Lindsey is Beautiful! Globe trotting, student with a heart for Global Public Health!

Beautiful Girl of the Week is a series of Beautiful Girls who are stand outs for what they contribute to the world through their beautiful actions!  We feature the Beautiful Girl of the Week on the Rewrite Beautiful blog as an attempt to inspire other girls and women to use their own gifts and talents to impact their communities. Our hope is that bringing positive attention to women’s actions will inspire them to embrace their own creative calling!

Lindsey AKA “MY LGF” is my star-crossed sister from a different mister! We met in Orange County, CA when I was at the beginning of my eating disorder recovery. Regardless of my sanity, Lindsey has been my best friend in my great moments (starting Rewrite Beautiful) and worst moments (breaking and entering). She’s one of those friends who just gets me. When I tell her my crazy thoughts she doesn’t squint her face in confusion, she nods and says, “Oh I’ve been there.” And when I asked her to help me host the TELEIOS Art Show she eagerly found quite a few 2 hour time slots in her calendar for me. Not easy for this globe trotter! Lindsey has not only taught me the value of friendship, but also about the world outside of Orange County. Our passions are quite different and create some of the most colorful conversations I’ve been blessed to have! I hope you enjoy getting to know my brave, strong, beautiful friend; you’ll be better for knowing her, I know I am.

Irvina: Hello lova! Thanks for taking a study break to chat with me! Please tell all of our fine Rewrite Beautiful peeps about a fun project you’re currently working on?

Lindsey: I am currently working on my Masters in International Public Health at Boston University. I am about to begin my second semester, so on top of working on school I am also working on getting a part-time job or internship as well as getting to know the amazing city of Boston better.

Irvina: I am gushing with pride! I am so proud of you lady! Getting into Grad School is not easy!  I remember the Saturdays we spent in Starbucks, you working on your Grad School essays, applications, rec letters and me working on all things Rewrite Beautiful. Amazing to look at us now, hard work and faith really does pay off! Who knew?!  So tell us, what are you passionate about?

Lindsey: I am passionate about a variety of things, however the one that takes the cake is my passion for Public Health (hence my decision to return to school after 6 years). I have an unquenchable desire to help people, especially in developing countries, better their quality life. I desire to help educate, empower, and equip other people to make a difference in their lives and those of their community.

Irvina: Facts – You have a head of red and a heart of gold! Good combo! So, what do you do for fun?

Lindsey: I've realized the older I get the more of a nerd at heart I am. And I love that I live in such a huge city that offers a plethora of fun for nerds of all types... That being said, I love going to museums, art shows, seminars, movies, plays, and historical monuments. I also love reading and learning, traveling and seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and food, and photography. But I've also been known to enjoy a good night out on the town with friends, dancing, laughing and people watching... all of which I consider fun.

Irvina: Pocket protector and all, I think you make a pretty interesting nerd!  I can’t wait to visit you in Boston! What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Lindsey: "Crazy" is a rather subjective word... And in the last 28 years I'm sure I've done many things considered "crazy," but to just pick one to share... hmmm. I've been skydiving, twice in one day. I've been to Uganda, 3 times in 2.5 years. Most recently though... after nearly 28 years of living on the left coast, I packed up & moved to the right coast - with only 8 boxes and 3 suitcases - knowing not a single soul in the city.

Irvina: You are incredibly brave my friend! BTW: I think moving across country and not knowing a soul is much crazier than your past Vegas antics. Whether it’s a hobby, a job or friendships what do you contribute to the world that you’re most proud of?

Lindsey: This is a hard question. I suppose however, that I am most proud of the volunteer work I've done in Uganda. I've been 3 separate times with my church ROCKHARBOR back in Orange County. Each trip was a 2 week missions trip focused on bringing love, aid and medical clinics to remote villages in northern Uganda. On the last two trips I was fortunate to serve as a co-leader, which meant I got to not only love on the people of Uganda, but also my teammates from the US. Each trip was an amazing, hard, growing, unforgettable experience - which also highly fueled my desire to return to school.

Irvina: Amazing how a little volunteering can lead you to your purpose in life isn’t it?! How true the quote is, “Where your treasure is there your heart will be” Which action of CREATIVITY, KINDNESS and STRENGTH do you exhibit most and why?

Lindsey: I think I exhibit Strength the most in my community. Not exactly how to answer the "why" though. I suppose I say Strength because I know I am very stubborn young woman, and while this character trait can get me into some trouble, when it comes to certain things it's an asset. For example, my stubbornness in my desire for more in life has challenged me to constantly step out of my comfort zone and not live the status quote most are after. Thus, the action of Strength I portray is one of pushing forward, regardless of how many times I fall, or fail, or hit a wall.

Irvina: As someone who knows you, I can vouch that you are one of the strongest women I have ever met! And I know a whole lot of women! So being a strong chick, who is the most beautiful woman you know and why?

Lindsey: Thankfully today, I have so many different beautiful women in my life it makes answering this question nearly impossible. Every woman I can think of is amazingly unique and beautiful for completely different reasons. I have an amazingly beautiful best friend who has an endless amount of grace and kindness who is also courageous fighter - starting a non-profit and applying to go back to school herself. I have another friend who's greatest pleasure in life is to serve others, and who is so selfless that it often leaves me baffled. She also has a huge heart for helping people living with HIV/AIDS and is also returning to school to get further education to compliment her RN degree. And then there are the mentors and the confidants I've been fortunate enough to have had throughout my years. Again all beautiful for their unique reasons, such as passion, determination, grace, gentleness, wisdom, compassion, and creativity.

Irvina: Well said woman! You have a good eye for beauty! And one last question, what do you wish young women knew about beauty?

Lindsey: I wish young women knew that beauty - TRUE beauty - has so SO little to do with the outside. I wish they knew that despite what our media says, what our world says, what they even think about themselves - THEY are beautiful! I wish they knew that when we're all old, wrinkled and looking back on our life, beauty will be evident based on the actions we took - because of what we accomplished, who we helped, & how we made our communities a better place - it will NEVER be based on our waist size, bust size or hair color... no matter what the magazines say!! I also wish they knew that they have POWER - they have the opportunity to change our culture, our media, our current messages about beauty... all they have to do is find their voice, unite, and fight.

***Update! Lindsey has most recently accepted an internship in Ghana with Vestergaard Frandsen

  Follow her journey on Twitter HERE!  (If she'd ever update the friggin' thing ;)




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Congrats on the internship in Ghana... Knew you would find something adventurous and something that would better the world. Best of luck. :)


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