The Rewrite Beautiful Board of Directors is currently seeking a volunteer Public Relations / Special Events Manager! If you or anyone you know is savvy with P.R., marketing, and special events, please let them know about this opportunity! Thanks beautiful! 


The Public Relations (PR) / Special Events manager provides strategic press opportunities and community involvement in order to spread the Rewrite Beautiful message to a wider audience across the USA and beyond. The Public Relations / Special Events Manager will have a leaderships role in spreading the message and services of Rewrite Beautiful. This person will manage fundraising committee’s, PR Representatives and the Sponsorship Chair. The PR/ Special Events Manager will serve as a consultant to all departments of the organization. The PR/ Special Events Manager will join the Board of Directors as a key part of the leadership team and report directly to the Executive Director. 


  • LEAD the production of marketing programs and special events; including planning, logistics, and execution.
  • LEAD the production of direct marketing campaigns, client communications, advertising, sales tools, presentations, signage and development.
  • CREATE and/or update product marketing materials.
  • MANAGE marketing and client databases and mailing lists.
  • ATTEND networking events on behalf of Rewrite Beautiful. 
  • CREATE, MANAGE AND GROW professional presence across social media platforms, including, but not limited to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.
  • CREATE COPY for social media platforms. 
  • PREPARE marketing reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing sales data.
  • MANAGE promotional materials by coordinating with graphics department; inventorying stock; placing orders; verifying receipt.
  • BUILD partnerships with other brands and organizations. 
  • MEASURE brand awareness and recognition.                     
  • MANAGE Sponsorship Chair and PR Representative. 
  • ABIDE by the Rewrite Beautiful Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • RESPONDING to Rewrite Beautiful correspondences including email, phone and texts promptly within 7 days of the sent date.


  • COMMITMENT of two years of service. 
  • ATTEND bi-monthly board meetings.
  • ATTEND Rewrite Beautiful school program and art show.
  • HAVE AN INTEREST in for-purpose organizations, women empowerment and or mental health. 
  • BUDGET one to eight hours per week for Rewrite Beautiful related projects. 


  • EDUCATION of a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field. 
  • EXCELLENT analytical, quantitative, and problem-solving skills.
  • CLEARLY COMMUNICATE information; including, but not limited to oral and written communications and presentation skills.
  • STRONG project management skills.
  • SELF MOTIVATED to work well independently. 
  • GOOD ATTITUDE of a flexible, team-player.
  • EXCELLENT computer skills.
  • COMMITMENT to being a creative, kind and strong representative of Rewrite Beautiful. ** IF THERE IS HISTORY OF AN EATING DISORDER- two years of consistent eating disorder recovery ** COMMITMENT to maintain recovery / abstinence from eating disorder.


  • INVESTING directly into your campus by preventing eating disorders 
  • LEARNING about team collaboration, leadership and fundraising 
  • LEADERSHIP ROLE for resume 
  • VOLUNTEER position *unpaid*

To apply: Email Robyn at beautifulaction@RewriteBeautiful.org for an application. 

Posted: Jan 8, 2014


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Hello Beautiful friends!

The Rewrite Beautiful Board of Directors is currently seeking a Chief Financial Offcer! If you or anyone you know is savvy with accounting, finance and is passionate about preventing eating disorders through education let them know about this opportunity! Thanks beautiful! You're awesome!

Volunteer : Chief Financial Officer  

Rewrite Beautiful is located in Orange County, California and is a unique non-profit that creatively changes how girls see beauty in themselves for eating disorder prevention through education.

Rewrite Beautiful seeks a volunteer Chief Financial Officer (CFO), to provide strategic financial expertise and perspective in decisions which impact the mission, goals and direction of the organization, and the efficient and cost effective accounting and financial services to the entire organization. This person is a key part of the Executive and Leadership team and reports directly to the Board of Directors. The CFO will have primary responsibility for planning, directing, coordinating and supervising the fiscal operations under the direction of the Board of Directors. This person will serve as a consultant to all departments. The CFO joins a Board of Directors who model the values taught in the Rewrite Beautiful school programs including creativity, kindness and strength.

Responsibilities include:

  • Budgeting process that incorporates revenue and expense modeling, capital requirements, expense budgets tied to organizational needs and revenue streams.
  • Maintaining policies, procedures and systems for all accounting functions.
  • Preparing timely and accurate financial statements and accompanying reports.
  • Provides financial reports to Board of Directors.
  • Overseeing cash flow planning and ensuring availability of funds.
  • Monitoring and confirming financial condition by conducting internal audits.
  • Preparing annual budget and periodic re-forecasts.
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state and non-profit legal requirements.


  • Two year commitment.
  • Attend four Board Meetings a year. 
  • Attend Rewrite Beautiful school program, street art workshop and art show. 


  • Bachelor's degree in accounting or related field.
  • Experience in the non-profit 501c3 sector.
  • Knowledge of Quick Books and accounting practices in the state of California.
  • Exceptional written, oral, interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • The ability to effectively interface with the Board of Directors, staff, and clients.
  • Able to provide accurate and timely reports.
  • Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.
  • An interest in women’s issues and/or eating disorder prevention. 

Application Process: 


Posted: May 29, 2013


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We will be providing breakfast and give aways!

Email: GetInvolved@RewriteBeautiful.org for address!

Thank you for your support!

Posted: May 9, 2013


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On behalf of the 1,117 people we have shared the Rewrite Beautiful message with this year, we would like to say, we are so thankful for YOU! Check out this thank you video and update on what YOU made happen this year!




