REWRITE BEAUTIFUL LOVES this! Little girls aren't born believing their awesome and "Can do anything" they are taught it. Obviously someone has taken the time to show Jessica what matters and what doesn't.  What if Jessica continues to love herself through her teenage and adult years? How different will her choices be? How different will her life be? How different will her impact on society be? What if she lived her whole life believing in herself and never questioned if she should look like someone else? This gets us so amped to teach REWRITE BEAUTIFUL in schools to girls who haven't had the opportunity to hear "You're Awesome! Just the way you are!" Thank you sweet Rebecca one of our favorite REWRITE BEAUTIFUL supporters from Sleepy Dreamer Designs who emailed me this video!

Posted: May 18, 2010


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Yesterday, I was preventing Eating Disorders by having a meeting with a some very cool peeps when one of them said, “What is street art? It’s like chalk on the sidewalk right?” I thought maybe some other dudes and dudettes might be a tad confused too so I thought I’d give ya’ll the lowdown...

 Street Art: Is the art formerly known as: Any kind of art someone creates and leaves in a public place for people to see and enjoy.

 Street Art can be chalk on a sidewalk....

 Street Art can be Paper on an Apartment Building (that turns out to be a game that looks like Pac Man)...

Street Artist: Katie Sokoler

 Street Art can be paint on the sidewalk (that turns into a cartoon)...

Street Art from Japan

 Street Art can be painting on buildings...

Street Artist: Banksy

Street Artist: Banksy

 Street Art can be graffiti....

Street Artist: Dutch Masters

 The controversial thing about Street Art is that it goes against the grain of what we are taught to think "art" is.  In the art world you are considered to be successful if everyone knows your name, your art hangs in a gallery and is appraised for thousands if not millions of dollars. Street Artist stand for the opposite. They believe they don’t have to wait to be accepted into a museum to be considered a real artist. They don’t have to have a curator appraise their works value. They create art for the purpose of sharing it with the public. Plus, they charge no admission price and you can eat ice cream when you look at the art. Heck yeah!

 The reason Street Art goes with REWRITE BEAUTIFUL is that when it comes to “Rewriting Beauty” we are also going against the grain. We believe that to be beautiful you don’t have to wait to look like a model in a magazine ad. To be beautiful you don’t have to be a certain size. To be beautiful you just have to look at yourself and see the beauty that’s already there. That’s why we are encouraging people to take a picture of a woman they believe is beautiful for who she is. Write down all the traits about her that make her beautiful and then post it in a public area. It’s an empowering way for all individuals to say, “We’re not waiting for you to say we’re beautiful, we’re saying it and putting it out there in physical form.”

Street Artist: "Sandrizzle Bizzle"

REWRITE BEAUTIFUL is preventing and stopping Eating Disorders. It is our hope that when people see REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Street Art they are inspired to also believe that a woman is beautiful because of who she is, who she loves and who she helps. Anorexia, Bulimia and Compulsive Overeating are horrific diseases that are showing up all over the world at alarming rates in girls as young as 5 years old. Be apart of CHANGING how women see beauty in themselves and REWRITE BEAUTIFUL. Click here to find out how.

 I hope this clears up any confusion anyone has on what street art is and for the record this is the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Mission Statement:

 REWRITE BEAUTIFUL doesn't care how you define art or beauty. Just because art isn't in a gallery doesn't mean it isn't valuable and just because a woman isn't in a magazine doesn't mean she isn't beautiful. We stop Eating Disorders with Street Art!

Posted: May 15, 2010


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Just listening to the lyrics of  Kimya Dawson's song "The Competions" has sent a icy wave of chills through the bodies of all those present at the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL headquarters. Everyone else is out getting hot cocoa to warm themselves and I'm bloggin'.... (I put in my order 10 mini marshmallows please!) I think all of us women who struggle with self worth, body image and eating disorders can relate to this song....esspecially the lyrics that say..."you're fat, ugly, and stupid, you should really be ashamed no one will ever like you you're not good at anything" Ouch! Right? Just like Kimya, a whole MILLIONS of women have been there. And much like Kimya who says "I got good at feeling bad and that's why I'm still here!" We got good at feeling bad and that's why we have chosen to REWRITE BEAUTIFUL! Join the CHANGE!


The Competition by Kimya Dawson

I never wanted to be better than my friends
I just wanted to prove wrong the people in my head
the ones who told me I'd be better of dead
the ones who told me that I would never win

when I delivered newspapers they said I was too slow
when I was a barista they said I made lousy foam
when I worked in retail they said I was a slob
much too dumb for school and much too lazy for a job

so I rode my bike like lightning
and I made cappuccinos that would make the angels sing
took two showers a day and I dressed up like a princess
shook my fist in my own face and said I'll show you who's the best

I wrote the kinds of papers teachers hang up on their walls
I was employee of the month at seven different shopping malls
and one time playing football I pulled the tendons in my leg
to prove that I was tough I hopped on one foot
and finished up the game

I thought if I succeeded I'd be happy and they'd go away
but first thing in the morning I'd still wake up and I'd hear them say
"you're fat, ugly, and stupid, you should really be ashamed
no one will ever like you you're not good at anything"

and sometimes I'd rise to the challenge
but other times I'd feel so bad that I could not get out of bed
and on the days I stayed in bed I sang and sang and sang
about how crappy I felt no realizing how many other people would relate

now people send me emails that say thanks for saying the things they didn't know how to say
and the people in my head still visit me sometimes
and they bring all of their friends but I don't mind
I play my guitar like lightning
when I sing I like it when you sing too loud and clear
different voices different tones all sayin' "yeah, we're not alone"
I got good at feeling bad and that's why I'm still here
I got good at feeling bad and that's why I'm still here
I got good at feeling bad and that's why I'm still here

Posted: May 8, 2010


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Painting Threads!

I was about to do some street art in my backyard when I looked down at myself. I thought, when it comes to creating art and REWRITING BEAUTIFUL you gotta feel comfortable...and nothing screams comfort to me more than Floral Pajama Pants and Neon Hip Hop kicks! Before I started painting I looked down at my bright ensemble and thought, "Wearing whatever feels comfortable to you...THATS BEAUTIFUL!"


Posted: May 2, 2010


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You take matters into your own hands :)

Rewriting how the world sees beauty in women.

We were chillin' in the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL "headquarters" this weekend talking about how badly we need a Graphic Designer. We already had the studly Ari Glick help us out with the script on our logo. Props to Ari! But, we still need to get some posters and ad's done to display. When a very ambitious brunette raised her pink colored pencil and offered to take a stab at it. When she was done she told us she felt a little self concious about the work she did, but we quickly reminded her the message behind REWRITE BEAUTIFUL..."rewriting beauty with art" .... as individuals we are taking back the power to decide what we think is beautiful, we don't need other people to agree with us. So we told our little Miss Brunette..."Your ad is beautiful and we love it! It's goin' on the site!"...Heres to steppin' up and being your beautiful self...no matter what you or your art looks like!

Ciao Bellas!  - REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Woman

Posted: Apr 6, 2010


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