Rewrite Beautiful Model


Rewrite Beautiful creatively changes how girls see beauty in themselves for eating disorder prevention through education. We equip girls to use their creative skills to positively impact their communities.


“Street artists believe just because their art doesn’t sit in a gallery, doesn’t mean it isn’t art. Equally, just because society claims beautiful is found in your appearance, doesn’t mean it is.”

Rewrite Beautiful is a revolution to redefine beauty as an ACTION. Beautiful actually has nothing to do with the way you LOOK; it has to do with the way you ACT. Beauty is found in your actions of creativity, kindness and strength displayed in your community. You can either go along with what everyone else thinks is beautiful, or you can be revolutionary and rewrite beautiful. Rewrite Beautiful supports this vision through School Programs, Street Art Workshops and Beautiful Action Clubs.

Our vision is to build a nation of revolutionary girls who don’t focus on their bodies. Instead, these girls focus on the gifts and talents they have been born with and figure out how to share those gifts with others. We want girls to focus on changing their communities instead of changing their bodies. Our vision is to see each and every girl say, “I’m beautiful, because I know I am creative, kind and strong. I don’t care what you think me or my body, because I know I am beautiful in a way that can never be changed.” These girls will feel so empowered that they will step out and utilize their creativity to pursue their passions. They will show kindness to their community because they first and foremost know how to be kind to themselves. Their strength will be seen in their authenticity to share both the dark and bright parts of their lives without shame, but with confidence in their resilience. These girls will lead the next generation of young women who also want to rewrite what we call beautiful.


Rewrite Beautiful primarily serves junior high, high school and college aged girls and young women, ages 10 to 30, annually across the United States. Our intended impact is to creatively change how girls see beauty in themselves for eating disorder prevention through education. Rewrite Beautiful Programs are based on the fact that eating disorders are both a mental illness and a social issue. Utilizing school programs, campus clubs and street art workshops, Rewrite Beautiful provides girls with eating disorder prevention and a creative alternative to see their beauty as actions of creativity, kindness and strength. We teach students the tools they need to be role models for the next generation of kids. We empower students to stop this disease in its tracks through their actions which shape our culture. Utilizing speakers, eating disorder survivors and mentors, Rewrite Beautiful has reached over 5,000 students since 2010.


Rewrite Beautiful Programs focus on education, prevention and empowerment. Our program goals include:

  • Improving students understanding of mental illness and addictions and in-turn removing the stigma that prevents those who struggle from reaching out for help.

  • Connecting students to the proper resources for help before the progressive disease of an eating disorder requires hospitalization.

  • Inspiring students to take an interest in academics and careers in the arts and sciences as a means to continue changing the stereotypical ideas of beauty into actions of creativity, kindness and strength.  

  • Understanding that no matter how young or old, each person is a role model to their community. What we say and do has an influence on our culture and to be mindful of our actions.

  • Avoiding the risky behaviors of an eating disorders that costs millions of dollars in treatment, resources and ultimately death.

  • Developing skills that will help them avoid other addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping and involvement in abusive relationships.

  • Setting goals for their own future that build on their strengths, talents and abilities.


After a Rewrite Beautiful School Program, our students as young as 10 years-old report:

  • Having a greater knowledge about the harm of eating disorders than before the program.

  • Feeling more confident in approaching a friend struggling with an eating disorder and connecting them with resources that can help.

  • Being able to name local eating disorder recovery resources.

  • Feeling more compassion for people struggling with mental health issues.

  • That mental health does not seem as taboo of a topic as it did before the program.

  • A change in their idea of what makes themselves and others beautiful.

