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Last week, we were given the special opportunity to join University of California Irvine (UCI) Tri Delta sorority in their inspiring Fat Talk Free Week! We were able to reach out and share our mission to more than 500 women in the UCI Greek System! We were also delighted to host a street art workshop at the Tri Delta house where we embraced each woman’s CREATIVY, KINDNESS, and STRENGTH! It was a BEautiful success! Lots of education, tears, laughs and REWRITING! A big shout out to the women of UCI! We couldn't have asked for a better workshop! More pics of the workshop HERE!

Posted: Oct 24, 2012


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In early September, we had a fun Street Art Workshop called “Mirrored.” The purpose of our workshop was to show how our physical attributes give us the ability to perform positive actions in our daily lives, like how our EYES give us the ability to SEE the life surrounding us, how our LEGS give us the ability to MOVE forward, and how our ARMS give us the ability to EMBRACE one another. To fulfill the Rewrite Beautiful mission, we asked the participants to focus on how each chosen body part portrayed the qualities of CREATIVITY, KINDNESS, and STRENGTH.  We then hung up the Street Art at local Ensign Jr. High School in Newport Beach! To show the community how mirrors can reflect beauty in a different light! For more pictures of “Mirrored,” check out this link HERE


Posted: Sep 14, 2012


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Our Street Art Workshop on Sunday, Let Beauty Out Of The Box was bangin’!

The Street Art is now up in front of Bold Girlz in Costa Mesa, CA.

Thank you to Board Member, Robyn Baker for sharing her home with us!

More pics of the workshop and the art can be seen HERE!

Posted: May 9, 2012


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Street art gets me kinda excited

A few weeks ago I visited my little sister in New Orleans, Louisiana for Thankful Day. She's a crazy, cool and ambitious chick getting her Masters degree in counseling at Loyolla. I've been thinking about the fact that the two major cities she has chosen to live in, San Francisco and New Orleans are also leaders in the street art scene. I wonder if this laid back, brainiac  could be an undercover street artist, hiding under a black hoodie and combat boots while she wheat pastes on public property at 2 am with Banksy? If you see a resemblance of this woman on the right in the New Orleans area, up to some spray paint biz-nass please let me know. I would love to black mail her for some books and choice jewelry that would be much happier in my possession.

Have you seen this woman street arting'? Olive complexion, curly hair, 5 ft. 2 in., sassy yet still classy

So the street art scene of New Orleans! First of all you need to know that the whole town of New Orleans screams artsy. From musical street performing bands....

to bands in every bar, to street art and street art installations. The place is two -legit. Meaning, it’s totally normal to see the likes of a Banksy just hangin’ out on the street corner...

A real live Banksy in New Orleans folks!

I personally appreciated the apparent tangible ownership the public seemed to have of their little town. For better...

or for worse....


(On a side note, wouldn’t it be rad if someone started a project that purposely sought out graffiti artists and help them develop their art skills and connect them with public property to show their art on? Sound rad? You should do it! Just another little dream of mine.)

The Gray Ghost is a fellow who is on the street art scene but, isn’t a fan of  it. The Gray Ghost waits until the art admirers like you and I are gone and then attacks the art! Yes, this dude totally kills the art, suffocating it with gray paint. Total buzz kill.

Gray Ghost art suffocating

Cofession: I am the Gray Ghost - False. Confession - I am a dork - Ding! Ding! True!

One of the major street art highlights in New Orleans right now is The Music Box installation by the artist Swoon. I know! I love her too!

The project is a renovated cottage that is completely musical. You pretty much “play the house” the way you would “play a guitar”.

The house includes many of Swoon’s wheat pastes that she’s popular for

as well as some awesome random stray dogs and cats that are just chillin’ with the art. Animals have such good taste!

Here’s a video of me “playing the house”

Oh! And on my visit I developed a new medium of art with my family, I call it Shadow Love

I hope this post inspired you to go check out some art this weekend or maybe create some of your own!

