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We were chillin' in the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL "headquarters" this weekend talking about how badly we need a Graphic Designer. We already had the studly Ari Glick help us out with the script on our logo. Props to Ari! But, we still need to get some posters and ad's done to display. When a very ambitious brunette raised her pink colored pencil and offered to take a stab at it. When she was done she told us she felt a little self concious about the work she did, but we quickly reminded her the message behind REWRITE BEAUTIFUL..."rewriting beauty with art" .... as individuals we are taking back the power to decide what we think is beautiful, we don't need other people to agree with us. So we told our little Miss Brunette..."Your ad is beautiful and we love it! It's goin' on the site!"...Heres to steppin' up and being your beautiful matter what you or your art looks like!

Ciao Bellas!  - REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Woman

Posted: Apr 6, 2010


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Jen is Beautiful

Yup, Jen is beautiful! And she's sitting pretty with all of her beautiful kindness, generosity and wise vibes on 4th street and Junipero in Long Beach, CA. Right in front of Portfolio Coffee House.

 While we were posting Beautiful Jen a nice man from Seattle, WA asked us about the Rewrite Beautiful Project. We told him and his response was, "In Berlin there is this huge wall of art where everyone can post whatever they want. Artists, graffitti, poets...You guys should go there." Sounds like Rewrite Beautiful is going global! Have a great Friday! Will post new street art soon!

Ciao bellas! - Rewrite Beautiful Woman

Berlin Wall - Street Art

Posted: Apr 3, 2010


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Honey is Beautiful!

Rewrite Beautiful hit up Buffalo Exhange on 2nd street in Long Beach, California this weekend. We were with our friends trading in our old hipster clothes for older hipster clothes. While in the line that was as long as the war in Iraq we noticed a bulletin board featuring a bunch of super cool bands and we thought...that super trendy bulletin board needs Beautiful Honey! So we went to our car which coincidentally had Rewrite Beautiful art work a hammer and nails and made Honey a home in Buffalo Exchange. Go see Honey at Buffalo Exchange, she is a beautiful woman inside and out!

Buffalo Exchange, 2nd Street in Long Beach, CA

Be on the look out for Rewrite Beautiful to strike again at a random place near you!

Posted: Apr 1, 2010


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Primping as in becoming an official 501(c) 3, non-profit!Which to be quite frank takes a lot of time, espresso, meetings with men in 3 piece suits, rush hour traffic and listening to Ryan Seacrest before the sunrise has hit the Hollywood Hills… All that to say, "We're on it people!"  So far we have accomplished the following: \\

Board of Directors – Check

 Pro-Bono Attorneys- Check

 Blog – Check

A logo – Check


People totally down to Rewrite Beautiful – Double friggin’ Check!So all that to say, Rewrite Beautiful Art Work is on it’s way! Check back on Monday, March 29th. In the meantime start working on your own Rewrite Beautiful art piece dang it! Post it in your community and start Rewriting Beautiful! Till then, me and my boyfriend “Kean” are off to Rewrite Beautiful this weekend in Orange County, Los Angeles and the Inland Empire!


Ciao Kids! -Rewrite Beautiful Woman 

Posted: Mar 26, 2010


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