I have a love/hate your guts relationship with you female musicians. On the left coast I love your insanely beautiful creativity. Your ability to make me laugh, cry and look deeper at life all in one album is worth sitting in L.A. traffic for 2 hours and paying for a $80 parking ticket. Zoning…ugh…[I have a blog commin’ for you too Antonio Villaraigosa. It’s called: “Save LA! Build a Subway dammit!”] Sorry for the profanity squeakers…anyway, what I don’t fancy about you female musicians is how you forfeit your creativity when it comes to music videos. I have plans to get all Inspector Gadget and sneak into Jive Records and see the ACTUAL rule book that states, “All female musicians under age 35 must make soft porn music video using 2 gallons of baby oil.” Okay, I’ll give them some slack, they’re beautifully filmed. Stellar videography. Cute kids, hot boys, sexy girls and impressive sexual inuendos that result in actually doing 'it.' P.S. It's not inuendo if you do 'it.' But peeps, I hate to break it to ya, but it’s gettin’ old along with the STD epidemic. Is it too much to ask that everyone hit pause, grab non-fat latte, get some creative and crazy minds together and ‘think-tank’ us somethin’ a little more original with a little less baby oil and bronzer? (By the way I get off of my day job at 1pm Pacific Standard time, just in case you need me.)

 In case you’re still not convinced this will actually make the 7 figures that soft porn makes, you might want to check out exhibit a -  Caitlin Crosby. Homegirl is a phenomenal musician AND human being. Caitlin is using her celebrity to ask people to love their flaws. She is also the founder of www.loveyourflawz.com Check out her music video below. It looks like the kiddo’s like her too. Who knew kids would dig kindness and creativity? Shocker! My favorite is the dude with the sign that says, “I wasn’t aware I had any flaws.” Hottie! Yes, I just said ‘Hottie’. We as in ‘I’ have declared today national “Party like it’s 1999 Day.” Dope, I know.

Posted: Jan 15, 2011


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Thought for the day: When I was in recovery a mentor of mine told me to say an affirmation to myself... "I'm not everything, I'm enough." I didn't understand it at first and thought it was a little too New Age and hippie for me, but I took her direction....as time went on I realized... "I'm not always the most physically attractive girl in the room, but I am the most attractive ME that was ever created..... I don't always know the wittiest thing to say... but I have a voice and I use it..... I may not be liked by every girl/guy I meet.... but I think I'm pretty freakin' strong and at the end of the day I really like the courage I have to be ME.... I hope we all remember today that our value doesn't lie in being other peoples EVERYTHING...that we're ENOUGH as we are... the same way a baby is ENOUGH as she sleeps in her crib. I love you Dudettes and Dudes! Happy Friday! xoxo

Posted: Aug 20, 2010


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We all know that we are created EQUAL; i.e. head, arms, legs, blood, heart, brain.

But, are we all created BEAUTIFUL?

I have always found it interesting the people I choose to sip roasted coffee beans with… they are always interesting, creative and know how to push my latte buttons. Which usually turns into some great blogs; so for that sake I think I’ll keep them around ;)

 So the other day a friend says to me, “Ya know Irvina, some people just aren’t beautiful. They aren’t physically beautiful or even internally beautiful. There are people who are simply cruel and ugly. What are you going to do when you go into a school and ask the kids to Rewrite Beautiful for the girl who bullies everyone and constantly causes chaos and pain?”

 I think this is a great question. I think the answer comes down to where we teach kids BEAUTY comes from… as in WHO created beauty?

Our very first value here at Rewrite Beautiful is: ARTISTRY: We believe every girl is a priceless piece of artwork created for a purpose. (not just the pretty ones who volunteer, not the cute ones who are sassy and funny, but also the ones who are angry, vulgar and have gnarly eating disorders that they are active in.)

Now, that may sound good on paper, but I won’t lie sometimes people are rude, hurtful, inconsiderate and I personally would rather not deal with them. When I get frustrated and emotional I have to go back to what I believe is true: That EVERY girl is priceless piece of art and created for a purpose. (Thank God for the frontal lobe!) 

