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The cost for today's program at Girls Inc. of Orange County was completely covered by our supporter, Danise Otis. Last year Danise organized her own fundraiser in order to support our eating disorder prevention work. A great reminder that it doesn't matter if you are young, old, rich or poor, a little creativity goes a long way! 

Posted: Jul 13, 2015


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Today, Rewrite Beautiful prevented (and stopped) eating disorders with over 250 students! Great meeting you Talbert Middle School and counselor, Mrs.Nicole! 

Posted: Jul 8, 2015


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Brooke is BEAUTIFUL and BRAVE!

Hellllllllllllo BEAUTIFUL! Happy Saturday kiddo's! I'm gonna take a step off the soap box today and introduce you to a BEAUTIFUL and BRAVE girl I know named Brooke. Brooke is what I like to call an “undercover Queen.” She is poised, classy, mellow and has an inner strength that she doesn't flash around to intimidate others, but instead quietly uses it to help her friends see their own beauty and strength. It's funny, I'm supposed to be Brooke's mentor, meaning I get excuses to go drink Chai Latte's at Alta with her, walk the beach and pet all the dogs walking by. But, more often than not I feel that Brooke teaches me more than I could have ever taught her. For instance the other day I was walking out of the doctor's office and opened a text from Brooke that said, “ It appears that as fashion models and media images of women have gotten smaller, adolescent girls have become unhappier. Today only 15% of teenage girls feels happy the ways she is. Compared to 29% just 10 years earlier. Booooooooo Society”

I laughed and said, “Sounds like you have something to say Missy! How about you blog for Rewrite Beautiful this week?” and the girl wrote up a blog in like an hour...I couldn't be prouder of my "Brookie Brookersons!" I think it takes a BRAVE person to stand up for what is right and to say what they want the world to look like even when every magazine, TV show and porn-o are saying the opposite. I hope you get a little educated on what she has to say about beauty and what you can do to change society.

You're BEAUTIFUL! - Irvina


By: Brooke Constable

"Every society has a way of torturing its women, whether by binding
their feet or by sticking them into whalebone corsets. What
contemporary American culture has come up with is designer jeans."
—Joel Yager, M.D.

I was studying for my Clinical Child Psychology final and came across
an interesting few sentences in one of my chapters: "It appears that
as fashion models and media images of women have gotten smaller,
adolescent girls have become unhappier.” Today, only 15% of teenage
girls feel happy about the way she looks compared to 29% just 10 years

What has changed??? Did our mothers experience less body
dissatisfaction than the young ladies today? All through history, the
dominant political climate and cultural standards always have shaped
the public’s view of the ideal female body type. However, today’s
culture is unique in that the media (TV, Internet, movies, and print)
has a far more powerful presence than ever before.
There is so much media battling us, we can use our own media and art
to ‘fight back!’ We can ‘Rewrite Beautiful’ with our peers and
influence the culture we live in. BEAUTIFUL is defined by our culture,
and WE make our culture.

Recent work has used the Tripartite Influence Model (Keery, van den
Berg, & Thompson, 2004; Shroff & Thompson, 2006), to propose that
peers, parents, and media are the main sources of influence
surrounding body dissatisfaction and disturbed eating
. Also, social
reinforcement theory (Thompson & Stice, 2001), suggests that the
values and standards regarding appearance are determined and
perpetuated by neighboring or proximate, peers who reinforce the thin
ideal promoted by the media. And yes, though correlation does not
equal causation, many studies are showing high correlation with media
exposure and perceptions of the thin ideal. Coincidence? I think

How can we battle this??? Well, I’ve dug up my old research proposals
that looked into body dissatisfaction and social support, and found an
overwhelming number of studies that support the idea that girls with
high levels of social support tend to experience less body
dissatisfaction. So, hang with some buddies!!! Join groups!

Hang with girls who are POSITIVE, CREATIVE, KIND and STRONG!

But beware: surround yourself with women who do not judge their bodies,
are overly competitive, perfectionist, and media obsessed; that can
feed into high body dissatisfaction.

I know we all fall somewhere on the dimension of self-obsession from
time-to-time (hey, it’s the nature of the disease), but when we can
get ‘out of self’ and with others we are less likely to view ourselves
on appearance alone. As women, we are relational creatures and we can
create a good deal of self-esteem from our interactions with others
and our relationships. I guess that idea of ‘feeling a part of’ is
critical to our happiness. Why do you think so many of us need our
daily dose of 12 step meetings?
We can “feel a part of” and create positive media with Rewrite
Beautiful Street Art. Give rise to your own Rewrite Beautiful Street
somewhere noticeable in your community, take a picture of it, and
send it to us via e-mail at

Beauty doesn’t stand alone!