Posted: Dec 14, 2011


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A few Saturday’s ago Rewrite Beautiful had the opportunity to go work with The Victorian – Eating Disorder Treatment and Sober Living by the Sea and work with the clients there. We brought a unique Street Art Project that the women would find relevant to their own lives and recovery. The ages of the women ranged from 18 to 40 so we took this opportunity to bust out some spray paint!

Lots of supplies!

We were joined by the lovely Janna Price, who shared her journey to eating disorder recovery earlier this year with the Orange County Register. In the workshop Janna shared her experience with an eating disorder and what the process of using art to ‘rewrite’ beautiful for herself means to her.

Workshop participant on floor and Janna Price on the right participating in our workshop

 We then transitioned into the workshop led by our Street Art Workshop Leader, Sunny Siu. (We love men who love to Rewrite Beautiful! Yeah!)

Sunny Siu, Street Art Workshop Leader

Sunny led the women in a creative exploration called, ‘Mind Mapping’. In the process the women had the opportunity to see how one thought can stem into another very quickly.  

Afterward we moved into the Street Art. The Street Art was an extension of the mind mapping the women started with, but shaped around this symbol:

These heart-feet icon symbolizes the journey to recovery or rewriting of beauty – it is a partnership that will be shared among trusted friends/family members and loved ones. Together, steps will be made, fear will be conquered, heart will be mended and love will amplify.

We provided 3, 6 foot by 3 foot wood panels for the women to explore their beliefs around BEAUTY, RECOVERY and VICTORY.




All of the women in the workshop suffered from some kind of addiction. Whether it was alcoholism, drugs or an eating disorder, but not everyone suffered from all of them. Being able to watch the women read each others writings and gain insight into another persons struggle was moving.

Workshop participant

Later we transitioned outside to allow the women to creatively express themselves with paint on the back of the panels.

Rewriting Beautiful on the back of the panels

To see the entire workshop please view the slideshow below:


This workshop was a huge success. We were able to Rewrite Beautiful with some very brave and courageous women in recovery. We thank them for letting us be apart of their journey. I would  like to give a very special thanks to our beautiful volunteers:

*April Burkhart * Janna Price * Robyn Baker * Sunny Siu *

BEAUTIFUL Volunteers: Robyn Baker, Janna Price, April Burkhart and Sunny Siu

We couldn’t have pulled off this workshop without you! Thank you for donating your BEAUTIFUL selves to this cause and helping to prevent and stop eating disorders!

Keepin’ it Beautiful,


Posted: Sep 25, 2011


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Street Artist's : Women's Pride

Rewrite Beautiful with volunteer CT, rocked the awesome Street Art Women’s Pride created at their Rewrite Beautiful Street Art Workshop. We displayed at The Santa Ana Artists District inSanta Ana,CA. The women created this art to embody their own visions of journeying from the dark, ugly, pain we believe we are (symbolized by the black silhouette covered in mud, dead leaves and rocks) into who we truly are; beautiful (the green silhouette with the heart and wings). Women’s Pride wanted people to participate in their Street Art and ‘Rewrite Beautiful’ themselves, so they added a line of small paper hearts joined between the two silhouettes. The hearts were to be used by viewers to write what they found beautiful in themselves. Results? Beautiful heart-tastic! Check it out….  

[gallery columns="2"]

Here's what some participants had to say...

Posted: Jun 6, 2011


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This past Saturday, Rewrite Beautiful went to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica to exhibit the Street Art Woman’s Pride created.

We came…

We helped rewrite….

We conquered….

Then the cops on bikes shut us down….


According to the Santa Monica PD us Street Art rebels need a permit for our oversized art. So then we did what any Street Artists would do, we then chained ourselves to our art and started a riot screaming, “Don’t arrest me because I’m BEAUTIFUL!” ….Jussssssssssst kidding...We thought about it though and then realized it would probably be harder to Rewrite Beautiful from jail…so instead we bit our tongues, cut the balloons and went around giving them to thankful little children (we made sure to tie it around their hands for anyone who is concerned about balloon pollution…Boo balllon pollution! Not beautiful!)

