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Happy Holiday's Beautiful's! We did some MAJOR rewriting this year – 1,117 people to be exact! Since Rewrite Beautiful is all about educating on what eating disorders are and cultivating creative, kind and strong young women, we thought we’d let our girls speak for themselves on what they learned about being beautiful through our programs:

Awesome right?!?! In 2013 we want to continue educating girls through Rewrite Beautiful campus clubs! Our plan is to train and equip 12 Rewrite Beautiful clubs throughout the USA!

Why now huh? Our school programs and workshops are absolutely radtastic, but if we really want to CHANGE how a girl thinks about herself we have to give her the Rewrite Beautiful message on a weekly basis through a club. The need for campus clubs are more urgent than ever, as seen through the shooting in Connecticut last week…

"1 in 4 Americans live with a diagnosable mental health disorder like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress every single day. And we need to start talking about it because 100 people in our country every day feel so hopeless and helpless that they take their own lives, leaving families and communities in anguish."

– Alison Malmon, via Huffington Post

On top of those statistics, 1 in 4 women struggle with disordered eating. The HOPE is we know our programs work!

"Rewrite Beautiful gave me more knowledge on why people put their bodies through eating disorder and how I can help a friend if I see signs." 

– McKenzie Soldin, Sophomore Student at Costa Mesa High School

“You are making a definite difference, you are equipping me to speak out to the younger generation and truly Rewrite Beautiful in our world.”

– Mia, Aunt in eating disorder recovery

Will you support Rewrite Beautiful's work in 2013? Our budget for next year is short by $5,900. Any amount you can give would be greatly, uberly, fanatically appreciated and as you know go to an incredible cause! If you feel compelled to give you can:

Send a payment through our PayPal link HERE.

or support us through a purchase from OUR SHOP.

*All donations must be made before December 31st, 2012 for a tax-deduction in 2012.

As always we are so thankful for your support, love and prayers throughout the year! You are truly helping us to change the future of our world!

You're BEautiful,



Founder/ Creative Director

Posted: Dec 21, 2012


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Rewrite Beautiful has some pretty awesome friends who have used their CREATIVE entrepreneur spirit and combined it with KINDNESS! All of the companies below either give a percentage back to non-profits or provide jobs and education for people in developing nations. Here are some of our favorite creative and kind companies that give back this holiday season:

Ever/after Clothing: ever/after is known as the cool, relaxed, hipster, James Perse esque clothing line that gives back! For every purchase, ever/after clothing donates 25% of the proceeds to the charity of your choice!

Epic Time Pieces: For every Epic timepiece that you purchase, Epic will provide clean water to someone in Haiti for an entire year! Epic gift! Just sayin’!


The Monument of our Hearts: A clothing company dedicated to helping people see that their beauty and worth come from within! Hey, that sounds familiar! We love TMOOH!



International Princess Project: Based in Southern India. This company restores women who were formerly enslaved by prostitution by teaching them a trade – to sew. Their new skill allows them to not only make a living and support their families, but also empowers them to know that they have creativity and skills they can use in our world. The women make adorable Punjammie pants! Help them to restore their lives here:


Collaborative World – Our friends from Collaborative World create awesome T-Shirts and bags that give 50% (yes, you heard that right – 50%) of their profits to local non-profits doing great work! Give is the Brand. Check them out:


31 Bits – 31 Bits jewelry is all the rage in OC! Not only was this company started by three creative, kind and strong college girls, but their business model rocks! They employ women in Uganda to make their jewelry out of recycled paper and teach the women how live sustainably, provide for their families and eventually start their own business. 31 Bits uses fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty!

Get yo’ bits here:


Toms: Here at the Rewrite Beautiful headquarters, Tom wedges are all the rage! For every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will donate a new pair of shoes to a child in need!



CMNTY Clothing: Did you know Rewrite Beautiful is located in Southern California? The Pacific Ocean is a source for a lot of our creative reflection. Which is why we love CMNTY! CMNTY will donate 15% of each purchase to organizations and research companies devoted to helping and restoring our oceans! Restore our oceans here:


Love Shop Give: 20% of what you spend at Love Shop Give will be donated to the charity of your choice!


