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So guess what? Rewrite Beautiful spent 2011 having a whole lotta fun researching what our organization does BEST!  We have decided to focus on School Programs, Street Art Workshops and Outreach. Here is what we have in store for 2012:

SCHOOL PROGRAMS – Founder and Creative Director, Irvina Kanarek will be traveling to Junior Highs, High Schools and College campuses sharing Rewrite Beautiful’s message. Irvina shares her own eating disorder testimony, plays our Photo Documentary, holds a Q&A Panel and engages the students in creatively changing how they see beauty in themselves . Hugs included! If you would like to book a School Program please click HERE.

STREET ART WORKSHOPS - These workshops now include YOU! The workshops will be a place where Rewrite Beautiful supporters (Yep, YOU) can learn the Rewrite Beautiful vision, hear an eating disorder testimony, view our Photo Documentary and create Street Art which allows them to change how they see beauty in themselves. Best part? We have excellent art to create and snacks and it’s FREE! You have to admit all of that is pretty awesome! If you would like to sign-up to attend a Street Art Workshop please click HERE.

OUTREACH - Rewrite Beautiful partners with unique groups such as the Girl Scouts, City Community Centers and yes, even swanky Hollywood peeps in order to share our message with large audiences. We attend events, conventions and red carpet parties sharing our message with one person at a time. These are opportunities to network and share Rewrite Beautiful with individuals who otherwise would not get to attend a School Program or a Street Art Workshop. Our next Outreach event is with the City of Irvine. More details COMING SOON. 

Jeez that sounds like a lot huh? Well, it’s no fun doing it alone! If you want to Get Involved with Rewrite Beautiful we would love to meet you! Fill out a contact form HERE. Alright peeps I need a break! I’m off to get some grub with Jackie of Epic Timepieces!

You’re BEautiful!


Posted: Feb 21, 2012


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One of my friends was out the other night when a stranger blew bad ju-ju her way. He asked her, “Can you believe they’re having Madonna perform at the Super Bowl half time show this year? What is she like 50 now? Why can’t they get someone younger?”

My friend replied, “She’s one of the world’s most adored performers.”

Bad ju-ju man, “I know, but she’s 50. Why can’t they get Katy Perry?”

My friend went on, “Mick Jagger is still performing and he’s in his 60’s.”

Bad ju-ju man realizes he’s not talking to a girl, he’s talking to a woman. He shuts-up and checks his Blackberry.

In regards to the Super Bowl the only thing I’m excited about are the same 3 same things I’m excited about every year: The chips, the guacamole and the margaritas. However, I will pull my chip out of its dip if I hear anyone trash talk Madonna or any other woman for that matter for her age.  If you feel the same way I have compiled the following,

Irvina’s 3 hand-dandy, sassy, yet still classy responses to someone who is trash talking Madonna on Superbowl Sunday!

#1. “So I guess this means when you turn 50 we can automatically consider you unemployable also."


Say it with a bright eyed, toothy grin it causes for even more of a dramatic effect.

#2. “Actually, Madonna isn’t 50, the old lady is 53! I guess it takes some time to accomplish:

  • Being awarded 20 VMAs from a total of 68 nominations, more than any other artist ever
  • Being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as one of the best-known and most influential artists, producer of all time
  • Three American Music Awards for Best Female Musician
  • A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Winner of a Golden Globe for Best Actress
  • The best-selling female rock artist of the 20th century
  • The 2nd  top-selling female artist of all time in the United States
  • Publishing 64 million albums
  • Selling more than 300 million records world wide
  • Oh, but enough about her. What have YOU accomplished?”


#3.) And if you don’t have the energy for either of those you can just say,

Papa don’t preach! Your being a creep! I’ve made up mind and Madonna’s my baby!” 

Posted: Jan 25, 2012


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Will you be my mommy? - Clifford

I have come to grips with the fact that I’m a brown nosing do-gooder, which actually isn’t how I started out. Just ask the School Bus driver in the 7th Grade who wrote me up for opening the Emergency Exit on the bus and letting all the kids out. Thankfully, I’ve made a turn for the better and met some other do-gooders along the way! Take my friend Krista, another BEAUTIFUL girl who donates her time to animal shelters. Krista is acting as a "Doggy Social Worker" right now and trying to find Clifford a home! Read this heartbreaking story and if you’re interested in taking him home to be your own please message Krista Palmer.
From Krista:
Clifford was brought to OC Shelter after being hit by a car. He was 15 lbs. And a year old. The vet said he clearly escaped from his owners "or a dog fighting ring". He was starved and beaten pretty bad. California bully crew paid for the medical expenses, and i am currently his foster mom. He has put on quite a bit of weight since I've gotten him. The vet says he won't ever make it over 40lbs. He is VERY PETITE. Clifford is incredibly submissive, you have to be firm but gentle. He loves to kiss you. If you lose your temper he runs away and hides.... It takes a while but he comes back around. Hes ok with other dogs but he is VERY scared. Once he trusts you he's your best friend. It only takes an hour or two. He knows all the basic commands including paw which means shake. He is completely potty trained! I want someone to love this dog as much as he is going to love them! He is incredibly smart and has a positive energy surrounding him. He LOVES WALKS! he's amazing on a leash. After a walk he wants to take a nap or cuddle. I'd be willing to do a trial if someone is unsure. I want him to be loved and taken care of. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I'LL GIVE YOU CONTACT INFO FOR THE FOSTER PARENT :)

Posted: Jan 6, 2012


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 Happy Monday Beautiful friends!

