Happy Friday Beautiful people! It is my pleasure to tell you about one beautiful and ‘sick’ chick, her name is Mary Sick! Mary is only 20 years old, but embodies so much creativity, kindness and strength that crowns her this weeks, Rewrite Beautiful, Beautiful Girl of the Week!

Mary is Beautiful!

Mary has some serious creative flare. First of all, she’s hilarious and sassy, bringing the party with her wherever she goes. Though she may be fun, when she works, she works… when she’s not working her paycheck job as Mickey Mouse at DisneyLand (it's alot harder than it looks people) she is interning with Krochet Kids International. Krochet Kids is a micro-enterprise that employs people in Northern Uganda and Peru to make hats and garments that are sold here in the U.S. They are holistic in that they teach the people in Uganda how to save their money, invest it and restore their own communities. Mary is their Events and Accounting intern. Using her charm and creativity Mary, talked half of the people in her Bible Study to ditch group and attend the Krochet Kids Gala. Love it when a sassy girl uses her creativity for a good cause!

Mary’s passion for Uganda is not only seen state side, but she also donates her time in Uganda. This summer she’ll be going to Uganda with a group of people who will be holding Medical Clinics in remote villages, visiting prisoners, patients in hospitals, putting on a Vacation Bible School at Gulu Bible Community Church and much more. On this trip in particular Mary has been asked to take care of 3 young girls who are the daughters of the leaders of this trip. I think those 3 girls are going to be pretty freakin’ stoked to hang out with such a creative, kind and strong girl who embodies what BEAUTIFUL really is. Who knows maybe Mary will even do some Rewrite Beautiful Street Art with them!

Thanks for being our Beautiful Girl of the Week Mary! You blow us away with all that you do and the person you are! You're BEAUTIFUL!

Beautiful Chick in Uganda

P.S. If you would like to follow Mary’s trip to Uganda. Please check out this link:

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