Events need some Rewrite Beautiful Street Art!

Rewrite Beautiful is taking our Street Art from the Women’s Pride workshop and going to the Santa Ana Artists Village tomorrow! Saturday, June 4th 2011.

 Santa Ana Artists Village

125 North Broadway

Santa Ana, CA 92701

1pm to 4:00pm

 We’ll be out in front of the Gypsy Den off of Broadway. Come and say hi and Rewrite Beautiful yourself with this interactive Street Art! Stick around for the Art Walk that starts at 7pm, it’s awesome!  Don’t forget to bring your friends, your family, your dogs and your frenemy’s! Frenemy’s need Street Art too! Hasta manana!

Keepin’ it Beautiful,


Posted: Jun 3, 2011


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We heart our Volunteers!

Happy Friday Beautiful Friends!

We're having a Rewrite Beautiful Volunteer Meeting tomorrow,

 Saturday May 21st @ 11am

We'll be planning our next

  • Street Art Workshop

  • Photo Documentary

  • Art Show - TELEIOS

If you'd like to learn more and GET INVOLVED email

See ya tomorrow!

Posted: May 20, 2011


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Snap, crackle and pop! Who doesn't want to hang  in downtown LA with a bunch of beautiful ladies? Aviva was the place to be Thursday night! The Junior League of Los Angeles put together a killer line up of awesomeness for the young ladies who are Aviva residence. Aviva is a residential home, high school and treatment facility for at-risk, emotionally distressed, abused, and neglected youth in Los Angeles, CA. The event themed, “Love Yourself” gathered some fine chicks to teach the girls how to live healthy lifestyles. The line up included a:

  • Counselor

  • Dietician

  • Life Coach

  • Make-up artist

  • Personal Trainer

  • Yoga Instructor

Rewrite Beautiful had the privilege of acting as a honorary ‘Life Coach’ making some 2011 Goals with the young ladies. We discussed how to be beautiful in 2011 by coming up with ways to be creative, kind and strong.

 Q: What’s better than a room full of girls who believe they are beautiful and awesome and share that by volunteering their time and talents? 

 Oh! Oh! I know! Pick me!

 A: A WORLD full of girls who know their beautiful and awesome and share that by volunteering their time and talents!

Beatiful Leaders of the 'Love Yourself' event at Aviva

*A special thanks to Lindsey Teichman who drove us to Aviva. Endured over 2 hours of painful rush hour traffic, parked her car in questionable territory and sprinted a 1/2 k to retrieve it. Nobody said Rewriting Beautiful was easy. Thanks for being the most beautiful gingered soldier we know Linds ;) ! xoxo

Posted: Feb 4, 2011


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