Rewrite Beautiful is so stoked to announce that we are being featured in the Lifestyle + Charity SHOP this week! That means that every purchase from 10/31 through 11/06 will be combined and 10% of that total will go to Rewrite Beautiful! Please check out the Lifestyle + Charity SHOP and see if you can get a head start on some Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or maybe find something just for your BEAUTIFUL self :) Thanks for the support beauty's! Happy Shopping!

Keepin' it Beautiful,


Posted: Oct 31, 2011


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Yup, you heard that right! Rewrite Beautiful has traveled down under (well, sort of…via the world wide web that is :) ) But, nevertheless Rewrite Beautiful is inspiring Kerin of Australia to CHANGE how she see’s beauty in herself and others. She says the following on her blog: A Space to Create,  "This blog is a space for me explore creatively to express how beauty lives within each of us and can be experienced everyday in the world around us. My Blog will consist of my photos and inspirations that reflect the beauty I see within the people I know and meet, but more importantly the beauty of the world I live in. I am using creativity to teach beautiful as an action."

I found out a couple of weeks ago that Kerin stumbled upon Rewrite Beautiful via the web and was so inspired by the message that she decided to make her own blog dedicated to finding the true beauty in herself and her friends. How rad is that?! I checked out her blog and it’s rad. She features pictures of her friends, nature, animals and writes the qualities she finds beautiful about them. It’s a true ‘Rewrite’ Blog and I just love it! I hope Kerin inspires you to also find your own little 'Rewrite' niche in the world whether it’s through a blog, writing, art, street art or photography! It's so rad to see people wanting to ‘Rewrite’ with us!

Keepin’ it Beautiful,


Posted: Oct 17, 2011


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I have the honor and privilege of writing for Lifestyle  + Charity Magazine. The mission of the magazine is to make giving apart of your lifestyle. How BEAUTIFUL is that?! They provide everything your favorite magazines provides: dining, fashion, entertainment, politics, news, trends…EXCEPT everything has a charity twist! Every article you read and product you see either is giving money directly to a charity or raising awareness for them!

I write the TRUE BEAUTY column for the magazine and this month I wrote on Discovering your TRUE BEAUTY. Check out the article below:

Discover Your True Beauty

By: Irvina Kanarek of Lifstyle + Charity

I was just thinking, it’s pretty bizarre that I write a TRUE BEAUTY column.  The name of the column itself indicates that the world is so saturated with FALSE BEAUTY that we need to designate a place where the truth can be found – weird, right? I think so.

This week I read an article that said, “Girls with eating disorders and low self-esteem spend more time watching television than girls who are secure and have a healthy confidence.” I imagine there are two ways of looking at this statistic. On one hand, you could argue that it’s the amount of media a girl consumes leads to her poor self-esteem and fuels her eating disorder. On the other hand, you could argue that her eating disorder encourages her to isolate which leads to TV watching. I can’t see which side has more points on the score board, they both seem to be losing teams. What I do know is whether or not you struggle with an eating disorder, the world is lacking TRUE BEAUTY and  desperately needs your TRUE BEAUTY in it! But, here’s the catch: your TRUE BEAUTY can’t  be shared if you can’t recognize it. So, what is your TRUE BEAUTY? Not sure? No sweat – I didn’t know for awhile either. TRUE BEAUTY is what you’re passionate about, it’s what gets you excited, smiling and your heart pumping. Some call it: “the desires of your heart.”

*To read the rest of this article please visit the following link: http://www.lifestyleandcharity.com/2011/09/discover-true-beauty/

Posted: Sep 27, 2011


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Some of Rewrite Beautiful's dearest friend's are ever/after, a premium lifestyle clothing brand that donates 25% of the cost of your item to the cause of your choice. Choose a cause. Change the Story. Currently ever/after is devoted to using 25% of their profits to changing children's lives through three charities and their kindness has paid off because they are now being carried by Barneys New York ! Such a milestone for both companies! We love how ever/after uses Creativity, Kindness and Strength in all aspects of their business and we love that Barney's New York recognizes what a outstanding brand ever/after is and will be sharing them with all of their patrons!

Check out www.everafterclothing.com for their Fall styles! We already picked up some sweatshirts for ourselves and some baby clothes for our expecting friends from Sleepy Dreamer!

