Rewrite Beautiful visits Cal State Long Beach


I had so much fun bringing Rewrite Beautiful to Cal State Long Beach last week! Rewrite Beautiful was asked to attend the Live Your Life event put on by Project Ocean. Project Ocean seeks to reduce the stigma of mental health issues and encourages college students to seek help when needed.

The Live Your Life event was awesome! It included dozens of organizations that offer resources in the mental health field. Students went around talking to reps at each booth. The Rewrite Beautiful booth had a lot of questions asking, “How do I talk to a friend with an eating disorder.” We were happy to help! We then gave the students slap-bracelets; we asked them to write on the bracelet with sharpie stating what makes them truly beautiful. The event was more like a part-ay providing free lunch, DJ, yoga class, juggling lessons, photo-booth and more!

Big thanks to our Cal State Long Beach, Beautiful Actionista Natalie for helping organize this event and Element Eden for sending us rad sweaters to keep the wind away! #ThankYou

Are you interested in having Rewrite Beautiful visit your campus?



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