 This concept works for me because I too am a creator. I’m an artist, writer and founder. From the time I was a little girl I have loved to create things. I had some great parents who encouraged the unique things I made even if it meant taste testing a cake that had the consistency of a cookie, allowing me to freehand paint on the furniture or nearly having a heart attack when I created an “elevator” with a sheet and some rope and tried to lower my little sister from the second floor of our house to the ground floor. I was definitely scolded a lot as a kid, but not for my creativity. To this day there is a delight and a sense of pride that I can sense from my family over the things I create. (Even when I write articles about the matters of sex, love and God that make them sweat.) I would imagine as parents they might think, “She’s precious…a little crazy, but precious…. and I think she’s onto something here… lets see where it goes.”

 I try to look at ALL people (even the mean ones) with the idea that “Someone (who I think is God) created this person for a purpose… in fact… a BEAUTIFUL purpose… knowing that I try to think, “Maybe God’s on to something here…let’s see where it goes.”  I’ll tell you as an artist, I create things out of love. I want to share them. They may not always be pretty or even good, but it’s out of my love for my friends and family that I make them and choose to share them. I think if I apply this thought of creativity to people than yes, they can ALL be created BEAUTIFUL. Yes, they may be cruel at times, but are they being truly cruel or are they just being STRONG and protecting themselves from getting hurt? They may be dishonest and steal things; does that make them a “bad person” or are they maybe a person with DREAMS and aspirations that are perhaps stifled by their current situation. They may be cold, distant and angry, does that make them an “ugly person” or maybe just a SENSITIVE person who has been wounded deeply.

I think that if we went into a school and met a kid who maybe didn’t “act” beautiful or “appear” beautiful that we could find their beauty. We could point it out to them and I think it perhaps could help them see themselves as they were created: BEAUTFIUL.

 What a far out concept huh? Even ugly, angry and evil people are beautiful! You think maybe I lost some brain cells with the accumulation of spray can fumes over the years? Nah!  You want to know something even more far out? Tonight (or today) I was watching the meteor shower in my backyard. I’m a sucker for a shooting star! I was sitting in the dark, on the concrete in my robe waiting for something to happen…. Nothing….  Nothing… Nothing… Nothing…. I started to think about my friends and my foes. People I love and people who frustrate me (No, Obama didn’t make the list… sorry conservative peeps)  I have been taught by a very wonderful and BEAUTIFUL woman I know named CT that when I am frustrated with someone I should pray for them. Pray for blessings on them of love, prosperity and peace. As I started to pray I saw a meteor shoot straight through the dark sky. It made me jump. I felt that feeling you get when you are told a really exciting secret. Kind of like when a guy tells you that he’s going to propose to your friend and he needs your help. In that very moment you accumulate all the struggle and pain your friend has been through their entire life and then see the amazing guy who is going to surprise her and make it all make sense.

 I hope that as I work on Rewrite Beautiful and as you guys join in the ranks of the revolution that we see the darkness, but have the patience to see the miracles…aka the BEAUTY…. I have found in many confusing and cold circumstances that we truly are all BEAUTIFUL and created for a purpose…a purpose that is sometimes surprising!



Posted: Aug 13, 2010


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Good morning BEAUTIFUL! It's a good thing I'm a "Sunrise" kinda girl! Cause there's no better time to put up Rewrite Beautiful Street Art up for the public to see. In between tying art in the tree in front of the Gypsy Den and clarifying with the waiters there that "technically" (proud lawyer friends?) the tree is not on Gypsy Den property therefore they don't have to regulate on my revolutionary self.... I met Jerry.

Jerry's opener was, “Hey I like your art”

I said, “Oh... thank you! What do you think when you see it?”

He said, “I think of strong women.”

I then asked, “Do you think strong equals beautiful?”

And he said, “No, I think sometimes women use their strength to hurt men and that's not beautiful. But, I have this friend she may not be beautiful on the outside, but she is the most beautiful person I have ever met.”

After hearing Jerry's opinions I asked him if it was okay if I videoed him for our blog. He agreed and here it is. I think Jerry has some very insightful and truthful perspectives on the beauty of women. It's always interesting to hear others perspectives of beauty. *Just a little FYI: There is some stuff that Jerry says like“she wasn't physically beautiful” For the record Rewrite Beautiful doesn't believe beauty is in the physical. These are Jerry's opinions and we think he's on to something!