So, yes we had to shut her down. But, do not fear! We’ll soon be exhibiting some place near! With a permit in hand! You’ll be able to Rewrite Beautiful with us through out the land! Check back here for updates!

Since our day was cut short we cruised around the MOCA in LA and Little Tokyo. Got to see some fresh Street Art by some the greats.…





...more OBEY


...and of course some AMATEURS ;)

The day was cut short, but we suited up, we showed up, we learned and we pressed on… pretty Beautiful day if you ask us!

Keepin’ it Beautiful!


Posted: Apr 18, 2011


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Hey Beautiful Peeps!

Last Saturday we made some epic Rewrite Beautiful Street Art with a group of women called, Women’s Pride. Women’s Pride is a group of 9 women located in Los Angeles and Orange County, that have been together for over 15 years. They meet-up once a month for 5 hours and do a project that either enhances their lives or the lives of their community. Last Saturday they did BOTH because they brought Rewrite Beautiful in to do a Street Art Workshop with them!

Over the course of the workshop the women heard about the mission and vision of Rewrite Beatuiful from Creative Director + Founder, Irvina. They got to hear a touching and inspiring testimonial from Volunteer, Robyn, were led through a crazy-cool creative experience called Mind-Mapping by the uber talented teacher and Volunteer, Sunny and got to see one of their own, CT become the Paint-Master-V for Volunteer who gave the ladies some creative tools and skills with a sparkly, pink, not too magenta, less rosy paint on top!

The women were touched, inspired and made some gnarly Street Art that we will be showing this:

 Saturday, April 16th 2011

1pm to 5pm at the Santa Monica – 3rd Street Promenade

We don’t know where we’ll be exactly depending on who else is out on the Promenade, but here’s a hint *Be on the look out for two silhouettes, a green one, a black one, some balloons and some BEATUIFUL ladies!

Keepin’ it Beautiful!


Posted: Apr 13, 2011


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Once upon a time, in a land a $350 plane ticket away from here was big, loud and beautiful New York City. In that city lived a talented Street Artist named Color Me Katie.

Colore Me Katie!

Katie was known for making funny Street Art that left every observer either giggling or smiling.

Street Art by: Color Me Katie

Street Art by: Color Me Katie

Street Art by: Color Me Katie


Street Art by: Color Me Katie

Street Art by: Color Me Katie

 Eventually people started to ask Katie, “What inspires you to make such fun and happy art?” Katie’s answer, “Actually, I make happy art because a lot of people in my family suffer from depression. I know a lot of people here in New York feel really alone too. I just wanted to make something that would make people smile and happy.”




Katie creates LOVE


Meanwhile on the Left Coast of Route 66 was a rule breaking and loud Art Teacher who got in trouble more often than her students. One day after being kindly reprimanded for using the word “fornicate” around her students and using some special Project Runway skills on her work shirt that were against company code, she was looking for some art to lift her rebellious spirit. When she Googled upon Color Me Katie’s blog.

When the Art Teacher read why Katie created her art she thought about her own students who have trouble making art unless they are personally connected to it. The teacher thought it was silly to teach her students how to draw flowers if they didn’t even like flowers. So the teacher thought, “If Katies makes awesome art because she cares about people who are depressed, I wonder what my students care about?”

The teacher gathered all her students, told them about Color Me Katie. Why Katie made her art, the message she is trying to send to people and about Street Artists being people who try to send a powerful message through their art. The teacher then asked her students. “What message do you want to tell people through your art?” 

The students had a lot to say and create:

Some wanted to create a healthy planet! Yeah! Go Green!

Others wanted to create a safe place for kittys!

Some wanted to create acceptance of different cultures

Some wanted to create awareness to protect animals! Yeah!

Others wanted to create peace on earth!

...of course some just wanted The Angels to win....

...but overall everyone loved something!

