Robyn is beYOUtiful!

Happy Friday beautiful folks! Thanks for stopping by the blog! I know everyone is super busy with family coming into town and makin’ three different kinds of tamales – save the chicken ones for me mom!

As for me, it is my blogging pleasure to bring you the beautiful Mrs.Robyn as our Beautiful Girl of the Week! Check this hot-soon-to-be-sugar mama out! Robyn joined Rewrite Beautiful about a year ago when her friend Lindsey (my LGF) told her about our project to change how girls see beauty in themselves through art. Since then Robyn has been a huge supporter! Sharing her recovery story at our art workshops to help other women….Getting her parents to sponsor our TELEIOS Art Show ….and joining us on the Trinity Broadcasting Network to spread eating disorder awareness. Not, only is Robyn a Rewrite Beautiful supporter she's also a talented actress and personal trainer. Robyn has actually incorporated the idea of appreciating our bodies and loving them the way they were created into the Personal Training routines she teaches her clients. Rad huh? Robyn is a friendly, creative, kind and strong woman that we are proud to know and have apart of our team! So don’t steal her from us! Jst kidding …actually I’m serious…back away from our hot mama! Thanks for all your support Robyn! Rewrite Beautiful had an awesome 2011 because YOU were apart of our team! Big hugs and love!

Me and Robyn at one of our workshops

Posted: Dec 16, 2011


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Robyn Baker, Irvina Kanarek, Michelle Smith LVN *I like touching my friends :)

It’s always nice when T.V. producers call you begging you, for your time ;)  Especially when it has nothing to do with your 72 day marriage and everything to do with a cause that means the world to you: changing how women see beauty in themselves and preventing eating disorders. The Trinity Broadcasting Network aka ‘The television network with a little fetish for Christmas lights” which (besides the whole Mother Earth thing) I think does a pretty-good-artsy-job with those millions of tiny bulbs...anyways, those fine folks asked if I and a few other eating disorder professionals would come on their show Public Affairs.  Apparently, the producer was enjoying her latte one morning and read this article about Rewrite Beautiful in the OC Register. She bookmarked it wanting to do a show on it.

I was accompanied on the show by the lovely Michelle Smith, LVN, the Program Director of The Victorian – eating disorder treatment center in Newport Beach, CA. As well as the lovely Robyn Baker, an eating disorder survivor.  Both these ladies are incredibly intelligent, poised and gracious. And dude, Robyn’s apparently a veteran at this, she was once on the Tyra show to talk about eating disorders! Such a rockstar for recovery and prevention this woman is!

The show runs for a half hour and if I do say so myself we all rocked it with some really awesome and relevant  information the public needs to know about eating disorders. Be sure to check it out!

The show is scheduled to air on:

January 13th at 10 am

January 16th at 8:30 am

January 19th at 3 am (*for my fellow insomniacs!)

Posted: Dec 12, 2011


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Okay, so Rewrite Beautiful (aka I am) is laggin' just a little bit in the Beautiful Girl of the Week department...actually the whole blogging departments has take the back seat lately. I'm a big believer that on your journey to the top you shouldn't run yourself dry, so when the clock hits 6 and it's time to shut down work, I shut down and go home (or away from my desk...I work from home :) ) . Self Care is part of my Beauty Secrets ;)  But, do not fear! Things are ch-ch-cha-changin' around here in 2012! We have some super duper rad new projects (including blogging) in the new year that I'll be talking about.

Sunny is a BEAUTIFUL person!

Now for our amazing Beautiful Girl of Week! She's so amazing, that she is also (or completely) a HIM! It's our wonderful, talented, inspiring, fuel for the engine, Workshop Leader, Sunny Siu! Sunny is our first, ever MALE Beautiful Girl of the Week! That's right, reproductive organs do not disqualify you from being beautiful! And I just had to honor Sunny for all of the incredible

work he has done with Rewrite Beautiful this past year! Sunny originally found us through our facebook page and said to himself, "What in the world is this girl doing? I want to be apart of it!" Besides having the courage to join the crazy's like me on their ambitious missions, Sunny is insanely gifted. For one, calling him creative is like calling the ocean 'wet'. Sunny oozes creativity! He has some huge and far out visions for Street Art projects that truly blow my mind. We collaborate on his awesome ideas and collaborate mine and the rest of the volunteers. We have gotten some pretty sweet workshops from it! Sunny also created some amazing pieces of art for the TELEIOS Art Show this past summer. They were incredibly moving and many people who have suffered from eating disorders told me that they felt that he captured the disease with precision.

