Beautiful Girl of the Week: Melanie Bevan!

Beautiful Girl of the Week is a series of Beautiful Girls who are stand outs for what they contribute to the world through their beautiful actions!  We feature the Beautiful Girl of the Week on the Rewrite Beautiful blog as an attempt to inspire other girls and women to use their own gifts and talents to impact their communities. Our hope is that bringing positive attention to women’s actions will inspire them to embrace their own creative calling!

Melanie  is our uber fabulous and professional Public Relations intern this summer! She has been helping us with social media, press and planning our upcoming Street Art Workshop with Element Eden’s, Brooke Kelley. Melanie attends Chapman University in Orange, CA, but has lived all over the world! Which might explain her laid back, yet sophisticated demeanor – this girl is a total gem! Learn a little more about what makes Melanie beautiful through our interview below. 

Irvina: Where did you grow up?

Melanie: I lived in Switzerland until I was nine. I then move to France and began moving to various countries. My high school years where most of my growth happened, was in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Irvina: Well, you're a totally cultured gal! I have loved our conversations and your perspective! What kind of career will you be pursuing after you graduate from Chapman University?

Melanie: I am not 100% sure what is to come, but I know that I want to help others as much as possible. I would like to get a Master’s degree in Psychology so I can become a counselor. Hopefully one day I can become a therapist and allow people the opportunity to vent and understand their lives. Hopefully, one day I might have a nonprofit of my own. I also thought about opening a restaurant!

Irvina: I think you would be amazing at all of those! You have my support and Facebook "LIKE"!  Why did you pursue an internship at Rewrite Beautiful?

Melanie:  I am passionate about giving back to the community. I love helping people realize that their lives are beautiful and worth living every moment of. I also wanted to gain some knowledge and experience in the non-profit world.

Irvina: Well, you have definitely helped us accomplish the day to day tasks of running Rewrite Beautiful! Thank you Melanie! Tell us who inspires you? Who is your hero?

Melanie: I have two women heroes! One of them is my dear mother who has endured much in her life but has come so far. She inspires me every day by being the woman she is with a kind and giving heart. The other, is my aunt (my mom’s sister) who recently lost her husband. I have never seen so much strength and hope, which also gives me inspiration to be strong enough to take on difficult situations with hope. I think the combination of both women gives me a very secure idea of what a beautiful woman is.

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