Enjoy the conversation....and be sure to leave your comments and your opinions in the comment section below...now... “What makes a woman BEAUTIFUL?” Without further ado Jerry, from the Santa Ana Artist’s Village.

Posted: Aug 8, 2010


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Brooke is BEAUTIFUL and BRAVE!

Hellllllllllllo BEAUTIFUL! Happy Saturday kiddo's! I'm gonna take a step off the soap box today and introduce you to a BEAUTIFUL and BRAVE girl I know named Brooke. Brooke is what I like to call an “undercover Queen.” She is poised, classy, mellow and has an inner strength that she doesn't flash around to intimidate others, but instead quietly uses it to help her friends see their own beauty and strength. It's funny, I'm supposed to be Brooke's mentor, meaning I get excuses to go drink Chai Latte's at Alta with her, walk the beach and pet all the dogs walking by. But, more often than not I feel that Brooke teaches me more than I could have ever taught her. For instance the other day I was walking out of the doctor's office and opened a text from Brooke that said, “ It appears that as fashion models and media images of women have gotten smaller, adolescent girls have become unhappier. Today only 15% of teenage girls feels happy the ways she is. Compared to 29% just 10 years earlier. Booooooooo Society”

I laughed and said, “Sounds like you have something to say Missy! How about you blog for Rewrite Beautiful this week?” and the girl wrote up a blog in like an hour...I couldn't be prouder of my "Brookie Brookersons!" I think it takes a BRAVE person to stand up for what is right and to say what they want the world to look like even when every magazine, TV show and porn-o are saying the opposite. I hope you get a little educated on what she has to say about beauty and what you can do to change society.

You're BEAUTIFUL! - Irvina


By: Brooke Constable

"Every society has a way of torturing its women, whether by binding
their feet or by sticking them into whalebone corsets. What
contemporary American culture has come up with is designer jeans."
—Joel Yager, M.D.

I was studying for my Clinical Child Psychology final and came across
an interesting few sentences in one of my chapters: "It appears that
as fashion models and media images of women have gotten smaller,
adolescent girls have become unhappier.” Today, only 15% of teenage
girls feel happy about the way she looks compared to 29% just 10 years

What has changed??? Did our mothers experience less body
dissatisfaction than the young ladies today? All through history, the
dominant political climate and cultural standards always have shaped
the public’s view of the ideal female body type. However, today’s
culture is unique in that the media (TV, Internet, movies, and print)
has a far more powerful presence than ever before.
There is so much media battling us, we can use our own media and art
to ‘fight back!’ We can ‘Rewrite Beautiful’ with our peers and
influence the culture we live in. BEAUTIFUL is defined by our culture,
and WE make our culture.

Recent work has used the Tripartite Influence Model (Keery, van den
Berg, & Thompson, 2004; Shroff & Thompson, 2006), to propose that
peers, parents, and media are the main sources of influence
surrounding body dissatisfaction and disturbed eating
. Also, social
reinforcement theory (Thompson & Stice, 2001), suggests that the
values and standards regarding appearance are determined and
perpetuated by neighboring or proximate, peers who reinforce the thin
ideal promoted by the media. And yes, though correlation does not
equal causation, many studies are showing high correlation with media
exposure and perceptions of the thin ideal. Coincidence? I think

How can we battle this??? Well, I’ve dug up my old research proposals
that looked into body dissatisfaction and social support, and found an
overwhelming number of studies that support the idea that girls with
high levels of social support tend to experience less body
dissatisfaction. So, hang with some buddies!!! Join groups!

Hang with girls who are POSITIVE, CREATIVE, KIND and STRONG!

But beware: surround yourself with women who do not judge their bodies,
are overly competitive, perfectionist, and media obsessed; that can
feed into high body dissatisfaction.

I know we all fall somewhere on the dimension of self-obsession from
time-to-time (hey, it’s the nature of the disease), but when we can
get ‘out of self’ and with others we are less likely to view ourselves
on appearance alone. As women, we are relational creatures and we can
create a good deal of self-esteem from our interactions with others
and our relationships. I guess that idea of ‘feeling a part of’ is
critical to our happiness. Why do you think so many of us need our
daily dose of 12 step meetings?
We can “feel a part of” and create positive media with Rewrite
Beautiful Street Art. Give rise to your own Rewrite Beautiful Street
somewhere noticeable in your community, take a picture of it, and
send it to us via e-mail at RewriteBeautiful@gmail.com

Beauty doesn’t stand alone!


