The Money Dance is out! The Charity Dance is in!

Wedding season is officially here beautiful peeps! My two favorite things about weddings are:

  1. Watching friends who’ve been through epically bad dates, heart ache and drama finally find partners who bring out the best in them!  
  2. The dancing! I take pride starting conga lines at weddings! So if you see me at one, grab my hips and hold on! However, the newest wedding trend I have seen over the years is the change to the Money Dance! Traditionally the Money Dance was a dance where wedding guests “Paid” the bride or groom for a dance. The money is supposed to go to spending money for the newlyweds honeymoon. But, a new trend is on the block and that is announcing to your guests:

“Guests! Instead of doing the traditional Money Dance we have decided to instead do a Charity Dance. If you would like to pay for a dance with us the money we collect will be going to our favorite charity, Rewrite Beautiful.”

The coolest thing is one couple has already done it! Steve Baker and Robyn Baker a Rewrite Beautiful Board Member and Eating Disorder Activist made this same announcement at her own wedding and donated over $250 to Rewrite Beautiful afterward.

I love this creative twist to tradition! Not only does it allow the couple to tell their friends and family about their favorite charity (Rewrite Beautiful of course) but, it also allows their marriage to start out in the posture of being community minded.  Well done Steve and Robyn! You’ve started a beautiful trend!

If you would like to make a donation to Rewrite Beautiful please visit our DONATE page HERE.

What creative ways have you thought to highlight a charity at your wedding?

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My friend just got married and instead of registering at stores, she and her fiance "registered" at different charity websites and asked everyone who was going to buy them a wedding gift to use that money and donate to one of their "registered" charities! It was really cool!


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