Posted: Nov 22, 2012


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One of our favorite things to do in OC is visit with friends at coffee shops. Lord Windsor is our new favorite spot! Not only does the place rip out some amazing coffee and have an uber relaxing, chill coffee house, but they are also the host of this years art show, PEITHO! Head over to Lord Windsor at 6pm for a coffee tasting!

Be sure to say hi to Wade and Lindsay, they are the creative, kind and strong owners of Lord Windsor.They have donated their space to us for the art show! The Windsors are definitely a couple to be seen in BEautiful action!  

Posted: Nov 19, 2012


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The only thing sweeter than sweets made with love are sweets made with love by TWINS! Hillary and Heidi are the women behind Twinfully Sweet, an adorable dessert catering company! Whether you need a cake, cake pops, cupcakes, mustache cookies or an entire dessert table of goodies, Twinfully Sweet knows their sweet stuff! We are so excited to bite into some of their goodies at our upcoming art show PEITHO! Thank you for your KIND donation Hillary and Heidi! We are so thankful that you are sharing your creativity with us! 

Posted: Nov 19, 2012


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We would like to thank The Victorian, eating disorder treatment of Newport Beach, CA for sponsoring our 2nd annual art show – PEITHO on November 29th at Lord Windsor in Long Beach, CA. Although Rewrite Beautiful is focused on prevention, we realize that there are still those who are struggling with an eating disorder. The Victorians professional staff and residential facility provides their clients with a “real-life experiential environment with the support and caring of an entire community.” If you or someone you know is currently struggling with an eating disorder we encourage you to inquire more HERE


Posted: Nov 19, 2012


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We had so much fun at Art Walk Laguna Beach! On the 1st Thursday of each month Laguna Beach gives the public an opportunity to parouse their art galleries and see the work of local OC artists. Local boutiques and restaurants stay open later also to welcome the public.

One of our new favorite stores, TAIM Boutique recently opened in the heart of Laguna Beach and donated 10% of the Grand Opening proceeds to Rewrite Beautiful. TAIM offers a variety of  clothing and accessories created for women ages 30 and up! In the words of TAIM, “Define yourself, refine your style!” For more information on our new friend check out this link HERE!  


Posted: Oct 5, 2012


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One of my favorite people in the whole wide world is the creative, friendly, girly, trend setter, 4 year old Ever. In just 4 years of life Ever has not only inspired the Rewrite Beautiful vision, but she also has inspired her parents to start ever/after. ever/after is a clothing line that gives 25% of each garment to the charity of your choice. If homegirl is doing this much at 4, who knows what she’s going to do at 14, 24 or 34, right?

That’s why her mom Christy and I decided to get this little empire builder on the right track of knowing what being beautiful is really about! Just from meeting new kids Ever has heard the clique message that being beautiful is being pretty, wearing your hair down, blah, blah, blah …So we decided the most fun, coolest way to teach her and her friends that beauty is really in your actions of creativity, kindness and strength was to give her a Rewrite Beautiful Birthday Party!

What I did was model the birthday party off of our Street Art Workshops. I brought some examples of what makes Cinderella beautiful. Yeah, Cinderella has great taste in shoes and chokers, but what make us love Cinderella is she was strong, kind, patient, faithful and a good sister!

I then pulled out a poster board of paper and had Ever sit on it.

I asked the kids, “If being strong makes Cinderella beautiful what makes Ever beautiful?

The kids all shouted out what made her beautiful,

“Ever is a good friend! “

“Ever shares!”

“Ever is funny!”

“Ever is good at art!”

I then wrote everything the kids said made Ever beautiful on her poster in oil pastel.

We had all the kids do this process and get the opportunity to hear what actions make each of them beautiful

(or in the boys cases, strong.)

Afterward we brought out the water color paint and encouraged the kids to get creative with their posters.

It is the sweetest thing to see kids for the first time grasp the concept of what truly makes us beautiful as people.

If you would like to host a Rewrite Beautiful Birthday Party for your child, we have some more fun ideas HERE! Be sure to email us pics of your party! As we love to hear how our message is spreading!

Have your kids already been given the wrong message of what makes them beautiful?

What are your methods to rewrite beautiful in your home?

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Posted: Jun 25, 2012


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Wedding season is officially here beautiful peeps! My two favorite things about weddings are:

  1. Watching friends who’ve been through epically bad dates, heart ache and drama finally find partners who bring out the best in them!  
  2. The dancing! I take pride starting conga lines at weddings! So if you see me at one, grab my hips and hold on! However, the newest wedding trend I have seen over the years is the change to the Money Dance! Traditionally the Money Dance was a dance where wedding guests “Paid” the bride or groom for a dance. The money is supposed to go to spending money for the newlyweds honeymoon. But, a new trend is on the block and that is announcing to your guests:

“Guests! Instead of doing the traditional Money Dance we have decided to instead do a Charity Dance. If you would like to pay for a dance with us the money we collect will be going to our favorite charity, Rewrite Beautiful.”

The coolest thing is one couple has already done it! Steve Baker and Robyn Baker a Rewrite Beautiful Board Member and Eating Disorder Activist made this same announcement at her own wedding and donated over $250 to Rewrite Beautiful afterward.

I love this creative twist to tradition! Not only does it allow the couple to tell their friends and family about their favorite charity (Rewrite Beautiful of course) but, it also allows their marriage to start out in the posture of being community minded.  Well done Steve and Robyn! You’ve started a beautiful trend!

If you would like to make a donation to Rewrite Beautiful please visit our DONATE page HERE.

What creative ways have you thought to highlight a charity at your wedding?

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Posted: Jun 25, 2012


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