Posted: Aug 30, 2011


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Come to the TELEIOS Art Show on July 30th and get a BEAUTIFUL T-Shirt!

Facebook Invite below:


See ya soon!

Posted: Jun 24, 2011


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“The pleasure of love is in loving. We are happier in the passion we feel than in that we arouse.”

– Duc de la Rochefoucauld

 Happy Valentines Day Beautifuls! This one is for all of you CREATIVE girls out there who are being BEAUTIFUL today with your creativity. My friend Carolyn made love for everyone in our office today (not like that pervert) she made a little Valentine goodie bag full of cheesecake, macaroons, chocolate and love quotes. The place was filled with ooohs, ahhs, sugar highs and good juju. My favorite part was the back of the bags that said, “Handcrafted with love by Carolyn.” Even though everyone in our office loved the goodies Carolyn made I think she loved giving them out just as much. There is something profound that happens when we genuinely give to others. Not out of of obligation, but simply out of , "Hey I think you're cool! I had some time and wanted to be creative so here you go! Happy Valentine's Day! I love ya!" Knowing that you made people feel love just by being yourself, always makes me feel pretty smokin' beautiful! Whether it be with a hug, a smile, a phone call cookies or chocolate I hope you participate in creating and being BEAUTIFUL today!  xoxo

Posted: Feb 14, 2011


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I get paid to talk, read, write and twitter. I know, I can hardly believe it myself. I consider myself a glorified Jr.High Schooler who gets paid to pass notes during class. On top of that the only rules I have are:

1.) Stick to the topic

2.) Make it sassy

3.) Keep it classy

I actually made up those rules myself. Why? Because after roaming planet earth for awhile I have learned that if given enough freedom I tend to be a rebellious brat. If I don’t have guidelines in place my own agenda takes precedent over my work. I’ll start writing about politics, religion and sharing my personal theories about men who wear skinny jeans. Making guidelines for yourself is something that you learn to do after you  have hopped, skipped, tripped, fallen flat on your face and had your boss call you into his office and ask you to “Shut the door, dear.”  I imagine that Kenneth Tong is sitting in the ‘Bosses office’ right now. If you’re not aware, Tong is the dude who started the Twitter controversy last week. He said he had come up with a weight-loss program that appeared to revolve around a mysterious Size Zero pill of his own devising. To publicize his pill he started posting tweets promoting managed anorexia. Some of his comments were

"Get thin or die trying." "You have eaten enough for a lifetime. Stop. You are disgusting." "No food tastes as good as thin feels." "Go look in the mirror and hate yourself

As you can imagine, his shallow sonnets made him quite the celebrity on Twitter. He even got some anti-fan mail from the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry. Considering I’m ‘The’ Rewrite Beautiful blogger you’d think I would have joined the ranks of haters and celebrities throwing tomatoes and insults at Tong’s lower body parts. Quite the contrary, I didn’t. Cause on this side of the laptop, all of that energy toward this one little man just looked pointless. I saw a lot of people screaming about the problem (Tong), but no one really doing anything to HELP the problem (Tong.) Tong ended up admitting that the Size Zero Pill and all of his tweets are nothing less than a publicity stunt (sounds like somebody is beggin’ for some love and attention.) He bet a friend he could make himself world renown in less than a weeks time. Well, he did it.  

In my humble opinion I think hating someone just brews more hate. I think Tong is just like you and I. He just wants to be loved and recognized. The kid only knows how to get what he wants by being malicious. I think he is beautiful guy; he just doesn’t know it. So I have taken the liberty to tell him and you too through some Street Art. Let’s examine how Kenneth Tong fits the Rewrite Beautiful criteria of Beauty.


He’s CREATIVE – Some of his phrases promoting managed Anorexia were pretty catchy and bold. Sounds like someone could channel that creativity into some awesome PR campaigns for I don’t know, bringing help to abandoned babies in Africa?


He’s KIND- Even though his commments triggered a lot of people with eating disorders he also brought eating disorders into the media. He also gave a huge donation to B.E.A.T. as an apology. Why not give one to Rewrite Beautiful ? Suddle, is overrated.


He’s STRONG -  The boy has gumption. He obviously has enough courage and tenacity to get his name out there. Why not use some of those guts and bring glory to some non-profits that need help like International Princess Project?  

 I put the Street Art by the bike racks near Ensign Jr. High School. I hope when the teens see it and remember Kenneth Tong they won’t start a facebook page called Kenneth Tong Should be Shot. Instead, I hope they think of someone they know that has made a lot of mistakes. Someone they know that has tripped and fallen many times. I hope that they too Rewrite Beautiful for them. I hope that between locking up their bike and silencing their cell phone they just might for a second remember that we are all Creative, Kind and Strong. We just don't all know how to see it. (I personally find spray paint and wood to be quite helpful.)  

Posted: Jan 20, 2011


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