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Our Street Art Workshop at Cal State Fullerton was featured in the ‘Health’ section of The Orange County Register yesterday! The article was written by the talented reporter, Courtney Perkes. Thank you for the interest in our mission Courtney and helping to share the Rewrite Beautiful message with others! See the whole article and slideshow here: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/art-320483-beautiful-street.html


Keepin’ it Beautiful!


Posted: Oct 6, 2011


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This weekend we are prepping for our Street Art Workshop at Cal State Fullerton next Tuesday, September 20th. Like all of our Rewrite Beautiful projects none of them would get done without the help of our BEAUTIFUL Volunteers. This week we’d like to highlight the work of Madi Sears! Madi is a student at Cal State Fullerton and a Rewrite Beautiful supporter. She has invited, recruited and promoted our workshop like no one else. We couldn’t pull it off without her.

In addition, Madi is a pretty remarkable young woman and screams Rewrite Beautiful in her actions. She’s CREATIVE – She plays some fierce drums! Makin’ the Little Drummer Boy so nervous he marches out of step! She is KIND- She spends her winter breaks from college traveling to India with her church, ROCKHARBOR and caring for orphans, lepers and ministering to women working in prostitution. She is also incredibly STRONG – If you ever got the opportunity to sit down and talk to Madi you would get the sense that though Madi is young, yet she has an inner strength and is grounded like someone who has lived a long full life. Madi knows who she is, much more than the average person and she uses this knowledge to help others; sometimes it’s  out  of human trafficking  and sometimes it’s to Rewrite Beautiful. Thanks for all of your help Madi, you’re Beautiful!

Posted: Sep 17, 2011


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Hey Beautiful friends!

Lots of workshops in the month of September! We’re stoked to also announce that Rewrite Beautiful is partnering with the California State University, Fullerton's  WoMen's Center! Yeah! Rewrite Beautiful will be leading a Street Art Workshop on Tuesday, September 20th from 12pm to 1:30pm. We will be discussing our message that," Beautiful actually has nothing to do with the way you LOOK; it has to do with the way you ACT. Beauty is found in your actions of Creativity, Kindness and Strength displayed in your community. You can either go along with what everyone else thinks is beautiful, or you can be revolutionary and Rewrite Beautiful." The Street Art will be made with this theme in mind.

Everyone (man/boy/woman/girl/child and seeing eye dog) is welcomed to come and learn about Rewrite Beautiful, Street Art and eating disorders. *The Street Art will be displayed in the CSUF Quad at 1:15pm. To RSVP to the Street Art Workshop please see the Facebook invite HERE.

And If you’d like to help us promote the Street Art Workshop at CSUF and want one of our AWESOME T-Shirts for FREE be sure to email: Irvina@rewritebeautiful.org for details on how to get one!

Keepin’ it Beautiful!


Posted: Sep 2, 2011


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Rewrite Beautiful was stoked to be featured by the Orange County Register for the 1st Annual Rewrite Beautiful TELEIOS Art Show! Courtney Perkes interviewed me (Irvina Kanarek, Creative Director/ Founder) Check out the whole article and interview here!


Posted: Aug 29, 2011


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Thank you to everyone who came out to support Rewrite Beautiful's 1st Annual Art Show : TELEIOS . For those who missed it, here is a little recap of the BEAUTY of the night....

 Everyone was welcomed to CHANGE how they see beauty in themselves and others through viewing the art that was created with the Rewrite Beautiful Vision in mind: "Girls and women are beautiful for their ACTIONS of Creativity, Kindness and Strength."

People were asked to go through the gallery and ask themselves 4 Questions:

1.) Pick an element of the art work that you like most and draw it on your square

2.) Think of a woman that has qualities that are beautiful write down those qualities on your square

3.) If you could choose one quality that the media would consider beautiful what would it be? 

4.) What quality makes you beautiful? 

Check out how many people responded to the artwork from TELEIOS!

We love reading their answers...

So many BEAUTIFUL artists from Orange County, California participated in creating art work for the show. Thank you!

Everyone was blown away by the music by A Poet Nomad Ali and Moonsville Collective....

The artwork by Sunny Siu was a crowd talker....

Jessica Burkhart always impresses too....


Emily Cobett did some LIVE Art for us on a Surfboard!

Felicidad De Lucas, a Spanish artist brought a surreal aspect to women's beauty....

   Tom Cutter impressed with his silhouettes....

   Elana Grace shared some amazing shadow boxes....

 The poetry by Jeannette Encinias blew everyone away...