The Pit by Sunny Siu

Blind Skull by Sunny Siu

Entrapped by Sunny Siu

So in order to be "beautiful" you must also be "kind" and "strong" which Sunny definitely carries in all of his interactions with others. Often times Sunny has been the only male at our workshops full of sometimes 20 + women who are talking about their inner most secrets and vulnerabilities. He has never experienced an eating disorder, yet his empathy for the disease and sensitivity to the workshop participants is incredibly genuine and heart felt. I speak on behalf of the volunteers and the Rewrite Beautiful participants when I say that Sunny is an incredibly beautiful human being and we are a 1000 times better of an organization for having him on our team! Thanks for being beautiful Sunny!

Posted: Dec 9, 2011


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Welcome to Girltopia at the LA Convention Center!

Rewrite Beautiful had a great time at Girltopia at the Los Angeles Convention Center! 10,000 Girl Scouts did some Rewrite Beautiful art and changed how they see beauty in themselves! We had some great conversations with the girls and their troop leaders about “What truly makes someone beautiful?” Answer? It's our ACTIONS! Change is happening people! Check out the photos of the girls art from the event here  on the blog!

P.S. If you would like to see the WHOLE album of the girls artwork please visit the album we created on Facebook  here.

P.P.S. If you're inspired by Rewrite Beautiful's work please share it with your friends and spread the Rewrite Beautiful message!

P.P.P.S. You're cool and beautiful! Bye!


Volunteer's like Jess make EVERYTHING 'beautifuler'!                                                            

Changin' lives with art supplies!

What makes YOU beautiful?

We be craftin'!

Rewrite Beautiful is one popular booth!

Do you see that? She's writing "I'm STRONG!" Um...MIRACLE!!!

And the "Rewriting" was just beginning..... Yeah!!!

We took a polaroid of each girl and asked her to get artsy and tell us "What actions do you have that make you beautiful?" Victoria totally nailed it. Such a true beauty!

They rewrote beautiful, until every piece of paper was gone and every marker was dry....

You said it girl!

Posted: Dec 8, 2011


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 Happy Monday Beautiful friends!

Rewrite Beautiful is so stoked to announce that we are being featured in the Lifestyle + Charity SHOP this week! That means that every purchase from 10/31 through 11/06 will be combined and 10% of that total will go to Rewrite Beautiful! Please check out the Lifestyle + Charity SHOP and see if you can get a head start on some Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or maybe find something just for your BEAUTIFUL self :) Thanks for the support beauty's! Happy Shopping!

Keepin' it Beautiful,


Posted: Oct 31, 2011


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Do you love a beautiful girl?

Do you wish that girl truly BELIEVED she was beautiful?

Then buy Rewrite Beautiful bracelet’s!


Creative + Kind + Strong = Beautiful


Purchase at:





Posted: Oct 11, 2011


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A few Saturday’s ago Rewrite Beautiful had the opportunity to go work with The Victorian – Eating Disorder Treatment and Sober Living by the Sea and work with the clients there. We brought a unique Street Art Project that the women would find relevant to their own lives and recovery. The ages of the women ranged from 18 to 40 so we took this opportunity to bust out some spray paint!

Lots of supplies!

We were joined by the lovely Janna Price, who shared her journey to eating disorder recovery earlier this year with the Orange County Register. In the workshop Janna shared her experience with an eating disorder and what the process of using art to ‘rewrite’ beautiful for herself means to her.

Workshop participant on floor and Janna Price on the right participating in our workshop

 We then transitioned into the workshop led by our Street Art Workshop Leader, Sunny Siu. (We love men who love to Rewrite Beautiful! Yeah!)

Sunny Siu, Street Art Workshop Leader

Sunny led the women in a creative exploration called, ‘Mind Mapping’. In the process the women had the opportunity to see how one thought can stem into another very quickly.  

Afterward we moved into the Street Art. The Street Art was an extension of the mind mapping the women started with, but shaped around this symbol:

These heart-feet icon symbolizes the journey to recovery or rewriting of beauty – it is a partnership that will be shared among trusted friends/family members and loved ones. Together, steps will be made, fear will be conquered, heart will be mended and love will amplify.

We provided 3, 6 foot by 3 foot wood panels for the women to explore their beliefs around BEAUTY, RECOVERY and VICTORY.




All of the women in the workshop suffered from some kind of addiction. Whether it was alcoholism, drugs or an eating disorder, but not everyone suffered from all of them. Being able to watch the women read each others writings and gain insight into another persons struggle was moving.

Workshop participant

Later we transitioned outside to allow the women to creatively express themselves with paint on the back of the panels.

Rewriting Beautiful on the back of the panels

To see the entire workshop please view the slideshow below:


This workshop was a huge success. We were able to Rewrite Beautiful with some very brave and courageous women in recovery. We thank them for letting us be apart of their journey. I would  like to give a very special thanks to our beautiful volunteers:

*April Burkhart * Janna Price * Robyn Baker * Sunny Siu *

BEAUTIFUL Volunteers: Robyn Baker, Janna Price, April Burkhart and Sunny Siu

We couldn’t have pulled off this workshop without you! Thank you for donating your BEAUTIFUL selves to this cause and helping to prevent and stop eating disorders!

