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I don’t know about you, but I so don’t dig hearing about eating disorders in the news cause I feel like only half the story is told. I feel like 97% of the time it’s about some celebrity that’s lookin’ a little bony or has gained some weight, but nobody ever talks about what an eating disorder is, how deadly they are or how to get help. It bums me out because eating disorders are a real, gnarly disease, that shouldn't be treated like an entertaining high speed pursuit that’s just fun to watch and poke fun at. So NOT cool in the Rewrite Beautiful school! But, then there are people like Jacinthe Veillette a  19 year old from Quebec, Canada that makes some beautiful changes around town!

Jacinthe has personally struggled with anorexia, but instead of letting the disease kill her, she fought it for herself and still fights it for others. Jacinthe has made body image and eating disorder awareness her personal mission on this earth, which is why this CREATIVE, KIND and STRONG girl is our Beautiful Girl of the Week!

Jacinthe used her CREATIVITY while sharing her personal experiences with an eating disorder, then went a step further: She created a petition denouncing homogeneous standards of beauty in fashion and the media.

Jacinthe collected more than 2,000 signatures and submitted the petition to the provincial minister responsible for the status of women. This resulted in the ministry creating a charter in 2009 encouraging healthy and diverse body images, and Jacinthe was asked to help create a website and to be the spokesperson for the charter! Sounds like a STRONG chick to us!

Today, she feels there is more discussion about body image issues and eating disorders, at least in Quebec.

Jacinthe not only invests in eating disorder awareness, but this KIND girl also has a heart for bringing her talents to use with Marche Mondiale des Femmes, an international movement to improve the condition of women, fundraising to help children with cancer and international humanitarian efforts in Africa (BTW: What is up with so many of our Beautiful Girls of the Week being obsessed with Africa! i.e. Mary and Lindsey. I’ve never been, but it must be a beautiful country, cause it has some beautiful girls that care about it!) . Jacinthe hopes to one day enter the field of Social Work. In the meantime she still travels to schools, colleges and universities talking about eating disorders and beauty. We’re not sure exactly what she says in her native tongue of French, but we’re pretty sure that whatever it is, it doesn’t change the fact that this young lady is a BEAUTIFUL girl! Thank you for BEING beautiful Jacinthe!

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Posted: Jun 17, 2011


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