Week is a series of Beautiful Girls who are stand outs for what they contribute to the world through their beautiful actions!  We feature the Beautiful Girl of the Week on the Rewrite Beautiful blog as an attempt to inspire other girls and women to use their own gifts and talents to impact their communities. Our hope is that bringing positive attention to women’s actions will inspire them to embrace their own creative calling!

The first time I laid eyes on Jamie I knew I was going to love her. Jamie has this gorgeous smile that is a cross between a daisy picking, tambourine shaking hippie girl and a wise and gentle Fairy God Mother. We met at a Jessica Burkhart art show and since then our friendships has filled my life with interesting books, Girls Nights, discussions about the moon, wine, and the benefits of living off the beaten path. I think my love for Jamie stems from how much respect I have for her, which I think has started with how much she respects herself. I hope you enjoy reading about this beautiful woman as much as much as I have enjoyed sitting on her couch and eating all her chocolate.  

Irvina: Hello beautiful one! Please tell all of our Rewrite Beautiful friends about a fun project you’re currently working on?

Jamie: Yoga! I'm currently getting my teaching certification, and loving every minute of it. Yoga has changed my life and opened my heart, and I can't wait to be able to share that experience, in my own way, through teaching.

Irvina: How amazing! You are going to be an INCREDIBLE teacher! I can’t wait to take a class from you! Tell us, what are you passionate about?

Jamie: I am crazy about reading. I mean, I really believe that if everyone would just turn off their TVs and computers and open a book, we could make some major changes in the world. Reading sparks your imagination, it takes you to new places, it introduces you to interesting people--it's all about expansion. I've been hosting a book club for a few years now. It's a girls-only monthly event, and it has been such a beautiful experience! We meet in the evening, and start out gathered around this one story we've all read, but the conversation gradually unfolds into an intimate dialogue about everything else--ourselves, our loved ones, our lost ones. Life. Stories bring us together and make us feel less alienated and solitary. So, yeah, I guess I'd say I'm passionate about reading.

Irvina: As one of your Book Club members I can say your passion for reading has created so many beautiful conversations and friendships! I love our Book Club, The Gypsy Snipers because we get the opportunity to hear so may perspectives on the same topic. Being open to hearing another persons point of view makes the world so much larger and exciting! Jamie, tell everyone what do you do for fun?


Jamie: I like to MOVE! I love to dance, ride my bike, or take a walk outside. If I can do any of those with people I love, even better!
Also, when I'm driving, I like to sing along to a good song, at the top of my lungs. This, too, is even more fun when I'm doing it with a friend.
Really, I think good company can make any good thing even better.

Irvina: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Jamie: Everything I can think of involves travel, ADVENTURE! Like zip-lining through a rainforest in Costa Rica, flying to Paris alone for a summer, road-tripping around the country with my favorite person. There's nothing as exhilarating as venturing out into new territory.

Irvina: You’ve live life BEAUTIFULLY  Jamie! You’re such an inspiration to me! Whether it’s a hobby, a job or friendships what do you contribute to the world that you’re most proud of?

Jamie: I am proud of my relationships. I am honored to have the opportunity to be a good friend to the precious people in my life. I am grateful for love.

Irvina: Which action of CREATIVITY, KINDNESS and STRENGTH do you exhibit most and why?

Jamie: CREATE is my favorite verb. I want to create my own life. I want to build it by hand, with my own ideas and dreams and visions. And I want to open up and share my life with the world. Every day.

Irvina: LOVE it! Who is the most beautiful woman you know and why?

Jamie: My mama! My mother is very brave, and she is eager to learn, and leaves her heart open wide to her family and friends. My mother's voice is beautiful. It is gentle and comforting, and she always knows exactly the right thing to say.

Irvina: I can’t wait to some day soon meet your mama! She created quite a BEAUTIFUL woman with you in each and every way you can create a person. One last question, what do you wish young women knew about beauty?

Jamie: Beauty is all over you! It's in your heart, and in your mind. It's in your history, and it shows up in your hands, and what they hold. It's on your feet, and where they take you. Beauty is in the music you share with your friends, and in the stories your life writes. Every woman is always only growing into her own beauty. And the work is never finished.


What actions make you beautiful?

Are you a reader? A club creator? A yoga lover?

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