Our girls share how Rewrite Beautiful has changed how they see beauty

Happy Holiday's Beautiful's! We did some MAJOR rewriting this year – 1,117 people to be exact! Since Rewrite Beautiful is all about educating on what eating disorders are and cultivating creative, kind and strong young women, we thought we’d let our girls speak for themselves on what they learned about being beautiful through our programs:

Awesome right?!?! In 2013 we want to continue educating girls through Rewrite Beautiful campus clubs! Our plan is to train and equip 12 Rewrite Beautiful clubs throughout the USA!

Why now huh? Our school programs and workshops are absolutely radtastic, but if we really want to CHANGE how a girl thinks about herself we have to give her the Rewrite Beautiful message on a weekly basis through a club. The need for campus clubs are more urgent than ever, as seen through the shooting in Connecticut last week…

"1 in 4 Americans live with a diagnosable mental health disorder like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress every single day. And we need to start talking about it because 100 people in our country every day feel so hopeless and helpless that they take their own lives, leaving families and communities in anguish."

– Alison Malmon, via Huffington Post

On top of those statistics, 1 in 4 women struggle with disordered eating. The HOPE is we know our programs work!

"Rewrite Beautiful gave me more knowledge on why people put their bodies through eating disorder and how I can help a friend if I see signs." 

– McKenzie Soldin, Sophomore Student at Costa Mesa High School

“You are making a definite difference, you are equipping me to speak out to the younger generation and truly Rewrite Beautiful in our world.”

– Mia, Aunt in eating disorder recovery

Will you support Rewrite Beautiful's work in 2013? Our budget for next year is short by $5,900. Any amount you can give would be greatly, uberly, fanatically appreciated and as you know go to an incredible cause! If you feel compelled to give you can:

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*All donations must be made before December 31st, 2012 for a tax-deduction in 2012.

As always we are so thankful for your support, love and prayers throughout the year! You are truly helping us to change the future of our world!

You're BEautiful,



Founder/ Creative Director

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