Keepin’ it Beautiful,


Posted: Sep 25, 2011


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This past Tuesday afternoon, September 20th, Rewrite Beautiful was asked to visit Cal State Fullerton's Women's Center and hold a Street Art Workshop...

Irvina started off the workshop telling the students what Rewrite Beautiful is all about and our Mission...

Then the Cal State Fullerton Advisement Center, Finish in Four, Leader and Rewrite Beautiful volunteer, shared his own experiences having relationships with women and friendships with men who have eating disorders...

Then we moved into the Street Art workshop with an exercise in Mind-Mapping on 'Beauty'...

Some men attended the Street Art Workshop too! How rad is that?!

Everyone left with a Rewrite Beautiful bracelet too! Aren't they snazy?!

Then after we decided that we were going to create statements with chalk, we moved out in front of the Humanities Building to do some Street Art on campus writing out what we think is beautiful...

We're super impressed with the Street Art done by the students from Cal State Fullerton! A very special thanks to the beautiful people who helped make this workshop happen:

Finish In Four

Kevin Rogers

Madi Sears

Sunny Siu

Susan Leavy

Keepin' it Beautiful,


P.S. If you really like these photos please check out: 


Posted: Sep 23, 2011


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Hey Beautiful friends!

Lots of workshops in the month of September! We’re stoked to also announce that Rewrite Beautiful is partnering with the California State University, Fullerton's  WoMen's Center! Yeah! Rewrite Beautiful will be leading a Street Art Workshop on Tuesday, September 20th from 12pm to 1:30pm. We will be discussing our message that," Beautiful actually has nothing to do with the way you LOOK; it has to do with the way you ACT. Beauty is found in your actions of Creativity, Kindness and Strength displayed in your community. You can either go along with what everyone else thinks is beautiful, or you can be revolutionary and Rewrite Beautiful." The Street Art will be made with this theme in mind.

Everyone (man/boy/woman/girl/child and seeing eye dog) is welcomed to come and learn about Rewrite Beautiful, Street Art and eating disorders. *The Street Art will be displayed in the CSUF Quad at 1:15pm. To RSVP to the Street Art Workshop please see the Facebook invite HERE.

And If you’d like to help us promote the Street Art Workshop at CSUF and want one of our AWESOME T-Shirts for FREE be sure to email: for details on how to get one!

Keepin’ it Beautiful!


Posted: Sep 2, 2011


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Once upon a time, in a land a $350 plane ticket away from here was big, loud and beautiful New York City. In that city lived a talented Street Artist named Color Me Katie.

Colore Me Katie!

Katie was known for making funny Street Art that left every observer either giggling or smiling.

Street Art by: Color Me Katie

Street Art by: Color Me Katie

Street Art by: Color Me Katie


Street Art by: Color Me Katie

Street Art by: Color Me Katie

 Eventually people started to ask Katie, “What inspires you to make such fun and happy art?” Katie’s answer, “Actually, I make happy art because a lot of people in my family suffer from depression. I know a lot of people here in New York feel really alone too. I just wanted to make something that would make people smile and happy.”




Katie creates LOVE


Meanwhile on the Left Coast of Route 66 was a rule breaking and loud Art Teacher who got in trouble more often than her students. One day after being kindly reprimanded for using the word “fornicate” around her students and using some special Project Runway skills on her work shirt that were against company code, she was looking for some art to lift her rebellious spirit. When she Googled upon Color Me Katie’s blog.

When the Art Teacher read why Katie created her art she thought about her own students who have trouble making art unless they are personally connected to it. The teacher thought it was silly to teach her students how to draw flowers if they didn’t even like flowers. So the teacher thought, “If Katies makes awesome art because she cares about people who are depressed, I wonder what my students care about?”

The teacher gathered all her students, told them about Color Me Katie. Why Katie made her art, the message she is trying to send to people and about Street Artists being people who try to send a powerful message through their art. The teacher then asked her students. “What message do you want to tell people through your art?” 

The students had a lot to say and create:

Some wanted to create a healthy planet! Yeah! Go Green!

Others wanted to create a safe place for kittys!

Some wanted to create acceptance of different cultures

Some wanted to create awareness to protect animals! Yeah!

Others wanted to create peace on earth!

...of course some just wanted The Angels to win....

...but overall everyone loved something!

Now before the students create anything they think about what they love, the message they are trying to send and THEN they create. Now they are connected to their art and enjoy the creating process a whole lot more. Kate is still making awesome Street Art in New York City. The Art Teacher is no longer an Art Teacher, she’s now a writer, laptops don’t have anything against the word “fornicate” they just ask that you spell it correctly.

The Artsy End.


1.)    What do you love?

2.)    What message do you want to share with others?

3.)    How could you share that message?

4.)    Do you the guts to make some Street Art? (The correct answer is YES!)

Posted: Mar 7, 2011


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