Welcome to the PARTY at FIND Art Magazine & Gallery....

[gallery columns="2" orderby="rand"]

AND ...thank you Rich Lander of CHARD Photographer for donating your BEAUTIFUL photography skills! You're BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you to everyone who came out to see the show, volunteer and show your support!

See you next year for the 2nd Annual Rewrite Beautiful Art Show!

Good Night Beautiful!

P.S. If you are an artist or simply a beautiful person who cares about changing how girls see beauty in themselves and preventing eating disorders you can learn more about volunteering with Rewrite Beautiful by emailing GetInvolved@RewriteBeautiful.org

We look forward to CHANGING with you!
Posted: Aug 26, 2011


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No Beautiful Girl of The Week this week! Sorry, but we're busy preppin' for our Street Art Workshop tomorrow with Women's Pride in Newport Beach, CA. Hopefully this cutie from ever/after will hold ya over! See ya next week!

Keepin' it Beautiful,


Posted: Apr 8, 2011


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Once upon a time, in a land a $350 plane ticket away from here was big, loud and beautiful New York City. In that city lived a talented Street Artist named Color Me Katie.

Colore Me Katie!

Katie was known for making funny Street Art that left every observer either giggling or smiling.

Street Art by: Color Me Katie

Street Art by: Color Me Katie

Street Art by: Color Me Katie


Street Art by: Color Me Katie

Street Art by: Color Me Katie

 Eventually people started to ask Katie, “What inspires you to make such fun and happy art?” Katie’s answer, “Actually, I make happy art because a lot of people in my family suffer from depression. I know a lot of people here in New York feel really alone too. I just wanted to make something that would make people smile and happy.”




Katie creates LOVE


Meanwhile on the Left Coast of Route 66 was a rule breaking and loud Art Teacher who got in trouble more often than her students. One day after being kindly reprimanded for using the word “fornicate” around her students and using some special Project Runway skills on her work shirt that were against company code, she was looking for some art to lift her rebellious spirit. When she Googled upon Color Me Katie’s blog.

When the Art Teacher read why Katie created her art she thought about her own students who have trouble making art unless they are personally connected to it. The teacher thought it was silly to teach her students how to draw flowers if they didn’t even like flowers. So the teacher thought, “If Katies makes awesome art because she cares about people who are depressed, I wonder what my students care about?”

The teacher gathered all her students, told them about Color Me Katie. Why Katie made her art, the message she is trying to send to people and about Street Artists being people who try to send a powerful message through their art. The teacher then asked her students. “What message do you want to tell people through your art?” 

The students had a lot to say and create:

Some wanted to create a healthy planet! Yeah! Go Green!

Others wanted to create a safe place for kittys!

Some wanted to create acceptance of different cultures

Some wanted to create awareness to protect animals! Yeah!

Others wanted to create peace on earth!

...of course some just wanted The Angels to win....

...but overall everyone loved something!

Now before the students create anything they think about what they love, the message they are trying to send and THEN they create. Now they are connected to their art and enjoy the creating process a whole lot more. Kate is still making awesome Street Art in New York City. The Art Teacher is no longer an Art Teacher, she’s now a writer, laptops don’t have anything against the word “fornicate” they just ask that you spell it correctly.

The Artsy End.


1.)    What do you love?

2.)    What message do you want to share with others?

3.)    How could you share that message?

4.)    Do you the guts to make some Street Art? (The correct answer is YES!)

Posted: Mar 7, 2011


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The Gypsy Snipers + a few fans ;)

Hello Beautiful! So after the vision for Rewrite Beautiful came to me I emailed a few successful people I knew in the non-profit world and asked if I could get some coffee with them. I wanted their wisdom, their advice and their experience on how to make Rewrite Beautiful into what God intended it to be. The very beautiful, faithful and talented Laura Roebuck of International Princess Project told me something that stuck with me, “Pray for a team to do this with Irvina. You can’t do this alone. You need a strong foundation of people who support you and are just as passionate about the end goal: Stopping Eating Disorders so girls can be the women they were created to be.” 

 All that to say, we’re still building our foundation here at Rewrite Beautiful. Right now we’re like a newborn baby just learning to distinguish between all the beautiful colors in the world, but you guys want us to be a teenager with the strength to go skateboard across country and go do some gnarly street art in every state on the way to New York! I love your visions!  I truly wish we could do that (even though I always fall flat on my booty when I skateboard and take a few scars home) but these situations are why we have VALUES. I have to follow the Rewrite Beautiful values… one of them being… HONESTY…. And in all HONESTY… at this point Rewrite Beautiful isn’t financially or physically capable to carry the load of all the beautiful visions everyone emails, texts and facebooks me to do….. Infants don’t even know how to text! They’re so lucky ;)  We are still growing, but we will get there. I have faith that we will.