Now before the students create anything they think about what they love, the message they are trying to send and THEN they create. Now they are connected to their art and enjoy the creating process a whole lot more. Kate is still making awesome Street Art in New York City. The Art Teacher is no longer an Art Teacher, she’s now a writer, laptops don’t have anything against the word “fornicate” they just ask that you spell it correctly.

The Artsy End.


1.)    What do you love?

2.)    What message do you want to share with others?

3.)    How could you share that message?

4.)    Do you the guts to make some Street Art? (The correct answer is YES!)

Posted: Mar 7, 2011


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I get paid to talk, read, write and twitter. I know, I can hardly believe it myself. I consider myself a glorified Jr.High Schooler who gets paid to pass notes during class. On top of that the only rules I have are:

1.) Stick to the topic

2.) Make it sassy

3.) Keep it classy

I actually made up those rules myself. Why? Because after roaming planet earth for awhile I have learned that if given enough freedom I tend to be a rebellious brat. If I don’t have guidelines in place my own agenda takes precedent over my work. I’ll start writing about politics, religion and sharing my personal theories about men who wear skinny jeans. Making guidelines for yourself is something that you learn to do after you  have hopped, skipped, tripped, fallen flat on your face and had your boss call you into his office and ask you to “Shut the door, dear.”  I imagine that Kenneth Tong is sitting in the ‘Bosses office’ right now. If you’re not aware, Tong is the dude who started the Twitter controversy last week. He said he had come up with a weight-loss program that appeared to revolve around a mysterious Size Zero pill of his own devising. To publicize his pill he started posting tweets promoting managed anorexia. Some of his comments were

"Get thin or die trying." "You have eaten enough for a lifetime. Stop. You are disgusting." "No food tastes as good as thin feels." "Go look in the mirror and hate yourself

As you can imagine, his shallow sonnets made him quite the celebrity on Twitter. He even got some anti-fan mail from the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry. Considering I’m ‘The’ Rewrite Beautiful blogger you’d think I would have joined the ranks of haters and celebrities throwing tomatoes and insults at Tong’s lower body parts. Quite the contrary, I didn’t. Cause on this side of the laptop, all of that energy toward this one little man just looked pointless. I saw a lot of people screaming about the problem (Tong), but no one really doing anything to HELP the problem (Tong.) Tong ended up admitting that the Size Zero Pill and all of his tweets are nothing less than a publicity stunt (sounds like somebody is beggin’ for some love and attention.) He bet a friend he could make himself world renown in less than a weeks time. Well, he did it.  

In my humble opinion I think hating someone just brews more hate. I think Tong is just like you and I. He just wants to be loved and recognized. The kid only knows how to get what he wants by being malicious. I think he is beautiful guy; he just doesn’t know it. So I have taken the liberty to tell him and you too through some Street Art. Let’s examine how Kenneth Tong fits the Rewrite Beautiful criteria of Beauty.


He’s CREATIVE – Some of his phrases promoting managed Anorexia were pretty catchy and bold. Sounds like someone could channel that creativity into some awesome PR campaigns for I don’t know, bringing help to abandoned babies in Africa?


He’s KIND- Even though his commments triggered a lot of people with eating disorders he also brought eating disorders into the media. He also gave a huge donation to B.E.A.T. as an apology. Why not give one to Rewrite Beautiful ? Suddle, is overrated.


He’s STRONG -  The boy has gumption. He obviously has enough courage and tenacity to get his name out there. Why not use some of those guts and bring glory to some non-profits that need help like International Princess Project?  

 I put the Street Art by the bike racks near Ensign Jr. High School. I hope when the teens see it and remember Kenneth Tong they won’t start a facebook page called Kenneth Tong Should be Shot. Instead, I hope they think of someone they know that has made a lot of mistakes. Someone they know that has tripped and fallen many times. I hope that they too Rewrite Beautiful for them. I hope that between locking up their bike and silencing their cell phone they just might for a second remember that we are all Creative, Kind and Strong. We just don't all know how to see it. (I personally find spray paint and wood to be quite helpful.)  

Posted: Jan 20, 2011


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