Our Programs

School Programs


One in four women has an eating disorder. Eating disorders are the most deadly of all mental illnesses, and 95% of those who have eating disorders are  between the ages of 12 and 25. Rewrite Beautiful speaker, Irvina Kanarek, educates students on the harms of eating disorders and provides a creative alternative to seeing their beauty, emphasizing the importance of being role models to create positive change. Taking the students on a journey through her own personal struggles with an eating disorder, Irvina teaches the physical, mental and social impact of the disease. Irvina identifies the warning signs and creates an environment that removes the stigma of the disease with vulnerability and humor. Irvina empowers students with the tools to be role models to Rewrite Beautiful in their own community. Irvina educates her audience in an engaging, creative and fun way. The program includes the following:


  • Eating disorder and addiction education and prevention

  • Live eating disorder testimony

  • Dispelling myths and rumors about eating disorders

  • A creative approach to changing how students see beauty, showing how beauty are actions of creativity, kindness and strength

  • Beauty cards for all students

  • Wristbands for program participants


Beautiful Action Clubs


A Beautiful Action Club is a program which equips students to be the role models we teach them to be and to take the initiative to prevent eating disorders on their campus. This is a follow-up program to the Rewrite Beautiful School Program.The Beautiful Actionistas apply for membership on our website. After being approved, they are assigned a Beautiful Action Mentor and sent a Beautiful Action Kit which includes a handbook, club curriculum, t-shirt and wristbands to get started. The clubs meet weekly on campus and hold small groups that read from the Rewrite Beautiful literature, How To: Rewrite Beautiful and then have follow-up group discussions about the reading. Monthly, the groups organize a campus eating disorder awareness event or fundraiser to get other students involved and spread our message that beauty is an action of creativity, kindness and strength. All club events are held on high school and college campuses and supervised by a campus faculty member.


Street Art Workshop


“Street artists believe that just because their art doesn’t sit in a gallery, doesn’t mean it isn’t art. Equally, just because society claims beauty is found in your appearance, doesn’t mean it is.” This was one of the first thoughts our founder had when she was coming up with the Rewrite Beautiful mission. True to our roots, Rewrite Beautiful hosts an annual Street Art Workshop where we invite the community in to create street art with us. Over 250 girls in the Orange County area get a day of creating street art that will be shared with the community. They learn the Rewrite Beautiful’s eating disorder education, prevention and leadership program, they hear an eating disorder testimony, they engage in a Q&A panel and they create street art with a professional artist. This workshop allows participants to change how they see beauty in themselves as well as others. Lunch, photo-booth and a raffle are added to the fun and we must admit, it’s pretty awesome!


ARTISTRY– We believe every girl is a valuable and priceless piece of art; beautiful and created for a purpose. Whether or not she is a straight A student who volunteers her time, or an anorexic addicted to drugs and living at a bus stop; we believe both are equally beautiful.

COMMUNITY– We believe that prevention from eating disorders happens as a community. We have learned through our own recovery that each and every person has something to teach us about the definition of what true beauty is.

CREATIVITY – Each and every person has a different set of interests, skills and talents. Diversity makes beauty. We seek to establish opportunities where girls can be creative and discover their gifts.

HONESTY– Girls can not use their skills to impact their communities if they are obsessed with their appearance. Therefore, we educate on eating disorders. We are authentic, blunt and honest when it comes to educating people on anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeating. We feature real life recovery stories in our Beautiful Action Club curriculum.

KINDNESS– We believe in investing in lasting beauty. The purpose of kindness is to be given away. Our programming and curriculum teaches kindness as an action to build as apart of a girls character.

OWNERSHIP – In our programs we do not bash the media, modeling industry or PhotoShop. First, eating disorders are a mental illness, secondly images play a part in eating disorders, but the bigger part is US- we play the biggest role in accepting these messages. We take ownership for our minds, bodies, joys and sorrows.

PARTNERSHIP - We seek to establish partnerships with other brands, non-profits and leaders whose visions and values are aligning with our own.

STRENGTH– Mental and physical strength are required to accomplish any great goal. We seek to build confident, self aware girls who value their own opinions and values over what is popular. We educate girls to value their bodies and nourish themselves with healthy food and healthy relationships.