Posted: Jul 31, 2010


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I remember when the Haiti earthquake hit the news. The pictures on CNN of a city that looked like lost ruins. The terror, the look of fear in children who were hungry and thirsty. Images and stories are powerful. I think most of us see people in pain and feel compelled to do something, anything to just make it stop. I remember a holiday where my 11 month old niece Kelsey was crying and my 2 year old nephew Greg heard her. He put down his toy truck and walked right in front of her and hugged her until she stopped. But, what if you give someone a hug and they simply don't feel it? They are so deep in their pain that they can't feel your love standing right there for them? What do you do?

 Here at Rewrite Beautiful I get the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing and passionate men and women. People who want to see BEAUTIFUL restored to it's true meaning of creativity, kindness and strength. But, in meeting those people I also hear their stories, stories about women experiencing heart failure from their Eating Disorder, but still going to the gym. Stories about men who feel their abs aren't ripped enough to pull a date. Anxiety and depression in teenage girls over their fear of not being “beautiful”so they lock themselves in their rooms all summer. I feel as if I am experiencing the terror of the Haiti Earthquake, but no body else is seeing it but me. I just want to make the pain stop, but the deeper I go into Rewrite Beautiful the more I realize how distorted BEAUTIFUL truly is...especially in the dating world.

So the other night I was talking to a gal who told me she knew she wasn't going to get married because she was simply too fat and ugly. The next morning I met another gal for coffee who told me, “I feel like men find me physically BEAUTIFUL, but I'm not sure they find my personality BEAUTIFUL. I am just too much, too confident and too STRONG. My mom says I need to be more 'delicate' ” I could feel my jaw drop when she said, “TOO STRONG” I asked her, “But, don't you think all of those attributes make you BEAUTIFUL. Don't you think that the right guy will see those traits and think. 'wow shes amazing!' does that ever cross your mind?” And she replied, “No.” And she looked away from me with tears in her eyes.

 So if you're trackin' with me, both of these girls think that they aren't BEAUTIFUL physically or even in their personality; which is kinda scary considering the classic, “Well he/she has a great personality!” I guess we're so warped that you're personality isn't even good enough to validate you as a human being? Call me crazy, (most people do) but I have a vision where we live in a world where girls don't gauge how BEAUTIFUL they are based on someone else's interpretation; they see themselves as BEAUTIFUL based on their creativity, kindness and strength.

 The truth is I “get” these girls. I've been there. I know what it feels like to think “I'm too fat and I'm too strong” and the only “logical” answer I ever found to that was “Okay just starve and be quiet.” But, her the catch... I love food and my family will tell you that I was born with a good set of lungs and opinions. So basically I was miserable ACTING “beautiful”. Like the rest of the 99.9% of the girls in the world I would like to get married and according to statistics I most likely will. But, just for the fun of it lets just say there isn't a guy on the face of the earth who wants to take me home to meet his mama. How would you suggest I live the rest of my life?

 Exhibit A: Should I go through life questioning myself, “Maybe I'm too fat, maybe I'm too strong, maybe if I change my hair, maybe I should buy that dress, THEN he will like me”

 or should I...

Exhibit B: (As in Exhibit BEAUTIFUL) Step outside, look at the world around me and say, “Ya know what I was created for a reason. With this hair, these eyes, this butt, this waist, this brain, this mouth and this heart. Instead of arguing with the sky about how I turned out I am going to choose to call every aspect of me BEAUTIFUL, because I am.”

 So how exactly do we get people to Exhibit: BEAUTIFUL? I think it's with hugs. Let me explain... I used to work at an Eating Disorder rehab. For those of you who don't know, girls very deep in their Eating Disorders are incredibly sensitive and at times...cruel. One moment they love you and you are their savior, the next moment they are calling their parents trying to get you fired for not allowing them their cell phone. The bottom line is, they aren't who they were created to be. It was my job as a staff member to remind them of who they are. How I did that was at the beginning and end of every shift I would give them a hug... if they made me a painting for my room they got a hug and if they cussed me out they still got a hug. On the days they cussed me out they would get confused and say, “Why do you want to give me a hug? Don't you hate me yet?” And I would reply, “No.. I don't hate you. Because it's not you who does mean things, it's your Eating Disorder. I know you're in there somewhere. I see glimpses of you and I love you.”