Krochet Kids: Krochet Kids hats keep our heads toasty warm and uber stylish over the winter! Krochet Kids creates sustainable economic development programs that support holistic growth of individuals and communities within Uganda and Peru! Support the Kids here:


Rewrite Beautiful – If our friends just didn’t put the marshmallows on your cocoa than you can always support us! Rewrite Beautiful offers art, t-shirts, dresses and wristbands in our shop. All of the proceeds go towards our eating disorder prevention programs including our school programs, street art workshops and supporting beautiful action clubs in schools. Prevent eating disorders through your favorite non-profit here:

Everyone at Rewrite Beautiful wishes you a creative, kind and strong Holiday season! Thank you for supporting our friends and us this holiday! 

Posted: Dec 7, 2012


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Beautiful Girl of the Week is a series of Beautiful Girls who are stand outs for what they contribute to the world through their beautiful actions!  We feature the Beautiful Girl of the Week on the Rewrite Beautiful blog as an attempt to inspire other girls and women to use their own gifts and talents to impact their communities. Our hope is that bringing positive attention to women’s actions will inspire them to embrace their own creative calling!

Kat is our Public Relations and Social Media intern from Chapman University. She stands out for her bold opinions and the way she articulates herself. Poised, intelligent, a great conversationalist and with a good sense of humor, Kat has been a joy to have a part of Rewrite Beautiful. Learn what make Kat BEautiful in our interview below:

Irvina: In your opinion, what is the biggest need in the world right now?

Kat: Acceptance. Especially now, I think what the younger generations need the most is to learn acceptance, to believe in acceptance, and to act upon acceptance. People are diverse, and they differ in a number of ways, for they are different in mindset, different in surroundings, and different in backgrounds. Whether this comes to race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical appearance, religion, class or status, among others, these differences need to be accepted for what they are.

Irvina: Great answer! What do you think made you so passionate about this?

During my senior year of high school, I was a resident assistant to forty freshman girls. As I developed a friendship with each of them, I discovered what they loved, what they hated, what scared them or what made them laugh. In that year, I witnessed so many of my young girls feeling self-conscious, embarrassed, or hurt because of their differences, and it saddened me to know that these differences made them feel inadequate or unworthy. They should never feel that they are not good enough, or that these differences should ever hinder their existence. What they need is to feel accepted, to be accepted, and accept themselves, because these differences make them unique and beautiful in their own way.

Irvina: Well said Kat. Thank you. Who are your top 3 female heroines and why?


1. My mother - My mother is my heroine because she is one of the most self-less, caring and loving, strong and resilient women I have ever known. She has worked in the financial industry for over 25 years now, and in those years, she has garnered countless clients and friendships, both professionally and personally.

2. Demi Lovato - Due to her strength and resilience. I took two girls that I was babysitting to a concert of hers in 2010. She was the same age as me, yet she was a superstar on stage. Little did I know that a few months later, reports surfaced that she was suffering from multiple eating disorders and depression. She left the tour to go on rehab, and thinking that was an end for her career, she came back with incredible strength, positivity, and resilience. She showed the world that even celebrities are real human beings, and her obstacles and her music are incredibly relatable to young girls everywhere. I cannot imagine what it is like to grow up in the spotlight, but to use that celebrity to give hope and strength to others, especially her fans, is truly inspirational.

3.  Ellen Degeneres – Not only is she hilarious and honest, she is a humanitarian who has given back relentlessly to the greater community. She, similar to Demi Lovato, has used her celebrity to bring awareness to social issues, to bring hope to difficult situations, and to bring selflessness to society. Her story and her journey are incredibly inspirational; after she came out as being gay, she stood up for what she believed in and what she loved. One of her most inspirational quotes that I aspire to live by is: "For me, the most important thing in your life is to live your life with integrity, and not to give into peer pressure to try to be something that you're not. To live your life as an honest and compassionate person. To contribute in some way. So to conclude my conclusion: follow your passion, stay true to yourself."

Want to intern with Rewrite Beautiful? Submit your interest HERE!

Posted: Dec 3, 2012


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