Partying for a Cause

Everyone loves to party, but it’s even better when you have a cause to party for! Making our art show, TRANSFORMATION one pretty epic event! Attending the Rewrite Beautiful art show translates to creatively changing how girls see beauty in themselves for eating disorder prevention through education. Rewrite Beautiful has three main programs:

School Program – Rewrite Beautiful travels to junior high, high school and college campuses educating students on eating disorders; we erase myths and taboos and teach students the harms of eating disorders, the warning signs, how to talk to a friend struggling and where to get help. We share our photo-documentary telling the stories of 5 women who have struggled with an eating disorders, share a live eating disorder testimony, hold a Q&A Panel and engage the students in creatively changing how they see beauty in themselves. The program is greatly effective. After our school program:

* 90% of students say they know more about eating disorders than they did prior to the program

* 90% say they feel more equipped to talk to a friend struggling with an eating disorder than they did before the program

* 85% can name one place to receive free help and support

* 75% say they see their beauty now in their actions rather than their physical appearance

Beautiful Action Clubs - These are clubs that are led by high school and college students. These students help us to continue spreading eating disorder prevention on their campus. Through utilizing our book, How To: Rewrite Beautiful and holding fundraisers they do a heck of a job preventing this disease from harming students on their campuses.

Street Art Workshop- This workshop is held annually for Rewrite Beautiful supporters and the public to learn Rewrite Beautiful’s vision, hear an eating disorder testimony, view our photo documentary and create street art which allows them to change how they see beauty in themselves.

Be a part of the revolution that is changing how girls see beauty! Get your pre-sale tickets for our art show, TRANSFORMATION on Saturday, November 30th– HERE!  


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