 I think that there is someone YOU KNOW that could use a hug. They need you to hug them and tell them, “I know you don't see yourself accurately... But I see you and you're BEAUTIFUL... because you are creative, kind and strong.” The world is BEAUTIFUL and it's painful it's our choice to decide which side we play on. Tell her she's BEAUTIFUL! Go Team!






Posted: Jul 28, 2010


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What happens when a mommy named “Art” and a daddy named “Political Activism” have a baby?

They name her, “Artivism!” ( Witty eh? I'm cute and you know it!)

Jasmine is BEAUTIFUL!

 Artivism is the expression of Political Activism through an artistic medium. My friend Jasmine is BEAUTIFUL because she uses Artivism to open young minds to the circumstances around the world. Jasmine and I work together as “People Sculptors” or in laymans terms “Teachers”. Something that I have always thought is BEAUTIFUL about Jasmine is that she cares deeply about getting to know the back story on ALL the people she works with. Whether or not it's the name of a 3 year old's dog or the details of what it's like building an igloo in Alaska. Jasmine treats everyone's story with value. I wonder if maybe it's because she has experienced a rather turbulent life so far herself?

 Jasmine was born in Iran amidst the turbulences of the Islamic Revolution. Her childhood is full of memories from a war zone. Eventually her family escaped from Iran and sought political asylum in Germany. Growing up in Germany, she experienced racial discrimination and ostracism in many forms.

 The beauty of this story is that Jasmine has taken her traumatic experience and used it in an artistic way. Through her art she has told the story about the reinforcement of Child Soldiers in Iran, the oppression of Iranian women under the Burqa and the affects of a war zone on a child. Jasmine is BEAUTIFUL because she is BRAVE enough to talk about her experience, CREATIVE enough to give her art relevance and CONFIDENT enough to say, “You may not like what I have to say, but I deserve to be heard.”

 I believe we ALL have something BEAUTIFUL to say. But, first we have to believe we are BEAUTIFUL before we can say it. I encourage anyone who reads this to notice the girls around you today/tonight.... look for the BEAUTIFUL attributes in them and say, “Dudette! You're bravery makes you BEAUTIFUL!” “You're CONFIDENCE makes you BEAUTIFUL!” You will be doing her (and the world) a lot of good...trust me.

To see more of Jasmine's Artivism visit Jasmine Khademi Art on Facebook.

Jasmine Khademi Art

Posted: Jul 20, 2010


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Happy Monday BEAUTIFULS! We're "Back to work!" as my friend Milan from Furniture From Home would say; and continuing our blog series on "Question: What is BEAUTIFUL? Answer: Creativity." We have asked the question "If  BEAUTIFUL can't be found in the size of your jeans where is it? One of our many answers is in your CREATIVITY" Creativity has many facets and we're exploring them here.  

Rebecca is BEAUTIFUL!

Today is Day 5 and today our BEAUTIFUL Creativity is found in DREAMING. I saw Inception this weekend, it was mind blowing to say the least. It brought up so many questions, thoughts and inspiration. One being about the sub-conscious. Now, I'm a creative person and familiar with bursts of creativity that happen while taking bubble baths and waiting at a red light, but there is something about dreaming that provides more psychedelic visions than any workshop or Allison Wonderland mushroom could provide. I often have dreams about art that is so eclectic, intricate and far-out that I don't even know where to start to create it... so it stays locked in my dreams (and my dream journal) But, there are those people who have BEAUTIFUL artistic dreams and try their best to make them a REALITY. Those people are like my friend Rebecca from Sleepy Dreamer.

Sleepy Dreamer Creations

Rebecca is BEAUTIFUL because she is not only CREATIVE but she is a DREAMER. Now one might ask, where is the BEAUTY in dreaming? We all do that. Yes, but not all of us pursue our dreams the way Rebecca does. Rebecca hosts a blog called Sleepy Dreamer where she posts creative creations that are as random as her dreams. Wedding dresses, necklaces and photo shoots are some of them. But, what I think is the most BEAUTIFUL thing about Rebecca is her honesty about the frustration from being  a dreamer. She is honest that she doesn't know where all of these dreams and creative endeavors are taking her, yet she still tries.

