How To: Rewrite Beautiful


How To: Rewrite Beautiful creatively shares how one woman stood up after hitting rock bottom and used her experiences to prevent others from experiencing the same. Since 2010, Rewrite Beautiful has touched over 3,000 lives helping people to find recovery and change how they see beauty in themselves. This book proves that no matter how deep the depths of our pain and illness or how poor our choices, we all have the ability to change the story.

How To: Rewrite Beautiful is for people who

  • Want to create a world where women know that their beauty lies in their compassion, gifts, and talents—not solely in their bodies
  • The essays in this book discuss why you can’t be kind to anyone unless you are first kind to yourself
  • Offers tools for being strong and going after your dreams
  • Explores different ways to express creativity
  • After you finish this book you too will be a rebel and a believer that rewriting is possible.

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