 In the meantime, there are people (or Gypsies I might say) who have taken it upon themselves to get Rewrite Beautiful out in the world. The Gypsy Snipers is a book club I belong to. The leader of our group, the beautiful Jamie took me to tea one day and said, “I want our book club to help Rewrite Beautiful…. I have an idea.” Her idea was that each girl in our book club of about 14 + girls would draw numbers from a hat. The girls with matching numbers would go to coffee, lunch or on a walk together and get to know the things that make the other BEAUTIFUL… then the girls would go home and do a piece of Rewrite Beautiful Street Art for the other and put it in public. This was also a great way for all the girls to get to know eachother.... having been together for over a year there were still pockets of girls who hadn't gotten the chance to connect with others on a deeper level.

 The Gypsies honored their word and there is now Rewrite Beautiful Street Art in the Newport Beach Back Bay, Maui and the Bay Area. My hope in this post is that all of you that care about Rewrite Beautiful would gather a group together and see how you too can CHANGE HOW GIRLS SEE BEAUTY IN THEMSELVES on a local level. I would also ask that if you are a believer in God or a power greater than yourself that you pray for a team to come along side me and help build Rewrite Beautiful up.

 My own life experiences have sculpted me into a “Solo Act” if you will. A lot of the time I feel I can do life on my own and I’m better off that way. Life and Rewrite Beautiful have taught me huge lessons that though taking initiative and being strong are BEAUTIFUL aspects of me I need people who are equally passionate about the same things I am passionate about to do this deal with me.

 I’d like to thank the Gypsy Snipers for “doing the deal” for getting out there, laying the foundation and being a part of my "team." But, mostly for sharing their abundance of love with me. The Gypsy Snipers aren’t simply a book club full of deep conversation, wine, cheese and the occasional Alta gossip… (Though those things are fabulous in small doses ;) )...To me the Gypsy Snipers are a group of women who see me for the good, the bad and the complicated….they rub my back, they dry my tears and they look me in the eye and say, “I love you…. How can I help?” These women inspire me to be the BEAUTIFUL woman I was created to be… I hope they do the same for you.

These are a few of the Gypsy Snipers Rewrite Beautiful Street Art pieces so far…. 

The Gypsies love their sunrises! Street Artist: Jamie, Newport Beach Back Bay

Lauren is BEAUTIFUL! Street Artist: Jamie of the Newport Beach Back Bay

Aloha BEAUTIFUL! Rewrite Beautiful hits Maui!

Irvina is BEAUTIFUL! Street Artist: Kelsey of Maui, Hawaii

Rewrite Beautiful hits up the Santa Ana Artist District!

Kesley is BEAUTIFUL! Street Artist: Irvina of the Santa Ana Artists Village

Posted: Aug 30, 2010


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Good morning BEAUTIFUL! It's a good thing I'm a "Sunrise" kinda girl! Cause there's no better time to put up Rewrite Beautiful Street Art up for the public to see. In between tying art in the tree in front of the Gypsy Den and clarifying with the waiters there that "technically" (proud lawyer friends?) the tree is not on Gypsy Den property therefore they don't have to regulate on my revolutionary self.... I met Jerry.

Jerry's opener was, “Hey I like your art”

I said, “Oh... thank you! What do you think when you see it?”

He said, “I think of strong women.”

I then asked, “Do you think strong equals beautiful?”

And he said, “No, I think sometimes women use their strength to hurt men and that's not beautiful. But, I have this friend she may not be beautiful on the outside, but she is the most beautiful person I have ever met.”

After hearing Jerry's opinions I asked him if it was okay if I videoed him for our blog. He agreed and here it is. I think Jerry has some very insightful and truthful perspectives on the beauty of women. It's always interesting to hear others perspectives of beauty. *Just a little FYI: There is some stuff that Jerry says like“she wasn't physically beautiful” For the record Rewrite Beautiful doesn't believe beauty is in the physical. These are Jerry's opinions and we think he's on to something!

Enjoy the conversation....and be sure to leave your comments and your opinions in the comment section below...now... “What makes a woman BEAUTIFUL?” Without further ado Jerry, from the Santa Ana Artist’s Village.

Posted: Aug 8, 2010


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