Sleepy Dreamer Creations

A very common theme for girls with Eating Disorders is, "If I can't win, I won't play." In other words, "If I can't be the best, than why even try." This perfectionism leaves a lot of girls simply in the dark. We celebrate Rebecca's BEAUTY because she takes risks, she doesn't claim to be perfect or to be the best, she simply states that she is a Dreamer, “ She loves to sleep. She lives to dream." Rebecca is what we consider BEAUTIFUL, honest, genuine, creative and a risk taker. 

Posted: Jul 19, 2010


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Day 4 of  our series "Beautiful is Creativity". Today CREATIVITY is ROCKIN' CHOREOGRAPHY! I think of dancers alot like teachers, totally vital to the growth of the exploration of the world and deserving of a whole lot more cha-ching $$$. I mean dancers bring vibrant messages of peace, equality, pain, struggle, triumph and joy to life by quite literally giving it tangible arms, feet and heart.

Of course those messages would never come to life had a choreographer not scripted and pounded away the hours to get the arm's sharp and the plies right! Choreographers have the BEAUTIFUL job of not only giving a voice to the message behind the dancing, but they give the dancers an opportunity to use their creative BEAUTY in a collaborative and fulfilling ways.


One of my favorite choreographers is the BEAUTIFUL, Shawn Vitale.  Shawn and I were cheerleaders together in high school. While she went back and forth with our coach  busting out some seriously edgy dance moves, I preferred to hang out in "Gallery Irvina".... AKA, " in my head" sketching artsy and way too elaborate posters for football games.... meaning Shawn ended up with the job of re-teaching me all the dance moves I got in trouble for not paying attention to or memorizing. Low and behold, today I'm an Art Teacher and Shawn is a Professional Dancer and Choreographer. Shawn is actually in Detroit right now filming Harold and Kumar 3. She is a dancer in the movie. When she's not filming movies, Shawn is still helping teenage girls learn some killer moves and see themselves as BEAUTIFUL by discovering how BEAUTIFUL  the traits of HARD WORK, PERSERVERANCE and COMMITMENT are.  

Here is one of Shawn's BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME pieces of choreography called Freak Show that she taught to a group of her teenage students for a dance competition. I absolutely just LOVE this amazingly rockin' and BEAUTIFUL choreography! *Now I have to tell all you "Parental Units" out there that the word "Sexy" is in this video below (cue GASP!) Yes Sexy, Sexy, Sexy, Sexy! If you have a problem with seeing teenage girls dance to music with the word "Sexy" in it, I totally understand. I'm a Teacher and I'm way protective of my students and want to make sure they are learning things at an age appropriate time where they can process it. However, as a teacher I also know that today we live in a society where 12 year old girls want to be "Sexy". So instead of pointing blame at whose fault that is I ask that you take ownership of that fact and CHANGE how your daughter sees the word "Sexy". Is "Sexy" about wearing provocative clothes and flirting with boys? Or is "Sexy" about having confidence, sticking up for yourself and your friends, finding your own dress code and deciding what makes you BEAUTIFUL without asking for anyone's permission? Pretty deep thoughts for the opening of a dance performance eh? Think about it.. TALK about it and enjoy the show... 

Posted: Jul 15, 2010


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 Day 3 of Beautiful is CREATIVITY! I'm so glad I get to pick these posts cause my favorite form of Beautiful CREATIVITY is LAUGHTER! Laughter as an art form isn't easy. Almost anyone can make someone laugh at the expense of someone elses feelings...that ain't the kinda creative laughter I'm talking about. The laughter I am referencing to is people who whole heartily just have joy to share, can laugh at themselves and their circumstances and end up making you laugh in the process.

 Danielle is one of those people. Here we were having a very deep conversation about marriage. Cause you know that's what 20 Something's and 5 years old's tend to talk about when they hang out. Her response just made me laugh. Danielle is BEAUTIFUL because of her LAUGHTER!

Posted: Jul 15, 2010


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