Posted: Jul 31, 2010


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Artist: GraffRoots

Last week we did our first Rewrite Beautiful Street Art lesson with a group of girls ages, 6 to 10. I was rehashing the highlights of the lesson with some girl friends this weekend over a soy milk chai. I told my gal pals about the part where I tell the kiddo's, "I believe being beautiful has nothing to do with the way you look and has everything to do with the way you act. We're gonna make some art that says I'm beautiful and you're beautiful and then we're gonna put it outside as a statement saying, 'We  dont' care how every body else measures beautiful. We're beautiful, we know it and don't need anyone to tell us so." My friends  looked at me with wide eyes and asked, "And what did they say? Did they dig it?" I wanted to say, "Duh." but then I remembered this isn't 1994 and I'm not a jerk so I said, "Well heck yeah!" The kiddo's said, "Party - on! Let's go! Where's the spray paint?"


I was surprised at the shock of my friends to hear how open the girls were to this concept. I then realized as women in their mid to late 20's, we have it ingrained in us what beauty is, the same way we have it ingrained in us the color of blue jeans. I felt I needed to elaborate so I told them, "Ya know, I think the kiddo's get it because at their core, (at the core of us all really,) we all want to be loved for WHO WE ARE not WHAT WE LOOK LIKE. We all know it's wrong to judge people based on their looks. I think the kids grasp this because it's one of those inherent truths we're born with, kind of like the truth that murder and stealing are wrong."


The diet and beauty industry are a powerful multi-billion dollar force out there. Though they are a contributor to body dysmorphia and Eating Disorders, I dont' consider them the problem (You can read more about that on my other blog here) The problem isn't them... it's ALL OF US. We go against our inherent belief that WHO WE ARE is  beautiful enough and find ourselves lost in a desert. Pursuing beauty isn't just some fad diet you go on for a summer, it's really a betrayal of the soul. It's turning your back on who you were created to be and thinking, "The body I've been given is wrong.I know better, I'm going that way. Peace Out." The sad thing is the other way never holds a beauty that is good enough. So girls just end up in that desert, starving chasing the mirage of beauty that they just can't find, because their looking in the wrong place for the wrong thing.


So, I don't find it too odd that 6 and 10 year olds are so amped to Rewrite Beautiful...because if we are truly honest with ourselves we all desperately want out of the desert and the freedom to Rewrite Beautiful too.


You're Beautiful!


Posted: Jul 11, 2010


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Happy Tuesday Beautiful People!

I gotta tell you about another Beautiful cause out there that is about Changing the Story....For those of you who are still buying you're V-necks at American need to stop ;) Cause theres a new kid in town with a cause!!! ever/after is a beautiful, California casual clothing brand right here in Newport Beach, CA. Besides having simply awesome baby v-necks for the kiddo's and 'rents the foundation of ever/after is "Change The Story". They donate 25% of every item you purchase to the cause of your choice. With the purchase of some basic kids clothes you can "Change the Story" in a childs life in Santa Ana, Africa or Mexico. Cool deal eh? They have kicked off a campaign asking "How do YOU change the story" and they featured REWRITE BEAUTIFUL! It's so rad that so many people are stepping up to redefine "Beautiful" and what "ever/after" looks like... Check out our story on their blog here (and send in your own BEAUTIFUL story!)

Posted: Jun 1, 2010


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REWRITE BEAUTIFUL LOVES this! Little girls aren't born believing their awesome and "Can do anything" they are taught it. Obviously someone has taken the time to show Jessica what matters and what doesn't.  What if Jessica continues to love herself through her teenage and adult years? How different will her choices be? How different will her life be? How different will her impact on society be? What if she lived her whole life believing in herself and never questioned if she should look like someone else? This gets us so amped to teach REWRITE BEAUTIFUL in schools to girls who haven't had the opportunity to hear "You're Awesome! Just the way you are!" Thank you sweet Rebecca one of our favorite REWRITE BEAUTIFUL supporters from Sleepy Dreamer Designs who emailed me this video!

Posted: May 18, 2010


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It would be so clique for me to say that out of all the Twilight characters,I resonate with the angelic, Bella Swan. A humble, svelte beauty pursued by the sexiest powder- white-donut looking man alive. When in actuality I relate more to Victoria and James, yes the “Trackers” AKA the “Bad Vampires” who kill innocent people for their blood. Like the Trackers with red eyes thirsty for blood, I can be just as ruthless when I’m thirsty for… love.


Kind of like the Trackers my thirst for love resulted in me hurting innocent people and developing some odd eating habits AKA an Eating Disorder. Like the Trackers a diet based solely on blood isn’t balanced and for me a diet based solely on water and carrots isn’t balanced either, unless you’re a bunny (and I ain't packin' a fury tail) my quest for love got me very, very, very sick…

They say “Love makes you do crazy things” and I would have to agree. I don’t think I’m the first girl to ever say this, but I somehow got the idea stuck in my head that if I was just “Beautiful” enough I would get the love that I longed for. I thought that if/when I was “Beautiful” my friends would finally be nice and chill, my parents would get off my back, I would get the boyfriend I wanted, the job I deserved and the straight A’s I needed and I would also stop getting $45 tickets for not moving my car when it was street sweeping day. Seven years on the pursuit for beauty and I ended up with 3 (count em’ 3) Eating Disorders. Anorexia, Bulimia and Compulsive Overeating as well as some bonus prizes called, unemployed, health complications, debt and losing patches of my hair...not so pretty eh?

It may sound silly to you, but at the end of these seven years looking at what a mess my life was I couldn’t help but feel deceived. I felt like a fool who had paid to be led through the desert with the promise of a finding a magical waterfall only to be left abandoned, broke and dying and really, really hungry. To put it lightly, I was PISSED! And a very hot mess at that.

And then a miracle happened...  at the same time I was in the most excruciating pain of my life, I met a group of women who befriended me solely for the reason of telling me I was BEAUTIFUL.

Even when I felt like a loser and didn’t have a job they told me I was BEAUTIFUL, when my hair was falling out from malnutrition they told me I was BEAUTIFUL, even when I couldn’t stop my Eating Disorder behaviors they told me I was BEAUTIFUL. When I would cry before eating dinner they would tell me I was BEAUTIFUL. When I gained weight they told me I was still BEAUTIFUL.  The good, the bad and the ugly, they told me I was BEAUTIFUL no matter what I did. Slowly, but surely I started to believe that I truly am BEAUTIFUL exactly the way I was created. I also learned that being BEAUTIFUL really has absolutely nothing to do with the way you look and everything to do with the way you treat people and most importantly how you treat yourself. 

Today I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am one smokin’ hot and BEAUTIFUL lady. But, not because of the size of my jeans. I am BEAUTIFUL because I am honest, I am kind, I am an amazing friend, a talented writer, faithful, patient (70% of the time) and a survivor. And I only believe that because someone took the time to REWRITE BEAUTIFUL for me.

My life is walking, brunette miracle! And today I'm proud to say, "I'm a Tracker" because of how I see the world differently after this experience...

 I have some pretty awesome jobs, I am a writer, I work with girls in rehab for Eating Disorders, I teach Art and I nanny. I have a unique perspective on all types of women. From the toddler who knows she's beautiful because her mommy says so, to the art student who is feeling a little self concious about her body not looking like what she thinks it "should" look like. To the women who have husbands who have left them because they refuse to eat. I pray every day that the toddler I spend time with never feels that she is anything less than beautiful, but the reality is I know that there are still 1 Million women in the USA alone who have Eating Disorders and can not see themselves as BEAUTIFUL and need my help (and maybe your help too :) ).

Imagine the women out there still searching, tracking and literally dying in pursuit of the love that they think superficial beauty can bring, but never delivers. You can CHANGE the way women see beauty in themselves.

1.)    Submit Street Art

2.)    Tell your friends about REWRITE BEAUTIFUL

3.)    Tell your girlfriend/ daughter/ wife/ mom/ sister/ co-worker what you think makes her truly BEAUTIFUL today!

 I hope you do.


Posted: May 17, 2010


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Irvina is BEAUTIFUL - San Francisco, CA

REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Street Art is emerging all up the coast of California. All for the cause of CHANGING how women see beauty in themselves and Preventing Eating Disorder. Paint on people!

Street Artist: "Frekel"

Posted: May 13, 2010


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Walesa is BEAUTIFUL - Newport Beach, CA

Happy Tuesday Ya'll! Here is some more REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Street Art from last Sunday in Newport Beach, CA. Walesa is definitely BEAUTIFUL because she is sweet, kind and sassy! We can't wait to see the REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Street Art you and your friends submit! xoxo, REWRITE BEAUTIFUL Woman

Posted: May 11, 2010


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